Motorcycle (CMX) – Ceramizer for regeneration of engines and transmissions of four-stroke sports and extreme motorcycles

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Preparation for regeneration and protection of four-stroke engines and gearboxes in sports and extreme motorcycles.

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Product description

The main advantage of the Ceramizer® CMX engine preparation is the speed of action. To create a ceramic-metal layer, you only need to cover 100 km. This fact is of great importance for engines subjected to high loads resulting from a sporty and extreme driving style.

To ensure regeneration, only the application of an engine additive is necessary. The protective coating builds up in all areas of friction in the engine, with particular emphasis on the most exploited areas. The process of creating this layer in its effect is similar to welding a small additional metal layer in worn places.

The processes of regeneration and creation of the ceramic layer take place during normal operation and without dismantling the power unit. This layer retains its properties over a distance of about 5,000 km of sport-style driving or a distance of 10,000 km of driving in a normal style. Engine oil additive Ceramizer® CMX protects the engine against short-term overheating, which may occur during sporty and extreme driving. The driver can also count on lowering the temperature of the oil and equalizing its nominal pressure. The risk of piston ring blockage and the level of smoke and noise and nuisance vibrations are reduced.


Why use Ceramizer® CMX oil additive?

  • The preparation ensures the regeneration of the engine, strengthens its parts and protects them from excessive wear.
  • The power, efficiency and dynamics of the engine are increased.
  • The level of fuel consumption is significantly reduced. The savings are about 5%.
  • The preparation facilitates engine start-up and eliminates the problem of dry starts.
Lower fuel consumption
More power and engine dynamics
Engine regeneration
Easier engine start

Usage method

[cm3]Engine capacity :50-500501-1300Above 1300
Number of CMX packages123

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