Ceramizers for motorcycles

The engine oil additive for motorcycles ensures trouble-free operation during the season and maintains the mechanism during the winter. Ceramizer® preparations allow you to release the full power of the engine and at the same time protect it in any, even the most extreme conditions.

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Products for motorcycles

Are you passionate about riding on two wheels? Then make sure your bike works reliably in all conditions. In the Ceramizer® store you will find everything you need to make the vehicle serve you for many years.

Ceramics for motorcycle engine

We offer a ceramic oil additive, prepared for motorcycle engines. This unique formula ensures engine regeneration without laborious disassembly. With it, you can count not only on equalizing the engine and reducing fuel consumption. Ceramizer® protects the engine from corrosion, which is a protection for the winter months. If extreme driving is an everyday reality for you, you can choose an engine preparation designed for equipment used in an extreme and sporty way. Its greatest asset is the speed of action. The substance will instantly create a regenerating and protective layer, which has a positive effect on the operation of the engine and gearbox.

Preparations for two-stroke engine

Engine oil additives for motorcycles are not all we are able to offer. Our assortment also includes preparations for two-stroke engines. This solution can be successfully used in:

  • scooters,
  • personal watercraft,
  • snowmobiles,
  • motorboats,
  • mowers,
  • saws,
  • snow blowers,
  • motoparagliders,
  • passenger cars with a two-stroke engine.

Fuel quality and chain maintenance

It is also worth taking care of the quality of refueled fuel, which is why we recommend a fuel refiner. It allows you to clean the entire fuel system, which ensures smooth operation of the engine and avoids failures. The last product that should be in the workshop of every motorcycle amateur is a chain cleaner. This measure is a way to quickly remove impurities from motorcycle and bicycle chains.