Ceramizer CS One-Shot

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A preparation that provides protection and regeneration for four-stroke engines of all types.

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Product description

Ceramizer® CS One-Shot is a limited edition engine preparation . One dose of One-Shot is predicted for one oil change. The use of Ceramizer® One-Shot allows you to enjoy driving comfort over a distance of 15,000 km.

The essence of Ceramizer® CS One-Shot is to create a regenerative and protective coating within the metal friction surfaces in the engine. The coating is the filling of all cavities and deformations. Regeneration takes place, among others, within piston rings, cylindrical smooths and shells. As a result, the entire mechanism is protected against further wear.

The action of the protective layer can be compared to welding a very thin layer of additional material in worn areas. The addition to the engine oil produces a protective coating when covering a distance of 1500 km. Its durability is ensured until a distance of 15,000 km is covered. After exceeding such a mileage, another dose of the product should be used to preserve the regenerative and protective properties.

Why use Ceramizer® CS One-Shot engine oil additive?

  • The motor regains its nominal power and efficiency because the surfaces on which the friction forces act regenerate and become more durable and resistant to further wear.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced and savings of between 3 and 15 % can be observed.
  • Starting the engine becomes easier, even at low temperatures.
  • The engine stops taking up excessive amounts of oil. It works quieter, without excessive vibration and emits less exhaust fumes.
Lower fuel consumption
Pobór oleju Reduction of oil consumption
Quiet engine operation
Engine regeneration

Usage method

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Regeneration preparation that stabilizes the operation of the engine

Engine regeneration is not the only benefit of using the Ceramizer® CS One-Shot engine oil additive . The product lowers the oil temperature and helps maintain optimal compression pressure. In combination with the regeneration and strengthening of the strength of the engine parts, this makes the operation of the engine stabilize.