Ceramizers for motorboat equipment

The heavy loads to which motors are subjected in motorboat equipment can contribute to the rapid wear of parts. The use of preparations for the Ceramizer® engine allows you to reverse the effects of adverse processes by protecting and regenerating the engine.

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Products for motorboat equipment

Water madness is a great pleasure. Make sure that during active rest your equipment works reliably and nothing interferes with your holiday on the seashore or lake. Choose Ceramizer® products.

Engine and transmission regeneration

Power units in motorboat equipment are subjected to heavy loads and often operate in extreme conditions. This means that as a result of friction forces, their parts can quickly wear out. That is why we have developed special additives for the Ceramizer® engine, designed for machines operating in extreme conditions. Ceramic oil additives provide regeneration within the engine and gearbox. Thanks to them, the equipment works in a more stable and environmentally friendly way, consumes less fuel, and its start-up is much easier. The most important effect, however, is a significant extension of the life of the engine and gearbox.For motorboat equipment we recommend:

  • Ceramizer® for regeneration of four-stroke engines of sports and extreme vehicles powered by PB, LPG, ON,
  • Ceramizer® for four-stroke gasoline, diesel, LPG engines,
  • Ceramizer® for manual transmissions and rear axles,
  • Ceramizer® for regeneration of engines and gearboxes of four-stroke sports and extreme motorcycles,
  • Ceramizer® for two-stroke engines.

Fuel refiners and kits

As with other machines, with motorboat equipment it is good to take care of the quality of refueled fuel. In this context, it is worth using fuel refiners that clean the fuel supply system and thus improve its work. We also have an interesting offer for service sales in workshops and service points. These are Ceramizer® Pro sets, consisting of 10 single doses of engine oil additive. For websites and workshops, this is a simple way to double your profits – by selling the product and performing the application service.