As the inventors of the recipe, we are able to develop and adapt the preparation to almost any, even the most complicated device , so as to obtain the highest level of regeneration and protection of a given unit or component.

By regenerating engines, we also contribute to the reduction of costs associated with their operation, including excessive oil consumption or reduction of fuel consumption.

Due to the unique properties of Ceramizers, they can be used in many different engines and devices – wherever there is friction between metal and metal or fuel is used. The need to replace non-standard or hard-to-reach elements is associated with huge costs.

The chance of using Ceramizers gives the possibility of non-invasive regeneration and extending the efficiency of elements, thus removing the need for mechanical repair and replacement. We approach each case individually, trying to achieve maximum benefits for the client in the final analysis.



Needs analysis
  • Assessment of customer needs
  • Defining problems
  • Identification of potential areas of savings (types of machines)
  • Choosing a test machine
  • Preparation of a sample of a dedicated product
  • Determination of the test time frame
  • Conducting the test under the supervision of the Ceramizer Sp. Sp. with. Oo
  • Following approval of the test result, application of the product in other machines
  • Monitoring and ongoing analaiza of the effects of using the product
Post-deployment support
  • Full cooperation and support of the Ceramizer team at every stage of the process
  • Current information on new solutions and possibilities of increasing efficiency
  • Regular verification of effects

In the first stage, we need information about the type and type of machine to be treated with Ceramizer, with particular emphasis on the oil capacity and estimation of the friction surface on which Ceramizer would affect. This allows us to choose a dose adequate to a given device and plan the method of product administration and measure the effectiveness of operation.

We propose that if the customer has more than one machine, pilot the application on a sample / one machine to assess the effectiveness of the preparation. After an appropriate period of operation of the device / devices with the preparation, the effectiveness of the preparation is assessed and the decision on the implementation on the scale of the entire group of devices takes place.

An example list of industrial machines / devices in which we can use CERAMIZER products:

  1. Water pumps.
  2. Construction machinery: loaders, excavators, concrete mixers.
  3. Power generators.
  4. Locomotive engines.
  5. Marine engines.
  6. Geared motors.
  7. Piston and screw compressors.
  8. Industrial gears.
  9. Injection moulding machines.
  10. Military – firearms: barrels, mechanisms, engines.


If you want to find out if Ceramizer will help with your device, write to us:

We will create a tailor-made offer for you.


Success stories and industrial research:

  1. Extending the service life of the main transmission – Reference Cementownia Dyckerhoff Sp. z o.o. in Nowiny.
  2. Examination of the ceramic-metal layer after the application of Ceramizer®.
    The study was conducted at the AGH University of Science and Technology Im. Stanisław Staszic in Krakow (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics).
  3. Examination of Ceramizer® carried out on a device for diagnosing gears called Vibrex.
    Study ed. Ph.D. Jerzy Tomaszewski and Józef Drewniak.
  4. Study of the influence of Ceramizer® (here under the name TES-17) on the operation of the gearbox in industrial conditions.
    Study ed. Ph.D. Jerzy Tomaszewski.
  5. A study confirming the lack of influence of Ceramizer® on the oil parameters.
    Carried out at the Air Force Institute of Technology.
    Ceramizer is neutral to oil, in practice this means that Ceramizer® can be applied to any oil while using the parameters that the oil recommended for a given mechanism has. The preparation is not so-called. oil thickener.

6. The use of a dedicated Ceramizer preparation in the PAKON hydraulic splitter – the opinion of the Department.

7. Report on the effects of the use of the oil additive “Ceramizer” on the example of the drive gear of the raw material mill in the Nowiny Cement Plant