Engine (CSX) – Ceramizer for regeneration of four-stroke engines of sports and extreme vehicles powered by PB, LPG, ON

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A preparation that regenerates and protects four-stroke engines of all types, used in sports and extreme vehicles.

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Product description

Ceramizer® CSX is an innovative preparation for engine regeneration. Rebuilds and protects friction surfaces in sports and extreme engines at lightning speed. The process of creating a protective ceramic-metal layer lasts only 100 km. This is a big advantage in the case of engines operated in a sporty and extreme way, because it takes much less time than when covering 1500 km (traditional preparations).

Engine regeneration is carried out without disassembly. After adding the product to the engine oil filler, the entire mechanism can be operated normally. Ceramic-metal coating is created in all areas of friction of metal against metal, with particular emphasis on the most worn areas.

An additional layer regenerates any microdamages, deformations and defects that appear on surfaces subjected to friction forces. The principle of operation is similar to welding an additional, very thin layer of metal.

Why is it worth using Ceramizer® CSX engine regeneration preparation?

  • The engine is regenerated and the parts most exposed to wear and tear in extreme driving conditions gain additional protection.
  • The engine gains protection against sudden overheating, which can occur with an extreme style of vehicle use.
  • The action of the preparation solves the problem of dry starts, because rubbing surfaces with a frequently started engine gain adequate protection.
  • The level of fuel consumption is reduced. Savings of 5% can be observed.
Lower fuel consumption
Pobór oleju Reduction of oil consumption
Quiet engine operation
Engine regeneration

Usage method

Engine size [litr]Number of packages for preventive dosingNumber of packages for regenerative dosing
1 - 2 l12
2.1 - 3 l24
3.1 - 5 l36
5.1 - 8 l48

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How does the Ceramizer oil additive work?

Ceramization is an innovative technology that allows you to regenerate engines, gearboxes, bridges and other mechanisms in which there is friction of metal against metal. The ceramic layer is formed by combining and diffusing Ceramizer® molecules with metal molecules moving in the oil. The effect of the ceramization process is the creation of a ceramic-metal layer filling the cavities in the metal structure and restoring the nominal state of the mechanism.