Ceramizer CBAT for automatic transmissions

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A preparation that regenerates and protects automatic transmissions.

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Product description

This modern and innovative addition to the oil of automatic transmissions, perfectly protects the mechanism and provides protection against excessive wear, while covering a distance of about 100,000 km. It is enough to add the preparation to the transmission oil filler and operate the car normally. Laborious disassembly is not necessary. After adding the preparation, you only need to drive a route of 1500 km. to produce a protective ceramic layer.

It is worth emphasizing that the preparation for the automatic transmission Ceramizer CBAT. rebuilds synchronizers and bearings. These are the elements most exposed to wear and damage. The characteristic sound of grinding when changing gears is a clear signal that the synchronizers have worn out. On the other hand, excessive noise while driving heralds poor bearing condition.

The additive to the gearbox oil works on the principle of creating a special ceramic-metal layer. This layer protects parts of the gearbox, is durable and has a low coefficient of friction. It is lower than 0.02, and therefore we are dealing with a coefficient 10 times lower than the normal contact of two steel parts. All this means that Ceramizer protects the transmission components well over a distance of up to 100,000 km.

An additional layer, created by the preparation, replenishes any cavities, depending on the degree of wear. More worn areas are characterized by a thicker protective coating, while with less consumption we are dealing with a thinner layer. Thanks to this, the regeneration of the gearbox is carried out without disassembly. This means that the driver saves time and money. The use of Ceramizer is not fraught with the risk of any side effects.

Why use ceramizer® CB transmission oil additive?

  • Regenerates the friction surfaces of the automatic transmission (teeth of gears, distributors, bearings) and synchronizers during operation – without the need to dismantle the mechanisms.
  • Reduces the risk of automatic transmission failure.
  • It is easy to use – just apply it to the oil.
  • Reduces annoying vibration, noise and friction, eliminates grinding and jerking when changing gears.
Gearbox regeneration
Longer engine life
Easier gear shifting
Ability to avoid costly breakdowns

Usage method

Amount of oil in the gearbox [L]:up to 8 L8-12 L12-18 Litres
Number of dispensers (dosage)1 dos2 dos3 dos

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Simple and effective preparation for gearbox

Using the Ceramizer® transmission oil additive is simple, but it brings a lot of benefits. All you need to do is apply the preparation to the transmission oil filler so that the entire mechanism is regenerated and strengthened. Thanks to the protection provided by the action of the preparation, the risk of failure is significantly reduced. It is enough to regularly use the preparation for the gearbox for several dozen zlotys to avoid repair, the costs of which can reach several thousand zlotys.