Two-stroke (CG-2T) – Ceramizer for two-stroke engines of garden equipment

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A preparation whose purpose is to regenerate and protect against further wear of two-stroke engines of garden equipment.

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Product description

Ceramizer® CG-2T is a preparation for regeneration and protection against wear of the friction surface of the two-stroke engine of garden equipment.

Regeneration of the engine is carried out without dismantling the mechanism, during everyday use. Its first stage is the application of an additive to the engine oil. After that, the process of creating a protective ceramic-metal coating begins. An additional layer builds up in places subjected to frictional forces, with particular emphasis on the most worn surfaces.

The protective layer compensates for any micro-damage, scratches and deformations of the surface of the engine parts. Its build-up takes place within about 15 hours of operation of the mechanism. This layer retains its properties during a minimum of 400 hours of operation.

Ceramizer® CG-2T protects engine surfaces against corrosion. This is especially important when wintering equipment.

Ceramizer® CG-2T can be used in devices and machines equipped with a four-stroke engine, such as:

  • lawn mowers,
  • self-propelled lawn mowers,
  • snow blowers,
  • petrol saws,
  • petrol scythes,
  • Generators
  • other machines and devices, after prior consultation with the seller (by e-mail contact

Why is it worth using Ceramizer® CG-2T engine regeneration preparation?

  • The preparation rebuilds friction surfaces and prevents excessive wear of the engine.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced and savings of between 3 and 15 % can be observed.
  • The oil additive silences and stabilizes the engine.
  • Thanks to the stabilization of the compression pressure, the driver can count on greater engine dynamics.
Lower fuel consumption
Engine stabilization
Dynamic engine operation
Engine regeneration

Usage method

Process:up to 1 liter of oil (stage I)up to 1 cylinder (stage II)
(20-100 mth)1 dos
(100-400 mth)1 dos1 dos
(>400 mth)2 dos1 dos

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