Grease (CBB) – regenerative ceramic grease for bicycle chain

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The product is designed to lubricate, regenerate and protect the bicycle chain against excessive wear.

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Product description

Ceramizer® CBB is ideal for all types of bikes – MTB, off-road and city. The grease produces a special ceramic-metal coating on the surface of the chain and sprockets. This type of regeneration makes the service life of the chain and sprockets longer. An important feature of the lubricant is its hydrophobicity. This means that it is kept on the surface of the chain, even in difficult weather conditions.

Regeneration of the chain takes place without disassembly, during everyday operation. As a result of thermodynamic processes taking place on the friction surface, a ceramic-metal layer is formed. The layer is formed along the entire length of the chain, but a particularly intensive growth occurs in the worn areas. The more the coefficient of friction decreases, the more the growth of the additional protective layer is inhibited.

The manufactured coating automatically optimizes the gaps between the rubbing parts. At the moment of reaching the desired state, its growth is stopped, so you can count on proper regeneration. In more worn places, the coating growth is greater, and in areas of less wear, the thickness of the additional layer is smaller. Thanks to this, the geometry of the rubbing parts is restored to the desired state.

Applying grease is very convenient and efficient. After one application, you can cover up to 350 km. The syringe, acting as an applicator, facilitates the distribution of grease on the chain, while maintaining the cleanliness of the remaining parts.

The package contains:

1 pack contains 2 doses (2 x 4 grams).

Why use Ceramizer® CBB regenerative grease?

  • The grease provides permanent protection for the parts of the chain between which friction forces act.
  • The risk of damage to the chain and sprockets is significantly reduced.
  • The grease protects the chain and sprockets from corrosion and reduces the noise level emitted by the chain.
  • Lubrication becomes more efficient by reducing the coefficient of friction between the chain and the sprockets.
Chain protection
Reduced risk of damage
Less noise emitted by the chain
Easier lubrication

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