Fuel (CP2) – Ceramizer – Fuel refiner

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A preparation that refines and improves the quality of fuel. It is intended for use in highly contaminated fuel systems.

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Product description

The fuel refiner supports combustion processes using the process of catalytic tearing and oxidation of hydrocarbon chains. This is particularly important when using lower quality fuels.

In the case of a slight contamination of the fuel system, it is enough to apply 2 dispensers with fuel additive and replenish the tank with 50 – 60 liters of fuel. If the impurities are significant, the number of dispensers shown in the table should be used.

The fuel refiner maintains its properties over a distance of about 10,000 km. After driving such a distance, it is recommended to re-apply the preparation. It can also be used with preparations for the engine and with the addition of Ceramizer ® gearbox oil.

Why use Ceramizer® CP2 fuel additive?

  • The preparation reduces friction and strengthens frictional parts within the fuel supply system. It provides lubrication of the system, which guarantees an extension of its service life.
  • The fuel refiner cleans the most critical parts of the fuel supply system, such as combustion chambers, valve plugs and injectors. It removes particularly harmful carbon deposits and lacquers, prevents the formation of new impurities and helps to keep the system clean.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced by about 2 – 4 %.
  • The engine works more dynamically and its starting at low temperatures is easier.
Reduction of fuel consumption
Fuel system cleaning
Longer fuel system life
Easier engine start

Usage method

Engine capacity in [L]:0,5-22,1-33,1-5More than 5
Suggested amount of fuel in the tank [L]:25-3050-6075-90100-120
Number of dispensers:2 dos4 dos6 dos8-10 dos.

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Safe fuel refiner

The product can be considered completely safe. During the manufacturing process, all EU standards are maintained. The fuel refiner does not contribute to clogging the fuel filter, so there is no risk of engine damage. It can also be safely used in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters and particulate filters. The safety of use is confirmed by a long period of use. The product should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 40 °C, out of the reach of children.