Grease (CMC) – regenerative ceramic grease for motorcycle chain

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Preparation for lubrication, regeneration and protection of the motorcycle chain against wear. Ceramizer® CMC grease is suitable for road bikes and off-road motorcycles.

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Product description

The grease works similarly to an engine oil additive, as it produces a ceramic-metal coating on the surface of the chain and sprockets. Thanks to it, the chain is regenerated and its service life is extended. The grease additionally prevents the chain from stretching. It is hydrophobic, that is, it stays on the surface of the chain even in adverse weather conditions.

Regeneration of the chain occurs without disassembly, with the usual use of the vehicle. The ceramic-metal layer is produced as a result of thermodynamic processes. The most intense growth of the protective coating can be observed in worn places.

The process of creating an additional layer stops automatically, after restoring the state of the chain gaps to the nominal level. Figuratively, it can be stated that in the places of the greatest deformations and scratches, the thickest layer appears. This, in turn, leads to a proper regeneration of the geometry of the parts between which the frictional force occurs.

Applying grease is convenient and efficient. After one application, you can cover up to 1000 km. Thanks to this, 1 package is enough for about 4000 km of driving (4 doses of grease x 1000 km). The small syringe, acting as an applicator, makes it easy to distribute grease on the chain.

The package contains:

1 pack contains 4 doses (4 x 4 grams).

Why use Ceramizer® CMC regenerative grease?

  • The grease provides permanent protection for the parts of the chain between which friction forces act.
  • The wear of the chain surface slows down.
  • The links of the chain tolerate sudden loads much better.
  • The coefficient of friction between the chain and the sprockets is reduced and lubrication is more efficient.
Chain protection
Reduce friction and improve lubrication
Slowing down chain wear
The chain tolerates sudden loads better

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