What is worth knowing about engine renovation before it is made?

A car, like a human being, sometimes ceases to function normally. Sometimes you can hear incorrect operation of individual components. Then we know that it’s time to prepare for a visit to the mechanic to see what is happening. Failure can also occur quickly and unexpectedly. Especially if the “heart” of our car, i.e. the engine, breaks down. What is worth knowing before you give your car for repair?


Before you replace the engine with a new one, it is worth getting an idea of the prices. The cost of the power unit itself can vary from several hundred zlotys to several thousand. It all depends on whether you bet on a used and fully functional one or decide on a new art. The price also depends on the capacity, condition and mileage. Diesel engines are unfortunately a bit more expensive. Buying a used engine is often cheaper than overhauling. If you replace the engine with a more powerful version or with a different capacity, it will be necessary to replace the registration certificate and report this fact to the communication department.

I choose renovation

If you have decided to overhaul the engine, you must take into account at least a week of unavailability of the car. A full overhaul of the engine includes grinding and smoothing of cylinders, replacement of pistons and shells, grinding of the crankshaft, as well as milling of valve seats and head planning. In special cases, the valves themselves must also be maintained. The cost of a comprehensive engine repair can oscillate around PLN 3,000. In diesel cars, it may be necessary to replace the injection system and sometimes also the turbocharger, which also increases repair costs.


If the engine takes the oil, but the mechanic decides that it is not very damaged, you can try to regenerate it. Some decide to replace the piston rings, which is not necessarily a good solution. This involves a cost of about PLN 1,000 but does not guarantee an efficient engine. A better and, above all, cheaper solution is to use preparations that will help us regenerate a worn engine as long as it is not worn out across borders. Ceramizer – is a preparation for four-stroke, gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG, BIO, HYBRID engines. The application is very simple. It is enough to add the product to the engine oil. With the increase in kilometers, a ceramic-metal coating is formed on the friction surfaces on the odometer, which effectively fills the worn places. Its operation means that the friction surfaces during operation regenerate. Thanks to this, you do not have to repair or replace the engine. Most importantly, adding such a specific allows you to avoid visiting the workshop. Ceramizer for internal combustion engine oil (CS) also reduces fuel consumption and oil consumption. It increases and equalizes the compression pressures in the cylinders, which significantly improves the dynamics of the vehicle. Metal friction surfaces gain up to 5 times more durability. So it is worth using this option, especially since the cost of the product is only PLN 73. Incomparably low in relation to repair, right?

As you can see , overhauling the engine is an expensive matter. So it’s worth prevention rather than treating and taking care of your car throughout its lifetime. Taught by the experience of other drivers, it is worth reaching for proven methods of engine protection, thanks to which we will avoid unpleasant financial consequences that will result from the need to replace the engine of our car. Take care of your car today!

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