Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Lada

Lada Samara

Year of Build: 1991
Engine size: 1500

Measurements before application of ceramizers:
Date: 26.03.2010
Mileage: 64 961 km

Compression pressures:
1 cylinder: 12.5
2 cylinder: 13
3 cylinder: 10
4 cylinder: 12.5

Measurements after application of ceramizers:
Date: 13.05.2010
Mileage: 67 959 km

Compression pressures:
1 cylinder: 12.9
2 cylinder: 13
3 cylinder: 12.6
4 cylinder: 12.5

Opinion of the owner of the vehicle: I am a driver of Lada Samara 1500. I used Ceramizer for a mileage of 165 thousand kilometers. After driving 3 thousand, the pressure in the cylinders equalized to the nominal one, and on the third it was about 70% of the norm. I am very pleased and found out that “Ceramizer” works and how! I sincerely recommend it to all those who already have “passed” engines.

Lada Niva

Engine size:1.7
Mileage:40 000 km

After the appearance of strange whistling from the gearbox, I applied 1 dose of Ceramzier to the gearboxes. The whistling decreased at 140km of mileage and then completely disappeared at 190. Recommend.
Marcin Baczynski
Opinion sent on 2014-01-12