Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Hyundai

Hyundai Coupe 2.0 (1997)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the owner of a Hyundai Coupe FX 2.0 car from 1997 in operation since May 1998, the 140 hp engine is quite flexible and with a small weight of the vehicle gives a lot of satisfaction from driving, the engine has worked about 130,000 km and burns between 8.5 and 13 l / 100 km, I would describe the driving style as aggressive with a frequent visit to the tachometer hand around 5,000. My problem was absorbing quite large amounts of engine oil under 1l/1000 km, in the Hyundai service I got information that this is quite a natural ailment if the engine often reaches high revs. I have made changes to several operational assumptions: first of all, I only refuel with Ultimate or V-power gasoline, I regularly use ceramizer for the engine and I do not give up my favorite driving style :)) The effect exceeded my expectations. As for subjective feelings:
– the flexibility of the engine increased although it was still large,
– work culture improved, noise decreased
– the car in combination with modern gasoline has become more dynamic
– in winter, the engine reaches its capabilities faster, without fear of damage
cylinder surface
– reduced fuel consumption of about 1-2 liters depending on the route city / outside
– reduction of oil consumption about 0.3 liters / 1000 km
In summary, the purchase is economically viable, giving greater possibilities to the vehicle – speed, acceleration, increasing the comfort of the driver (noise). Ceramizer has become for me a normal consumable like oil and gasoline, used of course according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
I recommend it to other car users.
Jaroslaw Rosłoniec

Hyundai Getz

Year of Build: 2003
Engine capacity: 1341 petrol
Mileage: 60 000 km

I bought Ceramizer for the engine and a fuel refiner at the Allegro auction, it was recommended to me by a friend who used it earlier, at the beginning I was a little disbelieved in what I read about ceramizers, but I checked and felt the differences first in a friend’s car (peugeot 106 1.1) and later in my Geta power increase pleasant surprise better acceleration equally nice and what is most pleasing is the decrease in combustion. Only spinning on it the second thousand kilometers but I already know that the next oil change I will also add it, I recommend it to everyone, ceramizer is what your car needs;)
Maciej Kajstura
Opinion sent on: 7.11.2010

Hyundai Santa Fe 4WD

Year of Build: 2003
Engine size: 2.4 16V

I used a ceramizer for the engine and gearbox in Hyundai and I must say that I am impressed, although in Pasata I was not disappointed either. So: Less combustion, smoother and QUIETER engine running, which I am very happy with. Apropo combustion – I tested the combustion after using ceramizer and after refueling a full tank (65l.) I drove 730km. Of course, calm driving up to 130 / h, I can also mention that with the air conditioning on – so I think it’s a GREAT result.
And as for the ceramizer in the box – I RECOMMEND!!! the box works quieter, at least I got such an impression, and I heard from many owners of this car model, that the box works quite loudly – so nothing more than CERAMIZER to the box and guarantees that it will be better. Overall, I am very satisfied with the purchase and recommend and recommend again.
Sincerely, Arek.
Opinion sent on 10.09.2009.
Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 4rwd, engine, gearbox, oil


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, I was skeptical about ceramizer, but my Hyundai 1.5 year 91, mileage 210 000 regained dynamics, on the route went down with combustion by 0.5l (now burns 6/100), and in the city from 8 liters went down to 7/100, I RECOMMEND WORTH IT!

Hyundai I20

Year of Build: 2013
Engine capacity: 1.2 + gas installation
Mileage: 78 200 km

Compression pressures before application of Ceramizers:

Cylinder No.:I cylinderII cylinderIII cylinderIV cylinder
Compression pressure (bar)12,59,51312,5

Compression pressures after application of Ceramizers:

Cylinder No.:I cylinderII cylinderIII cylinderIV cylinder
Compression pressure (bar)1313,51313

Opinion of the vehicle owner:

The car had a loss of pressure on the second cylinder. After applying Ceramizer, the pressure values have equalized on all cylinders, the engine runs evenly and is more flexible, slightly less burning.

Mariusz Dziubecki

Opinion sent on 2016-08-16