Polonez - Názory

Polonez Truck (1995)
Capacity of engine: 1.9d
Ceramizer was recommended to me by a friend. I added it to strongly strained engine in my car. Mileage 320 000 km. The engine didn't want to start, it worked unevenly. Already after the first few hundred kilometers, I noticed the considerable improvement, even in low-temperature engine starts without a problem and works much more evenly. The fuel consumption decreased also and to my surprise, car stopped taking an oil. Very amazing product. I recommend it to any sceptical owners of all cars.
Greetings, Lukasz

I have used ceramizers for many years. I have added them to polonez, lada samara, sead cordoba, nubira, oper vectra, ford fiesta. The effects are stunning, each of these cars reacted the same way that is, after adding ceramizer the engine has began working quietly (no need to wait 200 km), the work is being balanced, the engine uses less fuel, is more dynamic. I have applied ceramizers to gearboxes as well as to hydraulic power steering systems, gears works smoothly and gearbox is quieter, I can't say pretty much about hydraulic power steering system becouse I added it to quite new cordoba as a preventive treatment.
I have never made any measurements because effects are immediately perceptible, so there was no sense.
As for the fuel additive I use it a second time in ford fiesta but I trust the producer that it works. I buy ceramizers in Warsaw on Czerniakowska Street at the manufacturer or on Grochowska Street.
Dariusz Fiet