Isuzu - Názory

Isuzu Tropper (1988) / Isuzu Rodeo (1993)
It was in 2004 that I applied ceramizer into my Isuzu Trooper 1988 2.6 MPI 4x4 (an engine +fuel+ a gearbox).Before an additive application the engine sometimes did not use one of cylinders to the full at low revolutions in spite of flares, cables, distributor, and dome replacement. After only 200 km (the first phase of additive action) this malfunction was repaired. At present the engine does not heat up so fast (before it obtained operation temperature after 4 km, now after 6 km)-it seems that friction factor was reduced. After the next week other results were evident – the engine with mileage of 220 000 km became more dynamic, faster achieved high revolutions, and LPG consumption decreased by 1 l/per 100 km (I checked it up as many timed I make this way as a technical expert). Besides changing of gears became easier and more precise (like in a brand new car). I sold this car in May 2005 and since that time (mileage of 250 000 km) results were clearly evident due to an additive action.

In May 2005 I bought Isuzu Rodeo 3.2 V6 24V from 1993 and it was the next car that I applied into. This time I applied it into an engine+ fuel+ a gearbox+ a rear axle. As in case of the previous car, the engine operation got smooth, LPG consumption got decreased, and dynamics got enhanced. But the noiseless operation of an rear axle mostly contributed to my joy (as I was even thinking of disassembly and bearings replacement). Everybody that has got such a problem should try ceramizers out. In ma case it worked superbly. I had made 30 000 km more with this car until I sold it in April 2006 but results of ceramizers application were still evident. At present I planning to but another car and after purchase I will for sure apply ceramizer for an engine, a gearbox etc. as it really pays off (costs of an additive pay for itself after making some thousand km through economizing on fuel, and later on we save money on them and other positive results we get for free).
This is by far the best product.
Eng. Grzegorz Kaliciak