Manual for Hydraulic Power Steering Systems (CK)

The highest efficiency in the use of Ceramizer is® achieved by strictly following the recommendations and instructions.

  1. The technology is designed to protect new and regenerate worn but undamaged mechanisms.
  2. Can be used with any type of oil for the power steering system.
  3. An underestimated dose of Ceramizer will not bring the® expected results of processing.
  4. An inflated (e.g. 2 x larger) dose of Ceramizer does® not cause any side effects, only the duration of the treatment is extended.
  5. In the case of prior use of oil additives (with molybdenum or Teflon), it is recommended to change the oil with washing the mechanism before using ceramization technology. Otherwise, the effectiveness of ceramization will be reduced and the processing time will be extended.
  6. Depending on the operating conditions of the device, the durability of the ceramic coating is up to 2 years (with continuous operation of the device under normal conditions) or up to 100,000 km of mileage.
  7. Surface ceramization with Ceramizer® can be repeated many times.
  8. Ceramizer® can be used for any equipment (including industrial) after prior consultation with the ceramizer manufacturer®.


  1. This manual.
  2. One dispenser of an easily oil-soluble preparation with a net weight of 3.3 g.


  1. Use directly when changing the oil to continue driving with the product as long as possible (until the next oil change).
  2. Can be used at any stage of operation with any type of oil.
  3. In the process of creating a ceramic-metal layer (1500 km) do not change the oil.
  4. Can be used together with Ceramizers® for engine, transmission, fuel refiner.
  5. A characteristic symptom of the beginning of regeneration is the reduction of the noise of the mechanism after several dozen kilometers of mileage. In the case of significant wear of the mechanisms, and in particular when during regeneration after driving 100 -200 km, we notice a slight improvement in the work of the mechanisms, it is recommended to double the dose of Ceramizer®. If after driving 100 – 200 km no improvement in the operation of the mechanism can be noticed, it may indicate an incorrect assessment of the wear status of the mechanism or mechanical damage to the device.
  6. Use primarily prophylactically, to protect the mechanisms against the effects of friction, significantly extending their service life and time of trouble-free operation.
  7. Dispensers/syringes that have a small leakage from under the plunger are also considered to be properly filled.

addition to steering regeneration


  1. Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature, i.e. 90 oC driving a few kilometers or leaving the vehicle for 10-15 minutes with the engine running.
  2. Turn off the engine.
  3. Heat in e.g. in hand a syringe to a temperature of min. 15 oC. Shake the syringe.
  4. Position the wheels of the vehicle for straight-ahead driving.
  5. Unscrew the oil tank filler cap in the power steering system and empty 1/2 of the dispenser(s) into the oil filler opening (observing the required oil level).
  6. Turn off the oil filler cap.
  7. Turn on the engine and leave for 5 minutes at idle without turning the steering wheel. Then, with the engine running, turn the steering wheel to the right and left for the next 5 minutes. This should be done at a standstill or at low speed.
  8. Turn off the engine.
  9. Repeat steps 4, 5, 6, 7 until the syringe is empty.
  10. The formation of a ceramic-metal layer takes up to 1500 km of mileage, under normal operating conditions. Do not change the oil during this time.


  1. In case of previous use of oil additives (with molybdenum or Teflon), it is recommended to change the oil with washing before using Ceramizer®. Otherwise, the effectiveness of Ceramizer treatment® will be reduced and the ceramization time will be longer.
  2. In the case of mechanical damage to the transmission (e.g. broken tooth, deep scratches, significant wear, etc.), the defects should be repaired and then Ceramizer® treatment should be applied. Ceramizer® does not regenerate places where there is friction of rubber or plastics against metal.


  1. The product is safe in accordance with current EU standards.
  2. Store below +40 oC.
  3. It does not clog oil filters or oil channels.
  4. It does not contain Teflon or molybdenum.
  5. Keep out of reach of children.


Effectiveness confirmed in tests posted on the


The ceramic-metal layers produced remain durable for about 100,000 km of mileage or 1800 mth. After this time, it is recommended to reapply Ceramizer® to the power steering system.

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