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Wartburg (1990)
I applied Ceramizer into my Wartburg 1.3 1990 year, engine VW with mileage of 143 342. The car is equipped with gas installation for 11 years …. compression pressure results directly after an additive application:

After making 268 km and covering the recommended distance, odometer reading at 143 610 there was following compression pressure:
2- 10.3

The additive was pored into a gearbox .Already after making some kilometres the noiseless operation of gearbox followed and no more problems with changing into the second gear. Results after making 2057 km since Ceramizer application:
1- 10.2
2- 10.9
3- 10.5
4- 10.7

Compression pressure parameters were measured with a simple gear that did provide any not printed results , yet was very precise .. Speaking about fuel economy …to be honest I do not care much about it so I did not notice any change.
For sure noiseless, smooth engine operation followed and dynamics and power got increased. I applied this additive in winter and it is difficult to provide any date.
Sebastian Owsiak

Wartburg (1990)
I am the owner of the vehicle that is really rare on our roads, and to be honest it is rather an out of date technology. Still it has got 4 wheels, a body and an engine: namely it is Wartburg 1.3 with an engine licensed by VW. In spite of age and mileage (I personally made around 290 000 km plus km made by the previous owner) the car is roadworthy and looks ok.
I described my car with these words to highlight that drivers who have limited funds use cheap cars and take care of them. That is why Ceramizer is a perfect product for people like me who can not afford expensive repairs either. Let me know quote my observations and effects regarding Ceramizer application:
Data, description and an engine condition before application:
1. Mark: Warburg 1.3
2. Year: 1990
3. Engine: IFA licensed by VW, of 1.3 capacity
4. Fuel: LPG
5. Mileage: over 350 000 km
6. Technical condition: in spite of age the engine still operates and it was not under repair and overhaul during the last 6 years. During the last period (the period prior to Ceramizer application) I noticed abnormalities in idle gear (for sure it was not due to poor carburettor tune-up or wiring condition).
7. Fuel economy: LPG urban consumption: 9.8 -10.2 l/100 km , extra urban 6.8-7.5 l/100km. at this point I would like to add that I make notes regarding refuelling of my car and made mileage. The provided results is an average value for made distances of 400 to 1 000 km. In my opinion provided data is reliable.
8. Oil consumption (between fluids change -10 000 km-Castrol GTX33): around 0.3 l.

I applied an engine ceramizer having observing instruction of the manufacturer.
Results after application of Ceramizer and covering around 6 000km:
1. Fuel consumption measured only on town (short distances) 7.8-8.5 LPG !! (What a change I think to myself every time I refuel my car)
2. Smooth engine operation at low revolutions (remember about mileage –over 350 00 km)
3. Noiseless engine operation
4. Enhanced acceleration
5. No oil consumption observed
6. Colour of an oil in a sump – slightly darker like after fluids change (prior to application much more darker after comparable mileage)
Best regards Jacek Juchniewicz