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VW Golf
Welcome. I used drove my car a lot since Ceramizer application and I would like to share my opinion. Firstly I noticed enhanced dynamics, even in higher gears. Speaking about economy I did not make any calculation, but after making 890 km still had around 15 litres but before the indicator pointed to a reserve. I am the owner of VW Golf 1.6 td equipped with intercooler so I drive rather dynamically. In other words fuel economy got enhanced for sure because of Ceramizer operation. I wish these products were cheaper and available everywhere. Greetings

VW Golf (1995)
I applied Ceramizer twice to the engine of my Golf 1.9 TDI, year 1995, with mileage of 230 000 km. I applied Ceramizer mainly due to abnormal operation of engine and somehow blue exhausts. After the first application of Ceramizer and observation of instructions noticed almost nothing even after making 1 500 km. When starting a cold engine I noticed again irregular operation and blue exhaust fumes. After making 10 000 km I decided to change an oil and apply Ceramizer for the second time. After making another 500 km the engine revolutions got stabilized and this smoke has gone. Before ceramizer application I used to make up to 1000 km (60l tank) per filled tank, and now without any problem I make 1 100 km. Let me add that this measurement I make many times while I am on the same route. I bought also gearbox Ceramizer and smooth gearbox operation followed in winter at minus 15 C degrees- before application I had to made some kilometres to let the gearbox operate smoothly, but after application I had no more problems with gears changing even at cracking cold. I would like to apply an engine Ceramizer and in my opinion it is worth application during an oil replacement.
Krzysztof Brzeziński

VW Golf (1988)
I applied Ceramizer in 18 years old Golf II diesel. Additionally after adding the additive my timing gear chain got broken. Fortunately nothing bad followed (I was very lucky). Before I had not measured compression pressure but after this failure I measured it and as I remember it was 27,29,29,30 so really good. The first cylinder got a bent so compression was lower. Besides the car took less fuel, around 1 litre less and noise got reduced. At winter I had really no problems with starting it. Unfortunately I do not have this car any more, but it operates very well for the next owner. I am going to apply Ceramizer in my new car too.
This additive really works. Best regards

VW Golf (1988)
I do not possess any documentation regarding compression pressure as the cars that I added ceramizer into were sold by me. But in both cases positive results followed:
-Golf II 1.6 1988 (automatic) mileage of 288 000 km – The engine took too much oil and consumed around 12 l/100 km. After ceramizer application an oil consumption got reduced by 80-85%. The engine smooth and noiseless operation followed and I noticed reduced engine temperature and reduced fuel consumption (at least by 0,5 l).
- Honda Civic 1.3 1994 with mileage of 130 000 km- Smooth engine operation and followed and fuel economy got enhanced. Once the car took as little as 5.2 on town. Besides I noticed reduced engine temperature and enhanced dynamics (not much still it followed). In other words the car performed much better.
Best regards, Maciej Kujawa

VW Golf (1978)
Yet after 10 minutes operation at idle gear since Ceramizer application I noticed a smooth engine operation. After making 1 500 km I noticed that the car got more dynamic, noiseless and fuel economy got enhanced. Le t me say that this test was made on VW Golf I from 1978 (petrol 1.5). Before the engine took little petrol but at present it does not take it at all.
I strongly recommend this product to all drivers and owners of old cars (I mean for regeneration) and new ones (just for precaution). I made my brother and father to buy and apply it in their cars. Greetings, Ernest R.

VW Golf VR6
To be honest I was not sure about results regarding use of ceramizer before purchase of this product. But after application and making around 2000 km noiseless and smooth engine operation followed, and fuel consumption got reduced from 12 to 10.5-11l per 100 km. I tested the product on a fresh oil in my VW Golf VR6 with mileage of 130 000- 140 000 km.
Marcin from Szczecin (Poland)

VW Golf II
I waited for some time with expressing my opinion as I wanted to test this additive. Auction was performed smoothly and speaking about Ceramizer it is really an amazing product! I did not notice enhanced power but fuel consumption got reduced. I applied this product on Golf II 1.8 with gas installation and before application my car consumed 11l per 100 km and it takes 9.5 l per 100 km.

VW Golf II
VW Golf II, year 1990, 1.8 petrol- with gas installation and mileage of 180 000 km. I do not have any gears to make any measurements but I can share with you my observations.
Fuel consumption: 11l and after Ceramizer application only 9.5 l Acceleration: I did not notice any improvement, but since I have gas installation it got reduced (I do not know what to do abut it). Max speed: as above.
Smooth revolutions and engine operation followed and colour of an oil does not get dark as fast as before (a mineral oil).
If I change a car I will have no doubts to apply this additive as fuel consumption really got reduced.

VW Golf II
Production year: 1991
Capacity of engine: 1.6 Diesel

I bought Golf diesel with an engine 1,6 one month ago, supposedly with damaged injection's pump (it was not running) but as it later turned out it wasn't pump fault only compression; after checking, it had only 19, 20, 19, 18 on individual cylinders (I do not have the written measurement I checked it my own). When car was cold it didn't want to start at all, only clouds of smoke came out and if it finally started the factory of coking plant never reeked so much. I thought that's the end of my engine but I read accidentally about ceramizers someday but I wasn't convinced to this invention much. I asked my mechanic about his opinion, he said that nothing, even the newest and the best praparation won't restore compression, especially in diesel. I didn't give up so I bought ceramizer in Siemianowice Slaskie. Salesman told me the same that it will maybe!!! help. I came back home, exchanged oil, added ceramizer and started driving. After first 50km engine began work quiter, after 150km was much better and in one day I made 200km not crossing 60-70km\\h as producer recommended. In the late evening I decided to rebuff jalopy, I warmed spark-plugs and to my surprise vehicle has started for the first time with no dropped of smoke like it was before. I couldn't believe, my friend who repaired the car with me was dumbfounded, no kidding-MIRACLE said !!!!!! Since then, the car starts better, can be said as quite new, has better dynamics, less burning diesel fuel, I checked the compression and was much better 22, 21, 22, 22.
Raciok Przemysław

What a product! I have VW Golf 1.8 GTI with mileage of 260 000 km. Before application sometimes an oil pressure indicator sometimes got on, and the car took some oil. After application of ceramizer (1 item) car performance got enhanced and the indicator stooped to be highlighted. Besides smooth engine operation followed. I strongly recommend this product.

VW Golf (1989)
I am very satisfied with this product. My engine operation got noiseless yet after making some kilometres. Furthermore compression pressure got increased I 7-9 atm., II 8.5-9 atm., III 9-9 atm., IV 9-10 atm. and yet after making 300 km!!! I added this product into Golf II 1.3 from 1989.
Thanks for this product and try it out.

VW Golf Gtd
I applied this additive into Golf II 1.6 Gtd and a significant improvement followed namely during starting and smooth engine operation. I did not notice any negative results. Prompt delivery and professional service indeed. I strongly recommend this product !!

VW Golf
What I noticed was reduced fuel consumption from 10.5 to 9.5 l of gas per 100 km (Golf III 1.8). Besides an oil consumption got reduced. To sum up the product is really worth buying. Buy it and try it out.

VW Golf IV
From some time I had problems with rattling valves (no adequate clearance) in my Golf IV I.4; after Ceramizer application and making 250 km all problems got solved and no more rattling. Besides smooth and noiseless engine operation followed and power got increased. I strongly recommend this additive.

VW Jetta (1984)
I applied this additive on 06.04.2005 and the day after I set off to make 200 km. I drove at 60-70 km/h. To be honest yet during this drive it was possible to notice better engine operation. You do not have to make tests as increased dynamics got evident, reduced noise and much better acceleration in particular at higher revolutions. Speaking about starting I can not say much as these problems usually follow in winter. As to fuel economy I think that it got enhanced as at present I sometimes press down to feel speed and I do not spend more on petrol. Sometimes I would like to see faces of drivers are behind me. It is VW Jetta from 1984 that is my car.
Tomasz Kotulski

VW Jetta (1991)
After application of this additive (in VW Jetta 1.6 TD 1991) fuel consumption got reduced, noiseless engine operation followed and all problems with starting gone. I applied also gearbox ceramizer and noise got reduced and all problems with gears changing got solved.
Agula 11

VW Passat
I bought Ceramizer to apply it in my Passat 1.9 TDI with mileage of 150 000 km. I purchased it as I experienced no clearance on timing gear. After application of Ceramizer and making 15 000 km knocking got reduced although it still was noticeable. But after I applied Ceramizer for second time and making 10 000 km knocking got reduced completely. I also applied gearbox ceramizer but I did not notice significant change in operation as my gearbox before had operated quite well.

VW Passat (1991)
Welcome. I possess 15 year old Passat. I use this car for two years and after purchase I had compression pressure measured with usual device that did not provide any outlines. But all results clearly showed that overhaul would be necessary. After some searching I came across ceramizer at Allegro, namely a product providing for regeneration. Before purchase I visited a mechanic and he was rather sceptical about this product and said that there were many products but their operation resulted in clogging of filters and canals. But after the second thought I decided to buy Ceramizer. Next I read instructions, applied the additive into my engine and almost at once I noticed improvement. Unfortunately I was not able to measure compression pressure after making some kilometres. While I was at garage to change an oil I had compression pressure measured on first cylinder and result confirmed that its parameter was almost like in a new engine!!! I could not believe this and I repeated test!!! To be honest the whole day I was under impression of Ceramizer operation so I bought one more additive along with gearbox additive. Now I completely sure that it works as I checked it in my car.
Yours sincerely, Andrzej Anchim

VW Passat TDI (1996)
Model of vehicle: VW Passat TDI (engine 1Z)
Engine capacity: 1900 ccm
I introduced a possitive opinion about ceramizer to engines a few years ago, when I applied it to my car Wartburg 1,3. Encouraged by this positive experience, I applied ceramizer to currently using car. There are no indications at this moment to 'save' engine, so I applied it to gearbox, which had following shortcomings:

- problems with inclusion of 1st gear (very difficult)
- sporadic problems with inclusion of reverse gear.

I notice that declutching system is fully efficient and can't be the reason of this problems. I added the preparation to gearbox, according to enclosed instruction and I conformed to recommended technics of drive. Observations (I remind that gearbox is \ 'regenerated' \, so there are no data available results and measurements, speaking only on the subjective, but honest feelings):

0-100 km: the efficiency of gearbox without change, still hard to include 1st gear, reverse rarely used, curiosity told me to check but it was rather unchanged.

100-350 km: it seems that something is improved, but what can do subconscious:) I can not say that is better.

350-870 km: DRIVING WITH CAMPING TRAILER – I can say that driving with a heavy weight has intensified the process. The car with a low power (90 hp) and a trailer, so frequent drive on low gear and on 1st gear in the traffic jar took the place all the time.

The effect - I do not know what the problem with inclusion of 1st gear is. I will finish report on this, because I am not the competent person to lead theoretical considerations. For me the most important thing is the effect, which I obtained using ceramizer. It doesn't effect on my mind that I added something that will not harm but help maybe?
Becouse I have bought a set of ceramizers, which also includes a product to engine I will use it during the next oil change without a doubt. If I have a chance I will make measurements and share results with you.
Jacek Juchniewicz

VW Passat (1998)
I would like to share my observations and experience regarding operation of my car after application of ceramizers comprising set No.2 that I bought via the Internet. Some weeks before the engine of my VW Passat 1900 TDI (from 1998 with mileage of 175 000 km) got broken down during normal operation. In other words a valve, a head and the fourth piston got damaged with metal chips originated from an exhaust valve head. Fortunately cylinder bearing surface was not damaged and probably damage was caused by blocking of piston in guide what prevented it from hiding and got in touch with a piston getting upwards location. This mechanism is typical for many Diesel engines: if a valve does not hide early enough in its seating a collision with a piston head follows. Of course this provides for abnormal condition although –as in my case- this may really happen. Another option was spontaneous valve head breaking off resulted form normal fatigue, poor pusher spring operation or temporary blocking of a piston rod in guide. But after dismantling no damage of the spring was identified or valve seizure. After repair my car began to operate quite other and rattling was evident. My mechanic said that it was typical after removal such repairs and that it was temporary. I had compression pressure measured and results confirmed that the repaired cylinder operated poorly by almost 10% in comparison to other cylinders whose parameters were within limits. Again my mechanic commented on ii and said that it as due to conditions for cooperation of new parts in pairs: piston-rings- cylinder and conditions after wearing in. Unfortunately I do not have any printout from this period regarding compression pressure of engine. In the second half o April 2005 I came across ceramizer webpage and I decided to try it out as I read that this product provided regeneration of automotive engines. Although they cost quite a sum I purchased them with hope that it would enhance operation of my engine and gearbox. It was namely an engine additive, a gearbox additive and an oil additive. I applied these products according to instructions and I begin to use my car in May 2005. It was not difficult to apply them, but this requirement not to exceed determined speed during an initial period required much effort and attention on my part. During 12 months I did not notice any negative results regarding an engine, a gearbox and other mechanical assemblies operation. But let me tell you about my observations. Firstly after Ceramizer application I got confident regarding operation of my car. After a month or two and making around 4 000 km a noiseless engine operation followed and rattling was gone. Measurement of compression pressure confirmed that parameters on all cylinders were almost the same including this repaired one. Besides at winter I had no problems with gearbox lever operation, in particular all problems with changing into the second gear were gone. Furthermore smoke from an exhaust pipe during early morning starting got reduced. Speaking about an oil consumption it stayed the same or got decreased a bit (according to my records and calculation by about 0.3 dm3 per 100 km). Taking into account that my car really consumed not much of fuel and that all conditions had an impact on economy namely roads, distances, style of driving and loading etc. I really did not know if this difference resulted from quality of fuel. Additionally positive results might follow due to quality of an engine oil. Maybe I changed my style of driving, but I did not notice that I drove slowly or that it took me more time to get to the destination. Contrary to that it took me less time to make the distance of 160 km that I regularly cover for many years which confirms to my speeding. But as a matter of fact it may be result of an enhanced engine operation or repaired road surface. Anyway in my opinion during all this period since 1 May 2005 up till today I did not notice any negative results of ceramizer products on performance of my car that got older. The truth is that I notice some positive results although not very spectacular. I hope that I was able to evaluate and describe some of them. That is way I would like to apply ceramizers during future operation of my car.
My name is Robert Kalisz and I am the owner of the above mentioned car.

VW Passat (1987)
I am very glad to share with You my opinion regarding ceramizers. Unfortunately I do possess any printout or documents so I have to tell all on grounds of my subjective impression of a driver and the car owner. After all I bought Ceramizers to enhance parameters of my car and not to make any tests. But to be honest parameters really got improved and I cut back some money on fuel –and the most important-spare myself a lot of problems during long and freezing winter. It is an old Volkswagen Passat from 1987 with 1.6 capacity Diesel engine that is my car. I am not able to provide accurate mileage of my car as the car has an engine replaced and odometer reading was 220 000 km what was suspiciously little. It was roadworthy car but after some months I noticed a lot of smoke from my exhaust pipe, blows through, poor power, and an extensive oil burning beyond any limits. In other words my engine days were counted. I could not afford overhaul and new engine either, and I did not trusted any special formulas so I knew that my car would get out of order in 9 months, or a year. I was not happy at all as I bought this car with intention to use it for the next three years. As from time to time I sell and buy some things on Allegro it was there that I came across Ceramizery. I read description and opinions of users, make some fun to hear about riding Polonez without an oil as I am rather sceptical person and almost at once I made calculation and according to it my car would need two packs of Ceramizer amounted 100 PLN. For me it is quite a sum so I decided to forget about this idea. Some days later I talked to my friend about Ceramizers as we have the same cars and always like to talk about our toys. To be honest my friend already bought and applied Ceramizers and he recommended this to me. So I decided to buy and I clicked “BUY NOW” although this 100 PLN was quite a sum for me. Later I read carefully manufacturer instructions and applied an additive into my engine. Some after on and a half month I set off to visit my family and during the ride I noticed that engine operation got smooth and more dynamic but it was my impression only that is impossible to measure. But for sure I could even overtake some cars. Quite another issue is fuel economy and I decided to check it. So I refilled my car to the full and set of to make 500 km. And it was not earlier but than that I knew that my money was well spent. You know that economy depends on type of driving but I knew that my car always used to take 32-35 litres of diesel oil but during the test it took only 26 litres!!! It is impossible to make any such trick. Ceramizer really works !!! Later on parameters got enhanced even more, namely no more smoke, a dry air filter that before had to be replaced very often, and no more blows that had been visible after opening of an oil plug. That is what can be checked. Besides I noticed that my car started better, was more dynamic and engine operation got smooth. Maybe it is impossible to prove but it is true that gradually I stopped to refill an engine oil and costs of driving my car per 100 km got decreased and my investment really paid off. And this winter I had a good time to see that some my well off neighbours had to call taxi to start their new, de luxe cars while I only got into my Passat and started it without any problem. Earlier on they used to make fun of my car but know I could see them in trouble while it was minus 25 degrees at 6 am. Maybe it not fair but you know drivers like to see that their cars are perform that others. I am very happy to know that my Passat will be road worthy much longer. I do not say that Ceramizer repaired rusty wings, a back wiper and glued a headlight – it is not any wonder formula for all car defects. But I know for sure that my engine still operate thanks to Ceramizer as I did not apply anything else. And that is all in respect of my observations regarding Ceramizer results. I do not want to purge anybody to apply Ceramizer but it my case it really paid off.
Andrzej Karpiński

VW Passat (1995)
VW PASSAT 1.9 TDI B4 1995 – mileage of 280.000 km
Application of gearbox Ceramizer
Reason: Problems with shifting into first gear. After change of an oil (Mobil synthetic) and adding an additive much better operation of gears followed. After making 200 km during a month the problem was completely solved and nor more blocking. Let me add that a discharged oil in opinion of my mechanic was kind of fresh so the result was not due to a new oil.
Mariusz G.

VW Passat
After application of your Ceramizer performance parameters of my car (VW Passat B3) got enhanced, namely noiseless engine operation followed and engine oil and gas consumption got decreased.

VW Polo (1995)
Unfortunately I do not possess any documentation regarding compression in chambers so I would like to share my observations. Actually at the beginning I wanted to buy Magnetizers but they are said to be not the best one and I came across Ceramizers on Allegro so I decided to buy them. After Ceramizers application I made 200 km not exceeding 2800 revolutions. Then my car stood still as I went on fair. After my come back I started my car and what a shock it was to find out noiseless and smooth engine operation. Then I made some km on town and the car was more dynamic than before and a gearbox operation got smooth. Actually I did not apply fuel additive but I will do so in future. It is now two months since application of gearbox and engine additive and the engine operates very well. I have VW Polo since 1995 but the engine of this car operates like in the younger one. As for me Ceramizers work wonder and I really recommend this product.
Buy it and try it.
Greetings Krzysztof K.

VW Polo 1.3 / Honda Accord 2.0 dohc
Production year: VW 1988; Honda 1990
Capacity of engine: 1.3; 2.0

I am a mechanic by profession and occupation. I live in Finland. I applied your ceramizer only with pure curiosity and the results - the first and older patient: polo with 225 000km of mileage, engine without renovation, replacement bar timing, filters, oil + ceramizer. Before: lightly swimming of engine, the combustion of oil about 200ml per 1000km, loud plumbers work, compression from 7.2 to 8, not reek. After 2000 km with ceramizer compression 8.5 to 9, oils burning 100 ml per 6.000 km, after not reneval the oil from oil sump car worked 8h on slow speed, after flooding the oil pressure dropped by about 0.5 per cylinder, rest unchanged. The second patient honda 198 700 km mileage, compression 9.5 on four cylinders, no burning oil. After applying ceramizer and driving 2500 km effects: 1.5 liters of fuel combustion reduced, lower starts without heating system by - 32 degrees Celsius on three turnovers starter, before with -20 small problem, compression in the top +2. In both cases the culture of the engines operation has improved significantly. On the way to test expects the third patient mazda Astina 323f gb 1.6, 92 productions year. We'll see results.
Anyway I do not have questions, well done gentlemen, keep so.
PS. I would like to add that cars are used till this days and nothing has changed except traveled miles.
Stanislaw Chrobak

VW Sirocco (1991)
I applied this additive in Volkswagen Sirocco 1991 with 1.8 l engine and mechanical injection. During application odometer reading was 250 000 km and the engine worked on idle for 4 hours. After the first hour noiseless and smooth engine operation followed. Next I found out enhanced compression pressure what resulted in bigger vibrations during turning off the engine but it stopped faster, although during turning on a starter turned heavier (a flat battery) still the engine started at the first turning (even at minus 20 C degrees). After treatment I noticed that the engine got higher revolutions faster. Four years ago I applied Ceramizer in my Skoda 120l (4 gears) and as a result of that (after ignition setting) the engine got on almost 7 000 revolutions, at expected 5500 revolutions. Unfortunately one of connecting rod broke down at speed of 160 km/h when I press down a brake pedal and overhaul of the engine was necessary. I really recommend this product to all who operate their cars to the limit.

VW Transporter (1982)
I have got two Volkswagens Transport with 1.6 TDI engine and mileage of around 200 000 km and similar technical condition. I have not documentation of considering compression pressure, fuel and noise decrease. I tested efficiency of Ceramizers while riding cars namely my T4 Volkswagens with diesel engines. I would like to underline that I have never met another Volkswagen Transport T4 that would have similar parameters in respect of maximum speed and acceleration. How nice is it to drive old Transporter from 1982 year that performs better than new Transporters T4. Although it is unusual still it is truth and I obtained such parameters after application of Ceramizer. I observed the high efficiency of Cermizers after making 3000 kilometers. User and onlooker
Grzegorz Derdowski

VW T4 (2000)
Now I am aware that I added too less of Ceramizer. Still this one dosage resulted in decrease of vibrations and an easier engine starting. I am always skeptical about this kind of products but this time the product did not let me down. I recommend Ceramzier to all disbelivers.
I am going to apply this additive more.
Thanks for this product.
I recommend Ceramizers.
Owner of T4 2.5 TDI from 2000.

VW T4 (1992)
Really good product, good results and prompt delivery, in other words product worth recommendation. My VW T4 2.4D from 1992 usually took 8.2 l in the extra urban. After application of the additive and making 3 000 km the car has consumed 6.85 l in the extra urban, and the engine operates like a new one. I have already bought the third product.

VW T4 (1995)
Capacity of engine: 2,4 D
Fantastic product. I didn't feel any difference after pouring ceramizer at the very beginning. However, after driving about 200 km my engine calmed down and has become more dynamic. And now the most important thing, fuel consumption decreased of about 1,5 liters / 100 km. Although engine has over 35000 km of mileage it runs like new one. It is an excellent product. I recommend it to anyone.

VW T4 Caravella
What a product.
1.Prompt delivery and fast transaction!!!
2. RESULTS: fuel economy got reduced by 2 l per 100 km – the engine got on higher revolutions faster and my VW T4 Caravella 2.5 petrol + gas took in mixed driving 13 liters of gas!! Earlier on it was around 15 liters.