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Toyota Camry
My love affair with your product began quite a time ago and it resulted in giving publicity by me regarding application of ceramizers. Even I considered wider publicity of this brilliant product. As I work in the field of marketing and I have an engineering background this idea got out of date.
Let me quote some of the facts:
I came across your products when the shop did not operate and there was only online shopping available. I was looking around for any formula with reference to regeneration of my worn out Ascona with a 1.6D engine and mileage of 360 000 km. Everybody knows that this mileage is an upper limit for this engine, but I needed an engine in good working order. My engine started only after warming up of spark plugs for two or three times and it took quite an effort as it started only with one cylinder. While operating a starter for another 10-15 seconds the second cylinder got launched. After 30 seconds the court was filled with much smoke similar to that produced by Syrena- a Polish communist make, and three cylinders of the engine operated, and after a minute the car was ready to ride it. It performed quite well as on the fourth gear it accelerated up to 80 km/h. Continuous accelerating resulted always in a cloud of smoke so I did press down more. How performance changed after application of the product? Absolutely nothing until I made around 300 km. Every day I made around 75 km and I noticed reduced rattling of the engine. Speaking about starting it, nothing changed until I made above 1000 km.
I was happy to experience positive results, namely the engine without any problem accelerated up to 120 km/h, and did not produced smoke even when going up the hill. So I namely did nothing regarding an oil and after making recommended mileage I was so surprised to experience the following. Every day its performance got better and better regarding starting, as two cylinders got actuated and the forth after maximum 10 seconds. I transferred this car to my mate from Warsaw who made another 30 000 km and was satisfied with its operation.
After this I followed up and I bought two cars with engines in want of an overhaul. It was Nissan Sentra 1.6 and Toyota Camry 2.0 16V. The first one made 560 000 km, started without problem but only with one cylinder, and it operated only on the first gear and on the second got stalled. It produced a lot of smoke what might result in collection of a registration document. The second car posed a quite another challenge. But let me firstly refer to the first car. So I enthusiastically got to preparations and bought new filters, spark plugs, fluids, cables and my Nissan just before the test started with three plugs, accelerated to 60km/h and got heated up and suddenly stooped. But the engine temperature was adequate to apply ceramizers. It was impossible to ride a car so the engine got operated in neutral for 12 hours. After that I took a long route with this car and I noticed that smoking decreased gradually and there was an enhanced engine operation.
After making 1500 km the car was transferred to my mate and he was satisfied with its performance. The engine started at the first time even during crackling cold.
Toyota Camry after heating up and wearing in. Odometer reading at 260 000 mil!!! An oil sump with a crack. I am on the train from Gdańsk to Cracow to take a car. A mechanic mended an oil sump any old how, and I wish I had known about that (ha might have thought that after making some kilometres my car would for sure fail to operate). Anyway I poured in an oil and started the car. Firstly I was terrified to hear such a rattling for 15-20 seconds that I had doubts regarding application of an additive. After a while sellers got off and I was alone to hear that an engine got a bit noiseless. So I heated up the engine and as I ran out of a petrol I got to a petrol station giving off quite a noise for pedestrians. After refilling up I applied ceramizers and started the car. Then I had a time to have a supper. And what a surprise it was to hear that after 20 minutes operation my engine got a bit noiseless. So I got in and set off. On my way I noticed that a speed of 85 km/h allowed for the most noiseless engine operation and I made next 100 km to hear that rattling was on the wane. To be honest when at the speed of 90-100 km/h it was not present at all provided I did not press down an acceleration pedal. I experienced this bliss until I got to Łódź. What a traffic jam was there and push-pull running. The car got heated up and after a start there was a red light so I pressed down an acceleration pedal, and in a result 200 m after traffic lights the engine got stooped (probably a bearing got stuck) and it started again, but rattling was unbearable. Firstly I wanted to get out of the car and leave it, but it was at a god-forsaken location so I was desperate to get home and decided to go on as long as it would be possible. I managed to get to Gdańsk and to visit a mechanic, but he did not find any traces of bearing on the second connecting rod. He could not believe that I managed to ride the car. And I insisted to conduct a test. So we put on a bearing on a square shaped connecting rod and I set off. I made more 2700 km with more than 100 km/h. Having being completely sure about effectiveness of ceramizers I looked for the next cars and I found two other cars. The first one is Nissan Sunny 1.7D and the second is Toyota Camry 2.2 16V. Nissan was used by ma mate and it started even at minus 29 degrees –as the only one diesel in the neighbourhood to the surprise of other car drivers. So there is no more to say about that car. Speaking about the other car namely Toyota it had similar defects as the one above. Bu because of my negligence and perfect action of ceramizer a test ended in a fiasco. Why? Simply because of the car operating in the neutral after burning of the whole fuel and ceramizer application. The whole symptoms were hardly noticeable and owner of Toyota forgot about the test (what he confirmed later on). He got the whole family into the car and set off. After making 50 km the engine got heated up and the car came back on a platform trailer. What was interesting there was not burning on a connection rod as it was the usual case . What was found was only an effect of filling in. So again the test confirmed action of ceramizer. I would like to test another car by at present I do not possess financial means to do that, although I purchased the next car.
Many greetings for all the team of ceramizer. I wish you every success that you definitely deserve. P. Kukliński

Toyota Corolla (1993)
I bought ceramizers and at the first time I was going to apply them into my engine. After application I made decision to apply the whole set namely for a gearbox, and injectors. Fortunately I bought it on a special offer. I admit that I had not compression pressure tested before application but it did not have a meaning as I knew that it was a good decision. I had read before opinions of other users and I was completely convinced to purchase this additive. But after application of Ceramizer and making recommended number of kilometres I had compression pressure measured. My friend namely Robert Stepień Residence: 42-530 Dąbrowa Górnicza (Poland) ul. Majewskiego 202 a mechanic could not believed what he saw, although he knew such products. On every cylinder compression pressure amounted to 13 and according to technical data it should have been 13.2 so we were amazed to see this results. The additive was applied in Toyota Corolla, 1993 Liftback 16V 1.6 114KM with mileage of 310 000 km. But to be truthful at that time it was below 300 000 km. Speaking about results I noticed noiseless and smooth engine operation and that it was more dynamic. I am very satisfied with this product and I recommended it to all my friends. Later on I applied the additive to a gearbox and almost suddenly smooth and precise operation followed and it is until today. Besides I applied fuel additive but regarding its operation I did notice no significant results besides cleaning of injectors that was invisible of course. To sum up I would like to confirm and assure everybody that ceramizer is a very efficient product and I observed only positive effects. I spent not much and performance parameters of my car got enhanced and soon I will buy again.
Best regards and I wish you every success.
Jacek Górka

Toyota Corolla (1994)
In short my car namely Toyota Corolla 2l Diesel 1994 year at present operates better, dynamics got increased, fuel consumption did not change and noiseless engine operation followed.
Greetings Aga4146