Suzuki - opinions

Suzuki Maruti
It is an amazing product. An engine of Suzuki Maruti, namely the car of my wife used to produce much smoke and it took around 10-11 litres/per 100 km on town. After Ceramizer application (to be honest I had many doubts regarding results) the car produced no more smoke and fuel consumption got reduced to 7.5-8l/100 km on town. Besides vibrations dot decreased and smooth engine operation followed. The engine got more dynamic also. So the engine that appeared to be in want of overhaul or replacement now operates smoothly and an oil consumption got reduced. So in spite of my doubts these positive results followed. I am not an automotive expert but I can see with my eyes that it really works.
I recommend this product to all.

Suzuki Vitara
I am very satisfied with ceramizer that I poured into my off road Suzuki Vitara. After application fuel consumption got decreased, the engine got more dynamic. Firstly to be honest I was very sceptical about this product but I wish I had applied it earlier on. I possess another car namely Opel Frontera 2.8TDI and it is under repair at present, but I will apply this additive into it also. I really am proud of this Polish product. Really no side effects and the engineer in charge of this product deserves a Nobel price. The additive shall be protected with patent law and applied in all delivery trucks. We all know that people generally are sceptical about new formulas but opinions and comments on Allegro attest to perfect action of this product.
Greetings D.D