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Skoda 120
I wrote to you to confirm efficiency of ceramizers. I applied 3 types of ceramizers: an engine, a gearbox and fuel additive. As early as making some hundreds kilometres an engine operation got noiseless and smooth, and exhausts blows got reduced. Besides a gearbox got noiseless and problems with switching gears disappeared. I applied fuel additive into another engine of other Skoda120, where the engine sometimes got stalled, and after 1 hour of driving I noticed a smooth engine operation and no more problems at low revolutions.

Skoda 120 (1989)
Please find below my opinion regarding ceramizer purposed for engines, confirmed with tests results. And not only I has tests made regarding compression pressure but I additionally I had tests made regarding noise level (an engine noise) inside a car. I applied Ceramizer into Skoda 120 (1989, mileage of 82 000 km) with a petrol engine of 1174cm3 capacity as an additive to a mineral oil.
According to instructions I applied the additive into a heated up engine oil (after around 30 minutes of driving) and the engine was operating in idle gear for another 25 minutes. After 15 minutes engine revolutions significantly got increased (it is a carburettor engine so revolutions needs manual regulation) and the engine got noiseless =what confirmed to reduced friction of all engine components. I made first 200 km not exceeding 60 km/h. After making 220 km I began to drive faster – and I noticed that the car got more dynamic and it was possible to get higher speed in lower gear (the engine operated in 4 gear at 40 km/h – earlier on minimum speed was around 50 km/h) what really had an impact on fuel economy. I had noise level test made in the cabin with Bruel-Kjaer 2238 gauge type I class, at gauge on “A” level (according to a human ear). As measurement is provided in decibels I provide calculation in percentage:
Results (an average from 10 measurements):
1. Before ceramization:
a) revolutions in idle gear (a cold engine, the first measurement made 15 seconds after starting): 54,8 dB
b) revolutions at max. suction (around 3-3,5 rev/min): 69,2 dB
2. After ceramization:
a) revolutions in idle gear (a cold engine, the first measurement made 15 seconds after starting): 54.0 dB (reduction by 8.8%)
b) revolutions at max. suction (around 3-3.5 thousand rev/min): 67.5 dB(reduction by 18.7%).

The difference was evident and provided measurement of subjective feeling-in my case I sometimes thought that my engine got stalled in particular at crossroads, but it namely operated much quieter. As revolutions in idle gear were higher than before application of an additive, I decreased them manually (a carburettor). Engines with injections do not require regulation as they are self regulated- automatically fuel dosage (for the same piston operation) got decreased.
After making around 1500 km I carried out tests of compression pressure. It shall be noted that the engine had made around 30 thousand kilometres since overhaul and I did not have to increase compression parameters, nevertheless I noticed the difference- it got increased to the optimal level.
Please find below results for particular cylinders before application of Cermizer (kPa)
: 1. 1.18
2. 1.20
3. 1.18
4. 1.22
After ceramization:
1. 1.22
2. 1.24
3. 1.20
4. 1.25

In every case compression pressure increase was evident. Generally the car got more dynamic and accelerated faster in higher gears. Besides no problems with starting and no more ”dried” actuation of the engine, and easier starting in winter followed. All advantages of manufacturer proofed true in practice. At present I am going to test other additives-namely a gearbox and fuel one- for other cars. I thank the manufacturer for this product and provide details in respect of measurement , and wishing you every success.
Best regards, Jarosław Jóźwik, Gdańsk

Skoda Rapid 136
I am the owner of Skoda Rapid 135 with 5 gear gearbox. I applied gearbox Ceramizer as I had problems when changing from 3 to 2, namely it was accompanied with grinding. After making around 200-250 km since application I noticed that grinding has gone and noiseless gearbox operation followed. Until now I have made 2000 km since application of Ceramizer and no more grinding and smooth operation of gearbox followed. I add Ceramizer into my gearbox on 15.03.2006 and results are evident up till now.
Leszek Ciąćka

Skoda Octavia (2001)
I am the owner of Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI/90KM/2001 year. After making almost 140 000 km I applied an engine Ceramizer. The car has been regularly tested at an authorised Skoda centre and I have got all documentation. I was happy to find out that my car took little oil after making 15 000 km and I did not have refill it as it was around 3-5 mm according to a scale. Today odometer readings is 211 000 km and the engine parameters are still very good. I know what I am speaking about as my friend has got an year younger Skoda Octavia with less mileage and he had to refill an oil between fluids change. We drive the same way and in my opinion thanks so Ceramizer my car performs much better. In spite of bigger mileage by around 50 000 km my car does not produce so much smoke. Usually I am very sceptical about all such formulas and additives. But regarding this product I can confirm that it certainly enhanced parameters of my engine. Since its application I made above 70 000 km and I am thinking about applying the next dosage. Mirosław Dorawa

Skoda Octavia
I did not comment on this product as I was waiting to find out results and it really works. I applied Ceramizer into Skoda Octavia 1.9 tdi at mileage of 230 000 km. I strongly recommend this product and seller. Arek-07.

Prompt delivery. Ceramizer works perfectly. My Skoda before Ceramizer application consumed 1l of an oil per 1000 km and after application the car stopped to produce smoke and at present it takes 0.3 l per 1000 km. Buy it and try it out. Zbyszek 89