Seat - opinions

Seat Cordoba (1998)
Capacity of engine: 1600
I applied your product preventively. My engine has 142 000 KM of mileage. Initially 1 dose for the engine. Any observed changes? Quiet starts (without oil). Improving the dynamics. I have applied also ceramizer for gearbox after few thousands km. I had no problems I did it preventively. The results? Gears work tightly what I noticed immediately after 100km of driving. Combustion after application ceramizers to engine and to gearbox decreased about 1 litre. I drive this route about 10 times in a year. Positive effect, 1 litre, I don't cheat. I didn't belive at the beginning, but after repeated rout several times I finally believed that it was no accident. Various cases were with fueling and the directives of distributor. But I confirm 1 litre less. Well I'm not going to persuade to anyone because it's not the point. But the facts are on plus. Easy route with not too many lights, about 400 km so result is authoritative. I'm glad I applied ceramizers. I applied also to hydraulic power steering system but I can't say too mach.
Greetings, Janusz

Seat Ibiza
Model of vehicle: Seat Ibiza 6k2
Production year: 1998
Capacity of engine: 1398 cmm
Opinion: My adventure with ceramizer began in the following way. My car has started taking the oil for some time, that wasn't big quantities but the fact is that it consumed it as well as burned it. I have to add at the beginning I flooded half-synthetic oil 10w40 and I poured such kind of oil every time when there was such need. It happened somehow that when it came to the oil exchange and after lowering the oil from engine it turned out there is not too much of it inside. Maybe 2 or 3 litres. I have flooded half-synthetic oil 10w40 FORD and since that moment pans have started knocking. This happened almost every time when I started the engine, only after warming it up it seemed to stop but from time to time even with warm motor could be heard. Despite the exchange of oil for this ford's, car consumed the oil all the time and this proceeding has increased. I calculated the proportions that on 1000 km I have to add about 300 milliliters of oil. The deadline of oil exchange came and my colleague recommended me to flood a worse mineral oil 15w40 which was more viscous and could help me to quiet this knocks. I poured this oil but unfortunatelly it didn't help. I have started searching in internet some medicine. At petrol stations on the shelves I saw preparations like STOP OIL or MOTO DOCTOR which were supposed to help. I looked forward and came across on the ceramizer. Things which convinced me to this products were: opinions of user and price 60 pln for 5 ml when on pertol station you have to pay 60 pln for 500 ml of products so something must be in this ceramizers. I have added ceramizer to engine and I proceeded due to instruction on a leaflet. Today I have driven 11020km with ceramizer and I can say that the knocks of pans have stopped, car doesn't consume oil at all. The engine generally began work more silently and is favourably. I recommend this product becouse is really worthly. It's a good choice to try it, maybe will help to avoid expensive repair.
Artur Różycki

Seat Toledo (1992)
I bought ceramizers for my Seat Toledo 1.8 year 1992. After 3 months a reduced fuel consumption (gas) followed– by around 0.5l/100 km, and I noticed enhanced dynamics and a smooth engine operation. I recommend this product strongly.
Your sincerely Paweł Majewski