Renault - opinions

Renault 19 (1991)
Some time ago I bought ceramizer. I am the owner of Reanult 19, year 1991 , engine 1.7 with multipoint injection LPG that consumed much of an oil , around 300 ml per 1 000 km. I had seals replaced but the oil still got out of the engine, so I decided to apply ceramizer after making over 5 000 km. Until now I did not add any oil so I am satisfied with results and I hope that until an oil replacement I will not have to add any more. Additionally the car dynamics got enhanced and gas consumption got decreased by around 0.5 l per 100 km- still it is something.
Best regards Maria Leśniak

Renault 19 (1994)
I bought a one additive –an oil additive. My car namely Renault 19 year 1994 , mileage 275 000 km –as per its age it consumed not much fuel around 7.8 l of 95 unleaded petrol. By chance I came across an advertisement on Allegro regarding ceramizers and I decided to take a chance. Rather little cost and very interesting results and opinions- so I bought it. After the first kilometres I noticed smooth and noiseless engine operation. As the time passed I noticed enhanced fuel consumption – at present it takes during extra urban driving 5.7 l, even at mountains!!!, with full load (around 400 kg). At present an odometer reading is 290 000 km. The engine starts at the first time even at cracking cold, at minus 20 C. If sheet was not corroded I would say that quite a new car. I am very satisfied –Your advertisement proved true. I am going to buy ceramizer for my new car namely VW Transporter 2.4D. I wish you large sales. I myself recommend it to all my friends and neighbours. My congratulations regarding such a superb product.
Mirosław Gadomski

Renault 19 (1995)
I bought Ceramizer around two moths ago on Allegro auction (my nickname is: roman1s). After application of a one dosage and making around 250 km I noticed some results. It is difficult to say about Ceramizer action as I did not have any tests made in any garage but I noticed the following:
- Noiseless engine operation in particular during starting and at low revolutions.
- Minimum enhancement regarding fuel consumption by around 5-9%.
- At present I hardly ever add any oil, the engine got tight.
- Increased power and dynamics of the engine.
- Enhanced acceleration.
- Less smoke.
Date as of personal observations: 12-26/04/2006.
Roman Siwek

Renault Fuego
Production year: 1982
Capacity of engine: 2.0
I approached with the distance to the products like ceramizers if I have to be honest. The opinion of the mechanic who admitted that he applied ceramizers in many cars with the success convinced me to the use.
I decided to use it and try “on my own skin” how it works, my car isn't such expensive so I wasn't afraid I will lose lot of money is something goes wrong but if that really worked I could apply it to the other cars which I have.
The car in which I wanted to test the preparation took about 1L / 5000km of oil and it smoked a little, it also worked quite loudly. The engine had over 200 kkm of mileage.
I have exchanged the oil before applying the preparation and conducted measurements about 1000km after oil exchange to eliminate the possible influence of oil on the measurement.
I conducted the next measurement after 3000km, to my nice surprise the pressure increased about 2 bars and it became level on all cylinders. What's more after driving 4000km the level of oil on bayonet decreased to such stage that I think I won't have to pour it to the next exchange. Of course car don't smoke any more, works quietly, I feel that it also gained on the dynamics. Saying in short words there is something real in this ceramizers if my measurements as well as feelings show that ceramizer refreshed the engine of my car in the significant way.
Marceli Gajda

Renault 19
I noticed no effects until I made 1200 km since Ceramizer application and I even that I was deceived and wanted to write a negative opinion. But alter on dynamics got improved, fuel consumption got decreased by almost 1.5 l per 100 km and compression pressure got increased by around 2.5 atm. on every cylinder (R19, 215 000 km)

Renault Laguna (2000)
I would like to share my opinion regarding ceramizers. To be honest at first I was not convinced about efficiency of this product, but I changed my opinion after application of Ceramizer. I am the owner of Renault Laguna year 2000, and while buying the car I did not changed an oil level trusting a service book that confirmed to an oil change made not long ago (1300 km made after an oil change). But it seemed that I operated the car fro three months without sufficient an oil level in an engine. It resulted in worsened technical parameters and I was not far from seizure of the engine. The car performed not well, poor compression followed and the engine wanted a complete and costly overhaul. After Ceramizer application the engine got it over !!! The car indeed regained what it had lost, namely compression pressure got enhanced, power got increased and an engine noiseless operation followed. Really an amazing results. I strongly recommend this product . It really works. Buy it and try it out.

Renault Laguna 2.0 (1994)
Renault Laguna 2.0 (1994) mileage of 229 000 km:
- compression pressure before application and after Ceramizer application and making around 17 000 km:
13.8 on I cylinder and it got to 14.1
13.7 on II cylinder and it got to 14.0
13.8 on III cylinder and it got to 14.2
13.6 on IV and it got to 13.9
- due to application of an additive an oil consumption got slightly decreased between an oil changes from 0.7 to 0.5l
- the engine faster achieves higher revolutions (checking without load) - noise reduction at high revolutions (4000-5500 )
- fuel consumption reduction (LPG) by 0.3-0.4 l/per 100 km (at extra urban)-test at winter
- reduced vibrations at 3000 revolutions /min (factory defect of Renault F3R engines)
Date of observations: 11.2005-04.2006
Tomasz Kobylas

Renault Laguna (1996)
Welcome. I applied Ceramizer into my Renault Laguna 1.8 year 196 with gas installation on 06.10.2005 with odometer reading of 148 156 km. Since that time I made around 12 000 km and I did not notice any negative effects on an engine. Application of Ceramizer was very simple thanks to attached manufacturer’s Instructions. Soon after adding this formula the positive effects followed, namely:
1. A noiseless engine operation
2. Smooth operation in idle gear , reduced vibrations
3. Reduced an oil consumption
4. Reduced fuel consumption, by around 10%
5. An easier engine starting
No doubt it is very efficient product of high quality, and I recommend it to all car operators. I send many greetings to Ceramizer manufacturer and all users of this additive.

Renault Laguna (2000)
Hi. I would like to share with you my observations regarding ceramizer. To be honest I was not convinced speaking about results of this product, but I changed my opinion after application of this amazing additive. I have got Renault Laguna year 2000 and during purchase of this car I did not check an oil level (records from Service Book were convincing), and according to documents an oil was replaced recently (the car made 1300 km after fluids change). So I drove for around 3 months almost without an oil in the engine. As a result the engine seizure was to follow to very soon. But after Ceramizer application a MIRACLE followed!! The car regained what it had lost as a result of driving without an oil, namely compression was enhanced , power got increased and an engine noise got reduced.
In short an amazing product.
I really recommend this product that works miracles. Greetings

Renault Scenic 1.9 (1998)
My experience with Cermizers began in August of the last year. I was intrigued by results and positive opinions of other users I decided to buy an engine additive and fuel formula. I must admit that I have always been sceptical about such new products, but this time all my doubts got dissipated.
My car namely Renault Scenic 1.9 D year 1998 with mileage of around 160 000 km had an oil changed every 10 000 km. What was the most intriguing about Ceramizer application was the fact that I did not tell my father who used the car about that. After a month my father told me that the engine starts better, and he noticed a noiseless engine operation, reduced vibrations, simply quite strange speaking about Diesel engine without turbo and an intercooler. And it was winter and at night temperature was around – 200 C .
At present the car acceleration got improved in particular in high gears at overtaking, and power got enhanced by around 10% after making only 1 000 km. Fuel additive prove to be efficient too, and I am not going to a other formulas. My father once asked me where I refuelled fuel of such a good quality, thinking that effects resulted from extraordinary fuel. And what was the most important fuel economy got improved by around 6-8% what was very easy.
Soon I will change an oil again, and in my opinion it is better to buy a cheaper oil (of course recommended by the car manufacturer) and rest of money spend on Ceramizer. We have got other car , namely Polonez Truck 1.6 GLI with gas installation with mileage of above 100 000 km, and for sure we will treat this engine with Ceramizer as well. Krzysztof Regulski

Renault 1.9 TDI
These ceramizers really work. I applied into Renault 1.9 TDI of 5l capacity. I observed results after 1500 km, exactly like in instructions. I am sure that I will buy another additive as soon as I will change my car (in terms of maintenance).
Best regards motorniczy66