Instruction for Agricultural Machine Engines (CS-A)

Highest effectiveness in use of Ceramizer® is achieved when complying strictly with recommendations and instruction.

  1. During the whole process of ceramization (1500 km / 900 miles) oil should not be changed. The next oil change should be done when required.
  2. Ceramizer® is suitable for all types of oil and for combustion engines (petrol engines, powered by gas, Diesel, turbocharged engines and those with catalyzers).
  3. Lowered dose of Ceramizer® will not provide the expected results.
  4. Increased dose doesn't cause any side effects
  5. For very worn out (more than 85% of consumption) engine, dose of Ceramizer. should be increased by 50%
  6. For engines used in extreme conditions, it is recommended to double the dose Ceramizer according to the indicationas specified in the table.

 DOSAGING  - amount of doses, needed for ceramization of friction surfaces presented below:

Engine Oil Capacity (L)


Up to 10 L


10-15 L


15-20 L


20-25 L


Operation: 100-800 working hours


1 dose


2 doses


3 doses


4 doses


Operation: 800-5000 working hours


2 doses


3 doses


4 doses


5 doses


Operation: > 5000 working hours

3 doses


4 doses


5 doses


6 doses



  1. Two doses, each of 4.5g net mass.
  2. Instruction of use.


  1. Measure the  compression pressure (before and after treatment) of cylinders of engine - in order to confirm the effectiveness of Ceramizer.
  2. Apply at any stage of the operation, preferably directly at the oil change  to continue driving with Ceramizer for as long as possible.
  3. Use primarily prophylactically to protect the engine against the effects of friction, significantly prolonging its life and uptime.
  4. Ceramizer can be used with any type of oil.
  5. During the full treatment (25 mth) do not replace oil.
  6. Use together with ceramizer fuel, gearbox, rear axles.

INSTRUCTION:Agricultural Machine Engines oil additives

  1. Warm the engine up to working temperature of 80-90oC, (e.g. after a drive, or engine operation on idle gear for at least 10 minutes).
  2. Turn off the engine.
  3. Remove the oil filler plug and apply the dispenser(s) content through the filler plug. In case of filler with long neck, it is recommended to pour some oil through filler plug before application of Ceramizer®. Next, you need to apply Ceramizer® and then inject some oil again. This procedure ensures proper flow of additive to the engine lubrication system. In case of strainer/mesh type filler, it is recommended to mix Ceramizer® with some oil (e.g. 200ml), and then to inject the mixture through oil filler plug.
  4. Turn the oil filter plug back on.
  5. Start the engine and run on idle for 15 minutes.
  6. Cover the distance of 200km with care (a few shorter runs covering the required distance can be made as well), but do not exceed engine rotational speed of 1600 rpm or in case of vehicle without rev. counter drive at speed limited to 60 km/h. Caution: 200 km mileage corresponds to engine operation on idle gear for 4h. Engine operation on idle gear for 1 hour corresponds to distance of 50km.
  7. Following the making of 200km or engine operation on idle gear for 4h you may drive at any speed. The process of ceramic -metal coating forming follows throughout 1500km. Do not change oil within this period!
  8. In case of vehicles with a big mileage (over 500 thousand km) application of dispensers in 2 phases is recommended. Firstly, apply a half of dispensers specified in the attached user manual, and then after making approximately 500km apply remaining dispensers in the same manner. This procedure ensures optimum ceramic-metal coating of surfaces subjected to friction.


  1. If any teflon or molybdenum components had been added to oil before, we recommend to exchange this oil and to clean the mechanism before appying Ceramizer® . Otherwise its effectiveness will be reduced and process of the cermet creation will be longer.
  2. In case of any mechanical damages of the engine e.g. cracked or scorched piston ring, leaky valve, deep scratches on the cylinder etc., they should be repaired before adding Ceramizer®.
  3. Ceramizer® does not recondition any places where friction of rubber or plastic with metal parts occurs.
  4. If the engine is equipped with a centrifugal oil filter, it should be cleaned before applying Ceramizer® . In these types of filters molecules of Ceramizer® may settle on the filter, therefore the amount that reaches friction surfaces is reduced.


  1. This product is safe and produced in accordance with the EU (91/155/EEC) norm.
  2. Store at a temperature below +40 ºC
  3. Does not clog oil filters or oil ducts.
  4. Does not contain either molybdenum or Teflon.
  5. Keep away from children.


Effectiveness confirmed by tests.


Ceramizer® provides protection against wear and tear for minimum of 70 000 km/1200 mth. Ceramizer® can be used again after this mileage.