Peugeot - opinions

Peugeot 106
Car: Peugeot 106
Capacity: 1.1 unleaded petrol
Mileage: 180 000
Applied additive: Engine Ceramizer, dosage: 2
An engine made the first 300 km while standing with conversion factor 1 hour=100 km. Yet after the first hour revolutions got evened and engine operation got noiseless. I could not believe what I might observe. After the next hour the engine got more dynamic, but noticed kind of smoke every 15 minutes, so I decided to test it. According to my observations it was not an oil but something resembling a burned rag. I suspected that it was due to combustion of Ceramizer component and it proved true alter on. So what I observed after two hours operation is practically still today speaking about an engine performance (I made above 10 000km). After I had finished running in I set off to check Ceramizer action during riding. The first thing that I noticed was prompt reaction for pressing down an accelerator, enhanced dynamics without any tuning, driving simply on Vpower Shell petrol (I tested after making 2000 km since ceramizer application, and no other cars might catch up with me when starting at traffic lights). So I could see surprised faces of other drivers – what a joy it was to leave behind these superb cars. After covering 2 km my car produced kind of another smoke but it was the last one fortunately.
Now I can say that running in while standing for cars with fuel controlled by computer is not the best solution –it is much better to run in the car while driving. Bur in spite of these strange effects my car operates very well. My experiences may be confirmed by 5 onlookers, namely drivers that work with me that made fun of me regarding this additive. But when they saw results they bought these ceramizers and applied them in their cars, namely VW Polo (with gas installation), Alfa Romeo – I do not remember model (with gas installation), Honda Civic (with gas installation), Opel Astra (with gas installation) and Citroen AX (petrol).
In their opinion Ceramizer action was the same like in case of my car. I would like to add that I am very satisfied from reduced fuel consumption. Before Ceramizer application it was around 5-5.5 l at extra urban and 6-6.5 l at urban driving, but after Ceramizer application it was 4.4.3 l at extra urban and 5-5.4 l at urban driving (I provide range values as fuel consumption depends on style of driving).
Wiesław Królikowski

Peugeot 205GTi (1987)
Unfortunately I do not possess any documentation confirming enhanced technical parameters in my cars. Fitness test of Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 petrol year 1987 with mileage of 300 000 km, in which I applied Ceramizer had much better start and better performance (e.g. acceleration measured with a stopper enhanced from 9.9 s up to 100km/h to 8.6s – quite an amazing result). The engine operation got noiseless additionally and fuel consumption reduced by 1.1 l /100km. I observed similar results in my Fiat Tipo 2.0 GT year 1992 2.0 petrol engine with gas installation and mileage of 205 000 km. The car much better achieved revolutions, temperature of an engine and fuel consumption got reduced. Besides I had no problems with starting in winter. Noiseless engine operation followed. At present I have got Daewoo Nexia 1.5 GLE year 1997 with mileage of 135 000 km and I am going to apply Ceramizer into this car very soon.
Daniel Rozdzialik

Peugeot 306 Diesel
I have applied ceramizer for the first time in Peugeot 306 Diesel. Of course I had resistances – preparation like any other. I applied with curiosity.
The benefits identified:
- Easier start - start on the touch, which previously did not, - Better dynamics,
- Decreasing consumption of oil I can not confirm, because I didn't pay any special attention on this before application and the most important:
- Finally, I had good brakes! The waku pump is lubricated with oil from the engine and after crossing 3000 km I noticed a significant and satisfactory improvement!!!

Peugot 309 (1988)
I applied ceramizers in two cars - namely Audi 200 2TD Diesel from 1989 with mileage of 220 000 km (at least according to odometer reading), and second Peugot 309, petrol from 1988 year with mileage of 198 000 km. In both cases significant noiseless and smooth operation followed, and an oil and fuel consumption got reduced. Namely fuel oil and LPG gas consumption got reduced, although in case of LPG it was more evident, as before application it was 8.5-9.5 of LPG and it got reduced to 7.5-8 liter !!
Speaking about performance of both cars after making recommended 500 km, in both cases noiseless operation followed and acceleration got enhanced. I did not applied other additives after Ceramizer use. As for a gearbox (I applied gearbox Cerazmier in Peugot 309 as I experienced problems with changing into 3 gear and the gearbox seemed to be overloaded in spite of a fresh oil) after an additive application and observance of instructions I had no more problems with gears – smooth changing after covering 350 km.
So I can say that I am more than pleased with purchase of these products and its operation. Although I did not expect they proved to be efficient!! Conclusion - Ceramizer was efficient for an engine and a gearbox!!! It is very difficult to sum up fuel additive as its effects might have been connected to action an engine additive. Unfortunately I do not have scans regarding compression pressure measurement ( I did not have needed equipment).
I made these observations firstly in May 2005 for my Audi 100, and in February 2006 for my Peugot. Andrzej Wiśniewski

Peugeot 309 1.9 Diesel (1992 production year)
I applied Ceramizer to the engine Peugeot 1.9 D after the 172 000 km together with the oil additive, unfortunately my engine is disregulated, burned ok 7l/100. In spite that I did not do anything with him burning decreased about 0,8 l. I could change the gear on V with the speed 50 km / h. At present I am surprised and shocked- I will see what will be further. I have traveled about 800km so far, engine works "silky” like my colleague said.
Greetings W.B.

Peugeot 405
My opinion regarding Ceramizer application is a positive one. I noticed a noiseless engine operation, easier starting in winter and fuel consumption reduction by 0.3 l.
Observations made regarding: 8 300 km
Car: Peugeot 405 GLD with 1.9 Diesel engine
Jan Batarowski

Peugeot 405
Well I bought Ceramizer engine treatment back in September 2009. I put it in a Peugeot 405 GLX DT Saloon which had done 139,000 miles. At first I thought it did not work as I found no benefit to fuel economy or power. However since December 2009 after about 1000 miles of motoring I have noticed that my car will drive smoothly in lower revs than ever before. I could do 1100 revs and below in 4 gear (about 25-33mph) and the car ran fine (before it used to kangaroo jump) I can even put it in fifth gear and do 30mph on a level road (950revs). This means the low down torque has been improved due to increased compression rates in the cylinders. I have more power now and the car accelerates quicker than it used to. The power is smooth and where there used to be a flat spot in the power band between 1800revs and 2000revs now that's gone, fixed by Ceramizer. The car has now done 141,000 miles. I do not know my fuel consumption figures however since Ceramizer the exhaust smoke on cold start has disappeared indicating increased cold start cylinder combustion efficiency. I am happy to recommend this product to my friends. I have bought extra engine treatment for a friend so he can try Ceramizer for himself as a gift from me. I know it works but I have to prove this by giving him some to use in his petrol Renault Megan.

Thanks for a great product and as ever I wish you all the success and happiness in you business.
Kind regards

Peugeot 405
Production year:1991
Capacity of engine: 1,8D-Turbo
I have already driven about 4000km since I applied ceramizer to engine and to fuel. I noticed changes on the plus during the time of exploitation like much guieter work of engine, the car has become more dynamic, the oil level remains stable, in the first start-up in the morning only small trail of smoke appears and latel it gone at all. Fuel consumption is now at about 5l/100km. I believe that I made a good choice when I applied ceramizer.
Ryszard Wach
[Peugeot 405 engine gearbox]

Peugeot 405 1.8 (1994 year)
My adventure with ceramizer begun year ago.
I bought Peugeot 405 with 1,8l engine and mileage about 365 000km. I knew it was much, but the price was attractive so I took the risk. As I have noticed later, after oil changed, engine started knocking: Any mechanic could help me, I have changed almost all parts like pans, distribution shaft etc. It consumped 3 litres of oil on 1000km. I measured compression, it wasn't so bad becouse it had on individual cylinders: 11,3---11,5---12,0---11,8.

I have been serching in Internet something what can help me to stop it. I found ceramizer and with hesitation I applied it. I drove about 2000km, an oil – what very surprised me - stabilized to 250ml on 1000km, car became briskly, started much better, that was really amazing. I measured compression once again, in the same mechanical service, on the same device; it had on individual cylinders: 12,1---11,9---12,2---12,0.
That was quite good, but the engine was knoking awful when was cold. Mechanic suggested me to take off knuckle and see what is going on????

Well, unfortunatelly first muff was worn so much that piston was slapping, when we measured that port, it had 0,3 millimetre. But I couldn't afford on renovation, so we put all together again. I thought I should collect the money on muffs, but this car was very cheap so I wondered what to do next. I applied one more dose of ceramizer and after driving 2000km I did the measurement: 12,5---13,0---13,0---13,0 to my surprise knocking was quietly.

I have bought muff finally and told my mechanic to change it. When he took the knuckle off we found out there was no port, hmmmm that was amazing. We have measured this crevice once again but this time it had only about 0,04 mm; ceramizer filled almoust the whole port of muff, which was useful only to exchange.
I want to thank inventors for such great preparation. I advise everyone today to apply ceramizer. Also my mechanic who was laughing at ceramizer belived in this product becouse he observed everything what I did. I have sent muff to Warsaw, according to the request. Let it be the material to further tests and better use this products.
Thank you and many greetings,
Zbigniew Morgowski, Żary

Peugeot 406 (1999 year)
Peugeot 406 2.0 TDI, from 1999 with 190 000 km mileage. I have read opinions, I applied ceramizers everywhere where I could according with instructions, the effects: car seems more briskly ( as like it was chipped) but what convinced me the most is compression which, due to promise, increased.
Compression from January 2006 was 29 / 28 / 29 / 28.
Now after I made 1500 km is 30 / 30 / 31 / 29 measured without the possibility of printed cloth but in the credible for me mechanical service.
Second promise – reduced fuel consumption is also fulfiled : earlier was 7-8 litres on 100km now is 6,1 to 6,9 on 100km. I can't exactly say anything about gears changing, but for sure it works quietly.

Peugot 406 (1999 year)
Peugeot 406 2.0 TDI, 1999 year , mileage of 190 000 km. I read opinions, applied all additives according to guidelines and the following results followed: more dynamic car, an what convinced me mostly was enhanced parameters of compression pressure that in January 2005 was 29/28/29/28 and after making 1500 km 30/30/31/29 tested on a gauge without possibility of any printed diagram but carried out in a reliable garage. Also the second promise got true in respect of fuel consumption-it got reduced from 7-8 l per 100km to 6.1 -6.9 .
Speaking about gears changing I can not say much , but for sure it has become noiseless.