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Alfa Romeo


A few of all the opinions our clients have sent us (many of them are translated from Polish website - ceramizer.pl):

Very good contact. I have waited some time before issuing my opinion in order to verify how it works. The ceramizer does work: the engine works quieter and with more vivacity, there is less oil and gas consumption. IT IS JUST PEFRECT! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!!

A professional transaction as usual. I think that the product you offer is the only one of its kind in the market and it does regenerate the engine. Believe me, I have tried many.

I have waited long to issue this opinion. I did some 1000 km and the third gear stopped screeching!! The gearbox is much quieter, the engine as well and somewhat evener. So far so good (I NEVER EXPECTED SUCH RESULTS!!). I STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!

I added Ceramizer to the gearbox of Opel Astra ’98, mileage 270 000 km. I am a mechanic with 10-year experience but so far I have not seen such wonders. That product really works!!! Already only after 600 km. No more noise. I strongly recommend!

Kiran Soma
Set 1: Newer vehicle (50,000 - 100,000 KM) Petrol/Auto/power Steer
- Fuel economy improved 4.3%, power appears better, runs better on 91 octane fuel. Test mileage 4500km
- Engine runs smoother
- Test fuel savings to date 175 litre (Approx value $200 USD)

Set 2: Older vehicle (272,000 KM) Diesel/Manual/Differential/ power Steer
- Fuel economy improved 10%, power appears better, runs better, reduced smoking, much reduced oil consumption. Test mileage 3500km
- Gear change immediate improvement, with reduced noise from differential

Set 3: Older vehicle (200,000 KM) Diesel/Manual/Differential/ power Steer
- Fuel economy improved 5-10%, power appears better, runs better, reduced smoking, much reduced oil consumption. Test mileage 4000km
- Gear change immediate improvement, with reduced noise from differential

Kiran Soma
2125 Great North Rd
Auckland 0600
New Zealand

Sebastian Owsiak
Ceramizer applied to Wartburg 1.3 ’90, VW engine, mileage 143 342 km, the engine has been using LPG for 11 years ..
Results of pressure measurement before applying the product:
1 cyl - 9,1 bar
2 cyl - 8,8 bar
3 cyl - 7,4 bar
4 cyl - 9,5 bar

after a preliminary period - 268 km,
1 cyl - 9,3 bar
2 cyl - 10,3 bar
3 cyl - 9,8 bar
4 cyl - 10 bar

meter stand 143610 km, pressure measurement:
1 cyl - 10,2 bar
2 cyl - 10,9 bar
3 cyl - 10,5 bar
4 cyl - 10,7 bar

The product was also added to the gearbox. Already after a short distance i Noticed that the gearbox was quieter and the gears change more smoothly when reducing gears – I used to have problems with that. After 2057 km, pressure measurement was made with a dial unit, without printout but very accurate. As far as fuel savings are concerned, well , I don’t pay attention to fuel consumption so I noticed no difference. No doubt the engine works much quieter, it is more stable, there is more power and dynamics. The experiment was in the winter, I can’t remember the dates, Sebastian Owsiak

I had problems with lost of power caused probably by seizured engine in my cinquecento [ 0.9i 1996 r]. The failure of the ventilator in radiator caused that I had boiled the cooling liquid what influenced also negatively the combustion chamber. I was thinking about general repair but when I was looking through the internet I found some news about Ceramizer products. I was very skeptic at the beggining. “ How application of  some kind of fluid can replace repair?” - I asked myself. I have read many opinions about Ceramizer and I decided to test it (general renovation costs much more than Ceramizer). Testionials of  other clients who applied Ceramizer before helped me to make a decision so I decided to also document my experiences with Ceramizer for the others.

I measured the compression before application of ceramizer and it was  the following on individual cylinders:
I - 7 bar; II- 9,5 bar; III- 7,7 bar; IV- 8,8 bar.
I applied Ceramizer immediately after measurements  on 19th of April 2008, with 123627km mileage. Driving with lower speed wasn't so problematic, I drive mostly on short distances in the city so making this 200km at a slower rate wasn't particularly difficult.
First observations concerned the quieter and more balanced operation of the engine, the car was driven much pleasantly than before. I didn't notice improvement of the power at the beginning, but it's probably because it increased gradually when Ceramizer started working. When I decided to check the maximum speed at my route, I was very surprised. The car barely exceeded speed of 120km/h before application of Ceramizer. After about 1000km when I applied preparation I could drive about 135km/h. Perhaps it is only 15km/h but it's a very tangible difference in a such small car.

The final test with measurement of compression I made on the  22nd May 2008, with 125349km mileage, which is 1722km after I added Ceramizer. The results confirmed what I already could feel -Ceramizer really works!. The pressure in individual cylinders was as follows:
I-10 bar; II- 10,5 bar; III- 10 bar; IV- 9,8 bar.
The pressure increased at least 1 bar (10%!) on each cylinder and has been leveled what, as I wrote before, was felt in a better operation and performance of the engine. The further advantage which I observed was reduction of fuel consumption. Car burns on average 0.5 liters of gas per 100 km less than before, which means that the cost of buying gas will be reimbursed after driving 5000 km, that is after 3 months. I didn't obviously count that I did not have to spend big money on general renovation.

In conclusion I encourage everyone who has a similar problem with his car to apply Ceramizer, I'm sure they won't regret it.

A. Karpinski
Regrettably I do not have at my disposal any written evidence so I have to draw conclusion on grounds of my subjective feeling of a driver and owner of a car, but I used to buy Ceramizers not for the purpose of research work but just to improve the performance of my car. And speaking about this performance it did got improved really, so not only did I cut back on petrol but -what was the most important for me- I spared myself a lot of troubles as well during the last frosty and severe winter. This is a Volkswagen Passat, an old car with Diesel engine of 1600ccm capacity, manufactured in 1987- that is my car. Actually I am not able to determine the true mileage reading of this car, and as a matter of fact I bought it with knowledge of a replaced engine and mileage reading around 220 thousand kilometers ….what for me seemed suspiciously little….The car was in working order but after some months I spotted  extreme smoke from the exhaust pipe, blow-outs through the vent hole on the air cleaner, poor power and finally there was oil consumption surpassing all standards. To put it other way the operating life of my engine came to its end inevitably. Neither  could I afford a complete engine overhaul nor buy a new one, and as I did not trust any oil thickening agents or other “doctors” I got used to the thought that soon during nine months or maybe a year my car would join other vehicles on the scrapyard. It really did not make me happy as I had bought this car with intention to use it for three years at least. Since from time to time I buy and sell some goods on line via Allegro, it was there that I found out about  Ceramizer. I read the description and the opinion of other users, and it really made me laugh to read about using a Polonez without  oil  because I am rather skeptical and do not believe in miracles. While reading the description of  Ceramizer it came through my mind that I would need at least two packs of it what amounted to sum of 100 PLN. For some people it is not much, but not for me a lot…so I gave up. A few days later I had a friendly chat about  Ceramizer with my friend that had got the same car, we used to chat a lot about cars, accessories and so on.  To sum up the point is that my friend applied Ceramizers and was very satisfied with it. Although firstly it seemed that it was no use to spend this hundred PLN on  Ceramizer, I logged in and clicked “BUY NOW”. I went through instructions many times, applied the Ceramizer into the engine and followed all instructions as if I had been driving Miss Daisy. Two weeks passed and there was not any improvement so there was enough room for many doubts. Soon it came to my mind that I wasted my money. After one and a half month I set off to visit my family that lived quite a long way from me. But there was still one thought on my mind- maybe something got changed and my engine would get improved, because  engine work and power growth are difficult to measure. Maybe indeed it performed better and gave out less fumes, and I was able to pass other cars… but all of these were impossible to measure and even if so I did not have appropriate devices. Nevertheless there is not much philosophy in measuring tanks of petrol, not at all. So I filled up the car with petrol and set off to drive 500 kilometers. And it was then that I found out during refueling that I had not wasted my money. We all know that according to speed and style of driving a car may use quite different amounts of petrol but in my case I knew for sure that my car used to consume on this way from 32 to 35 liters of Diesel fuel. But this time I poured 26 liters into my tank!!!  So  ceramizer does work, It really works.!! The further the better and with time the smoke from the exhaust pipe faded away, the air cleaner that used to be changed repeatedly would at present get dry, blows noticeable after opening the filling plug disappeared. What I said was based on  undeniable, verifiable facts. Moreover now I have a feeling that my car starts better, runs smoothly, has got more power and is far more quiet and maybe it is only what I feel and it can not be examined and nobody has to put faith in this. Nevertheless it is true that I used to top up oil and now I do not have to do this anymore, and costs of driving 100 kilometers  decreased, so to sum up my investment into the ceramizer paid off and now it is bringing  profit. And the last winter- really it made me laughshowing the teasing smiles on my face t, when I see my  rich neighbors  in their glamorous cars having to  watch my old Passat start without hesitation on the contrary to their cars. When in the morning at 6 am, at minus 25 degrees I got into my VW, heated up spark plugs twice and started my car, my neighbors at the same time turned on their mobiles to call for taxi and assistance with starting their cars.:-))), It is true that it is not nice and that I am a bit malicious but I do not know a driver who is not oversensitive about his car. I like my Passat very much and I am very happy that it is still in running order. I do not claim that ceramizer covered  rust on wings, repaired the back windscreen wiper and glued the lampshade – it is not snake oilfor all car repairs. But I know for sure that my engine is still running thanks to the ceramizer because I did not apply anything else. To sum up, that is all about the Ceramizer application in my opinion ….and it is not my intention to convince anybody, but as I wrote it was quite a sum of money for me to spend on it. But it paid off with interest.

Speaking about my opinion I had  tests carried out on following cars: an Opel Corsa 1.4 1997year, an Opel Corsa 1.4 1994year, an Opel Vectra 1.6 1991year, a BMW-3 1.8 16v 1991year. I am full of admiration for the Ceramizer franchise, after engines of these cars have been tested. During  tests of  ceramizer  the following was reported: For the first car ,  a decreased engine noise,easier and more comfortable operation, a very perceptible rise of torque and better acceleration in every gear, a considerable reduction of oil consumption from 60% to 100%  and I applied one dosage of  ceramizer (all engines were treated with one dosage of t ceramizer and they had mileages of 80.000km, 145.000km, 147.000km, 265.000km). And the most important even for a complete car amateur was a complete elimination of noise  of hydraulic tappets which is really amazing. And what is more,  incomparably less blow-outs of crankcase after turning off of the oil plug,  which for a complete car amateur means no more  than white deposit, sludge, and so called butter that appears with older engines on crankcase “bleeding” pipes and on the valves cover. Since 1988 I tested many additives, products, formulas, but ceramizer -  I have found out about it  a year ago and I am full of admiration for it because it really works and you can renovate the  engine for not a lot of money and it really does work wonders. Finally I would like to congratulate and thank the manufacturer of this amazing product because I use it  myself and I am satisfied with it as the ceramizer really works, limits  wear and extends operating life of  engines.

At first sight it seemed rather improbable to me, but later on as I got through the description of an auction and in-depth material I got to know that I should try the ceramizer. Actually I have got two quite different cars, namely: a Citroen Xantia 1.8 16V Hatchback and a Honda Civic 1.5 16V Sedan, both with similar mileage of 120-140 thousand kilometers. As a matter of fact I did not look for compression improvement formula because both engines have the same mileage and are in very good condition, though the Honda does quite better in this matter than the French rival. The Xantia from 96 year with 143 thousand kilometers mileage used approximately 10.5 liter per 100 km in city driving and the Honda from 1990 year with accurate odometer reading of 122 thousand kilometer used 7.5 liter/100 km in the same conditions, what is rather not strange for people with the automotive know-how. The Japanese car usually consumes less petrol but not only did I save petrol thanks to application of the ceramizer to the engine and one dosage into fuel – the fuel consumption in the Honda fell from 7.5 to 6.6 liters per 100 km and in the Xantia from 10.5 to 9 liters per 100 km but both cars became more quiet and dynamic and there was a reduction of oil consumption as well (around 0.4 liter/1000 km). As a matter of fact nobody was surprised about that oil consumption (it complied with all standards for that car) in Citroen garage but as for me it was very irritating. As for the Honda it has not been taking  any oil since I have had this car. To sum up, I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the purchase of  ceramizer and with no doubts I do recommend it to everybody ensuring its desired operation. Unfortunately I do not have enough time and because of everyday hustle and bustle I am not able to make any precise tests and measurements but the only thing I want be sure about is the engine of my car….. and to be honest I do not remember when I had any breakdown or any problems with starting my car even at temperature of minus 20 degrees. Anyway I can honestly declare that I have already won- It is only due to  ceramizer that I got the comfort and cheaper maintenance of my cars…..and for me it makes for real SUCCESS !!!! Best greetings and good luck. Tom

Really the best product. Quite often I drive in the night so roads are empty and you can drive at the same speed without continual speeding up and slowing down and consequently I really see the difference. Normally when I slightly pressed gas in fifth gear then I drove at around 120 km/h and now I have to be very careful and watch the speedometer because I reach at once around 160 km/h. The engine is more quiet and let me put it that way that it sounds more pleasant in my ears and car speeds up softly and its reaction for pushing the gas pedal is immediate. I have no knowledge how it works and how long will it perform that way. Every day I drive in the night around 25 km one way only and during both routes  the engine performs at the same rotation so the result is evident. Additionally I bought this formula for my van and my brother bought it for his Astra and we are very satisfied with it. I have got a Ford Mondeo 1.8 16 v petrol/gasoline from 1996 year with 190 000 km of mileage. I recommend it very much. STIIGG

I bought  ceramizer for engines and applied it to my ASTRA F 1.6 from 1996 year with 188 420 km odometer reading. The engine was rather worn out (quite loud) and there was some clattering heard during starting of  the cold engine (worn out pushers). Before application of  ceramizer I exchanged oil filter and oil for Lotos City one and heated up the engine in neutral gear up to 90 degrees C. Then I turned he engine off, poured the ceramizer through oil inlet hole and started the engine on again. The engine was working all the time for three hours in front of my house. Then I made 100 km not exceeding the rotation of 2500 revs/min.After this cycle I began to drive normally. Until then I was rather skeptical about such formulas but here are my findings: -the engine is more quiet, you have to listen carefullyto recognize whether it works, - the engine began to work evenly, - it starts immediately. But the greatest surprise was the reduction of fuel consumption. As I drove thousands of kilometers I made regular records of  tanked fuel. The fuel consumption was always at the level of 9.5-10.3 liter/100 km, the more I was surprised to find out that it decreased to 7.2 liter/100 km!! My findings were made after driving 2 000 km. I am really satisfied with  ceramizer for engines.

It was when searching the internet that I came across the ceramizer for the first time. I bought a Mitsubischi Galant 1,8 TD in 2002 year. The engine was terribly worn out. It consumed 3 liters of oil per 100 km. My intention was to renovate it as the normal overhaul was too expensive so I decided to apply the ceramizer. I measured theengine oil compression pressure and  the result broke me down. Nominally it should be around 28 bar. but in case of my engine it was 20 atmosphere on I valve, 21 on II,22 on III and 21 on VI so I decided to apply two dosages. In practice the engine got quiet almost at once. I made other 2000km according to instructions and oil take-up fall to 1 liter instead of topping up 3 liters of oil per 1000 km. I was very satisfied with this formula performance. The next measuring of an engine oil pressure was as follows: 25 atmosphere on I valve,24 on II, 26 on III and 25 on VI. At that time I was employed in PKS and I talked Board into buying and applying this formula for bus engines. Although I had no chance to observe the result as the other person was in charge of it, the increase of engine oil pressure was reported as I was said. I am very satisfied with the ceramizer that I have bought from your company. I recommend it to everybody very much.

Dawid Polatowski
I applied the product about six months ago and it still works. Before that I had to top up about 1 litre of oil per month. Now I don’t have such a problem. Additionally, fuel consumption dropped by about 1 litre. I also noticed that the car has become more powerful than earlier. The product has met my expectations, I am very satisfied. Dawid Polatowski

Piotr K.
My love affair with your product began quite a long time ago and it resulted in giving publicity by me regarding application of ceramizers.  I  even considered wider publicity of this brilliant product. As I work in the field of marketing and I have an engineering background tthe product is of  interest for me.
Let me quote some of the facts:
I came across your products when the shop did not operate and there was only online shopping available. I was looking around for any formula with reference to regeneration of my worn out Ascona with a 1.6D engine and mileage of 360 000 km. Everybody knows that this mileage is an upper limit for this engine, but I needed  have an engine in quite a  good working order. My engine started only after warming up of spark plugs for two or three times and it took quite an effort as it started only with one cylinder. While operating a starter for another 10-15 seconds the second cylinder got launched. After 30 seconds the court was filled with much smoke similar to that produced by Syrena- a Polish communist make, and three cylinders of the engine operated, and after a minute the car was ready to ride it. It performed quite well as on the fourth gear it accelerated up to 80 km/h. Continuous accelerating resulted always in a cloud of smoke so I did not press down more. How performance changed after application of the product? Absolutely nothing until I made around 300 km. Every day I made around 75 km and I noticed reduced rattling of the engine. Speaking about starting it, nothing changed until I made above 1000 km. I was happy to experience positive results, namely the engine, without any problem, accelerated up to 120 km/h, and did not produce smoke even when going up the hill. So I  did nothing regarding the oil and after making the  recommended mileage I was so surprised to experience the following results. Every day its performance got better and better regarding starting, as two cylinders got activated and the forth after maximum 10 seconds. I transferred this car to my mate from Warsaw who made another 30 000 km and was satisfied with its operation.
After this I followed up and I bought two cars with engines in want of an overhaul. It was Nissan Sentra 1.6 and Toyota Camry 2.0 16V. The first one made 560 000 km, started without problem but only with one cylinder, and it operated only on the first gear and on the second – it got stalled. It produced a lot of smoke what might result in confiscation of a registration document. The second car posed a quite tough challenge. But let me firstly refer to the first car. So I enthusiastically got to preparations and bought new filters, spark plugs, fluids, cables and my Nissan just before the test, started with three plugs, accelerated to 60km/h and got heated up and suddenly stoped. But the engine temperature was adequate to apply ceramizers. It was impossible to drive that car so the engine got operated in neutral for 12 hours. After that I took a long route with this car and I noticed that smoking decreased gradually and there was  enhanced engine operation.
After making 1500 km the car was transferred to my mate and he was satisfied with its performance. The engine started at the first time even during extremecold.
Toyota Camry after heating up and wearing in. Odometer reading at 260 000 mil!!!  I am on the train from Gdańsk to Cracow to take a car.   I poured in the oil and started the car. Firstly I was terrified to hear such a rattling for 15-20 seconds that I had doubts regarding application of an additive. After a while seller's got off and I was alone to hear that theengine got a bit noisy. So I heated up the engine and as I ran out of a petrol I got to a petrol station giving off quite a noise for pedestrians. After refilling up I applied ceramizers and started the car. Then I had some time to have  supper. And what a surprise it was to hear that after 20 minutes operation my engine got nearly noiseless. So I got in and set off. On my way I noticed that a speed of 85 km/h allowed for the most noiseless engine operation and I made next 100 km to hear that rattling was on the wane. To be honest, when at the speed of 90-100 km/h it was not present at all provided I did not press down the acceleration pedal. I experienced this bliss until I got to Łódź (Poland). What a traffic jam was there  and  only push-pull driving. The car got heated up and after a start there was a red light so I pressed down the acceleration pedal, and in a result 200 m after traffic lights the engine got stoped (probably a bearing got stuck) and it started again, but rattling was unbearable. Firstly I wanted to get out of the car and leave it, but it was at a god-forsaken location so I was desperate to get home and decided to go on as long as it would be possible. I managed to get to Gdańsk (Poland) and to visit a mechanic, but he did not find any traces of bearing on the second connecting rod. He could not believe that I managed to ride that car. And I insisted to conduct a test. So we put on a bearing on a square shaped connecting rod and I set off. I made more than 2700 km with more than 100 km/h. Having beencompletely sure about effectiveness of ceramizers I looked for the next cars and I found two other cars. The first one is Nissan Sunny 1.7D and the second is Toyota Camry 2.2 16V. Nissan was used by my mate and it started even at minus 29 degrees –as the only  diesel in the neighbourhood to the surprise of other car drivers. So there is no more to say about that car. Speaking about the other car, namely Toyota it had similar defects as the one above. But because of my negligence and perfect action of ceramizer a test ended in a fiasco. Why? Simply because of the car operating in the neutral after burning of the whole fuel and ceramizer application. The whole symptoms were hardly noticeable and owner of Toyota forgot about the test (what he confirmed later on). He got the whole family into the car and set off. After making 50 km the engine got heated up and the car came back on a platform trailer. What was interesting there was not any burning on the connection rod as it was the usual case .. So again the test confirmed  positive action of ceramizer.
I would like to test another car but at present I do not possess financial means to do that.
Many greetings for all the team of ceramizer. I wish you every success that you definitely deserve.

Maciej Gera

I have been driving for 28 years, and I made around 1 500 000- 1 700 000 km with various cars. I am very skeptical about any new miraculous formulas as I possess much experience. Earlier on around 10 years ago I used to regenerate old cars with auto-doctors, slicks, etc. But I obtained poor results - mainly piston rings got stuck and the engine got stuck. Nevertheless I decided to take another shot. I have got an old Opel Omega A estate car, year 1993 with petrol engine 2.0L and mileage above 300 000km. I used to ride it according to guidelines but I pressed down the accelerator a lot. I used to drive where possible even at 150-160 km per hour, overtaking other cars with use of 80-90% power. Sometimes I towed heavy trailers. It was evident that all mechanisms were completely worn out. Any overhaul or repairs were beyond my financial standing, namely around 2-4 thousand PLN (about 600-1200 Euro).
Main characteristics :
1. Wailing pomp of power steering system; the sound of pomp increased at maximum wheel turn; poor steering wheel performance, and slight jerking of steering wheel at large turn, in particular during manoeuvres.
2. Noisy gearbox operation; synchronisers whirring; grinding gears; poor performance parameters- as in case of insufficient oil- in spite of max oil level.
3. Wailing of a differential gear, familiar with “Nysa”,” Żuk” and other old –off road cars namely “Gaz”, “Uaz”.
4. Rattling injectors and engine smoking when cold  or at low revolutions
5. Engine vibrations at low revolutions , noisy operation, bearings and valve and knocking of valve sleeves .
6. Poor power in particular during overtaking and towing a trailer. Problems with starting a hot engine, high internal friction- characteristics of worn out bearings and cylinder bearing surfaces. Pressure on cylinders measured without adding the oil into cylinders (what distorts results):I-9.7, II-9.2, III-10.0, IV-9.8
7. Poor engine flexibility, high sensitivity to poor petrol, that You can get at many petrol stations.

I decided to take the risk, knowing that I will not lose much, namely value of 1 full petrol tank. So I bought ceramizer kit No.4 and additionally No.1 purposed for theengine.
What I experienced surpassed my expectations:
1. Firstly I got to the steering system, as I was afraid that a pump would soon fall apart , as I heard of such cases. I replaced the oil, removed ferrous old deposits from thetank, washed the system out and applied an original American “Dextron”, next I heated up the system and applied ceramizer to steering system, and began to use excessively the steering wheel driving from right to left on the asphalt covered with sand. What I noticed was the fact that with every turn the steering system operated better and less noisy. While making other 2 000 kilometres I sometimes turned the steering wheel to the limit. At present, after making 2000 km the pomp and servo-motors got noiseless, the steering wheel operates smoother and all vibrations are gone when turned to the limit.
2. At the same time I applied ceramizer to gearbox and  differential gear (of course after heating up the oil). I operated the gearbox excessively for 40 minutes, and made 1 km on reverse gear. Firstly I did not notice any effect, but results were evident after making around 700-1000 km. Namely  gearbox and differential gear operation got noiseless which could be seen in perfect operation of synchronisers and gearbox. Besides, I was thrilled to find out that  movement of my car got enhanced around 30-40% in particular at low speed in town (while at high speed it is balanced with air resistance). At present I accelerate up to 60-80 km/h and drive till stop (traffic lights, crossroads) I move along for around 500- 700 meters. Nevertheless, fuel economy got enhanced by 20%. Power transmission system  test performed at an engine test house did not change and is now around the same parameters. Still it must be said that it was measured without load.
3. A differential gear got noiseless significantly, and now it is difficult to notice its operation.
4. I applied ceramizer CP to an empty tank and refilled it with 50L of petrol. After making around 500km  engine operation got significantly noiseless, in my opinion by roughly 3 dB. Besides that,  stinking exhaust fumes emission  decreased even at a cold weather. Injectors do not rattle no more, although before its work was like those of a cold diesel engine.
5. Until now I applied 1 container of engine ceramizer (4,5 L of an oil) to a fresh, heated up oil and made a long distance driving without load. All effect were evident after 1000 km.
- At low revolutions my car consumed 1.4-1.5L/h according to computer at revolution speed around 600-650. At present it is 1.1-1.3 L/h and low revolutions fell to around 400 at heated engine and the engine operates smoothly, without vibrations. It did not have such little internal resistance even when it was a new one!
- After starting a cold engine- earlier on consumption was around 3.2-2.8 L/h. At present it is 2.2-1.9 L/h.
- Noise level decreased by 3 dB and  there are less vibrations.
-  Oil pressure in valve clearance compensators got increased much faster, and valves rattling died away after some 20 seconds, earlier on it took around 1 minute.
- The engine starts better while warm - but it is not a great change.
- Car's power is difficult to test, even at engine test house results are not reliable as there is difference of some % and results depends on temperature of mechanisms, fuel quality and  air filter resistance, humidity , etc.
I can say for sure that flexibility and dynamic of my car got enhanced. Now in town I can overtake in III gear (I change from II into IV). In V gear my car goes without jerking from 60 km/h , and it accelerates from 65 km/h. Earlier on I was happy to make 50 km/h in IV gear, and I changed into V gear at 70-80 km/h. While on route now I can make 200-300 km without touching  gearbox and  clutch, and I slow down when approaching speed-radars to 55-60 km/h (I know that they are set to detect speed of 70-75km/h). Compression pressure measured on warm engine without adding  oil – got increased, and was:
on I -10.2, on II-10.5, III-10.5, IV-10.5.
I have no knowledge about the proper parameters, but I suppose that results are good as it is for  low revolutions, not-overworked engine.
6. Nevertheless fuel economy attests the best to internal resistance and general efficiency.
- A route between Poznań (Poland) and Zduńska Wola (Poland) -in total 480 km -covered at least twice a month. Computer reading (deleted when leaving garage): An average speed in good road conditions was always around86-88km/h, an average fuel consumption 7.5-7.8L/100km. Lately I made this route and the engine consumed 6.7 L/100km.
- A route between Poznań – Brzeziny -Poznań (Poland) -508 km covered 3-5 times a month, fuel consumption decreased by around 1L/100km.
- Driving in town during the day (Poznań in Poland) I used to consume around 11.5-12L/100 km at distances of 200 km. Now fuel consumption is below 10L.

I am going to apply 3ml of Ceramizer into my Opel Omega just before a longer route-in fact this additive does not cost much, but I think it is still some room there for it, as the engine is worn out to a considerable degree, and there is much friction.. 2 remaining ml I shall apply for regeneration of my old 17 years old, 4 stroke mowing machine with common lubrication that handles around 1000 m2 of lawn and works around 2 hours a week. Its engine is completely worn out, splashes  oil on spark plugs, produces a lot of smoke, gets overheated, has got only half power in comparison to the past. I am going to write soon about my observations. It is Mercedes that will be next car to undergo regeneration. It a classic MB1000 with mileage of 500 000 km. I do not drive this car although I am the owner of this vehicle. I will not inform the driver about application of this formula so his observations will be realistic regarding its operation.
Of course my opinion is not based on precise measurements as they are require too much time and are not exact as of the whole of the car. I am sure that it reflect some true regarding observed results. I am  a very demanding client, and sometimes I am a source of worry of service centers. Many times I went to the Consumer Court and sought opinion of judicial experts.
Packages after used ceramizers promoted the product –as I distributed them among my friends who have got cars in similar technical condition (This condition is characteristic for around 80% Polish cars).

Further part of opinion received on 27.06.2006
To remind: Opel Omega A, city car, 1993 year-petrol engine, 2.0L with mileage of 348 000 km. The last mail dated October 2006.
What in fact changed after making 40 000 km?
1. I changed engine oil 3 times, and added 3 ml of Ceramizer during the first  oil change as the engine was worn out . The engine maintained  the obtained parameters. Earlier on during hot temperatures I had problems with starting an overheated engine, car could not start because of resistance (Worn out bearings, or cylinder bearing surfaces). At present the problem is a lot less visible. While standing in traffic jam with temperature of liquid coolant at outlet from a radiator (what a strange location) of 9500C starter performs with increased resistance only a half of the first rotation, and later on rotates properly during 2 rotations of a shaft, and the engine starts normally when dosing fuel during the first 5 seconds at the level of 1.5-1.7/h, and after 5 seconds it is established at 1.4-1.3/h. Earlier on it was around 2.7-3.5 L during the first 5 seconds, and 1.5-1.6/h was established after 30 seconds or even 1 minute. THAT ALL CONFIRMS DECREASE OF INNER ENGINE RESISTANCE WITH HOT STARTING. ALSO OIL PRESSURE INCREASES MUCH FASTER, WHAT CAN BE HEARD AFTER VALVE CLEARANCE COMPENSATORS. BESIDES I NOTICED THAT DURING HEATWAVE THE ENGINE DOES NOT GET OVERHEATED SO MUCH , BUT IT IS DIFFICULT TO MEASURE IT.
2. Steering wheel system performs noiselessly, even at extreme locations, where  pump usually wailed a lot , also in case of a new car, and there were vibrations of the driving wheel.
3. gearbox got noiseless, even when braking with the engine, and  gearbox  stoped to vibrate at low revolutions. I also notice an odd thing: After a longer stop the gearbox somehow got ”packed” inside and the first movement of a lever must be made with more power. I think that it is because of adhesion of perfectly smooth surfaces.
4. Differential  is now almost noiseless.  . As I remember it was always very noisy, in particular during braking with the engine, and when on reverse it wailed like a tram engine.
As I said I applied ceramizer to my old moving machine that this spring turned 18 years (really grown-up). Four stroke Tekumseh engine, capacity around 45 cm, with common lubrication. The engine operation may be described with the following facts:
- difficult to start
- spills of oil on spark plugs
- much smoke like on suction
-  oil burning
- overheating and poor power
- large fuel consumption

I replaced  oil and removed metallic deposits from bottom of the oil sump with a rag through discharge stopper, and I cleaned the spark plug. I started the engine with much trouble, heated it up during 5 minutes and added 1 ml of ceramizer into  oil.
I left the moving machine with a full tank at slow revolutions and it operated for around 3 hours.
After around 20 hours of work I added  1ml of Ceramizer again. As of today the moving machine operated around 25-30 hours.
Obtained results:
I do not have to turn off and clean the spark plug. It is dry and of light brown colour without a carbon deposit.
At present my 13 years old son starts it without any problems. Yet in autumn it had been impossible. Now it starts at 1/3 of pulling string. Besides exhaust colour and odour changed. Previously it was a black and  stinking cloud that reminded of operation on suction.
Now it has got more power and the engine does not stop even when moving wet grass. Earlier on I had to be very careful while doing this. At present noiseless and smooth engine operation evident during removal of grass from  basket, and reduced vibrations are evident (now its work resembles a fine four stroke motorcycle, but before it worked like a  Trabant).Oil consumption got reduced and I do not have to add 100ml every refueling, but I need to take measurements. Besides fuel consumption got reduced. I always begin mowing with a full tank. Now I can make the whole garden with a one tank, while before I had to refuel it. It is difficult to estimate it in numbers, as there is always other grass (dried, wet, short, tall) but in my opinion it is around 10-15%.
I suppose that now a chassis will break down –plastic wheels, and just as in case of Opel will get completely corroded but propelling system will still be propelling..
Yours sincerely Maciej Gera

Martin Poplonski
I bought two containers for my BMW 528i from 1996 (petrol engine) with mileage of 150 000 km, but a as matter of fact I was sure that the car practically must have made more kilometres. Compression on respective valves was about 12-13 bar and, after making 200 km it was evident that the car was more dynamic, in particular at low revolution range. The engine ran smoothly and it did not burn any oil. After making around 600 km I notice also to my surprise that during overtaking there was no more of any trail of smoke. Speaking about economy I set up a new record as on the way from Lublin to Warsaw my engine consumed around 6.2L/100 km while moving in a line of cars!!!!!! This data came from computer and measurement was made at the distance of 30 km. Maybe it seemed improbable for some considering 200 horse power engine o 2.8 L capacity but in fact it was really so. I would like to add that before Ceramizer application I never used less than 7L/100km. Having been delighted with Ceramizer effects I bought the next one to pour into the other car with 280 000 mileage and as I do not use it every day I can only say that a better engine operation is evident. Kind greetings , Martin Poplonski


Last Year I bought 5 pcs of engine Ceramizer (to apply in 6 cylinder engine of Ursus 1222 tractor [120KM] but in fact I I applied it into AD3p engine (3 cylinders Perkins)50 KM and 2.5 l capacity) of MF 255 tractor (odometer reading of 5500 Mth). Condition of this engine did not improve after overhaul, which resulted in slightly more power and more noise, polished section of crankshaft poorly made and an engine getting into resonance at 2300 revolutions/minute (strong vibrations) and after some hours with big loading it would probably get damaged.

 I applied 2 dosages of Ceramizer (during fluids change) but I didnot pour it into  engine directly! So I added  oil up to recommended level and started the engine so that 1 l of  oil got warm (it got to around 150-1800C in a metal container and I add Ceramizer so that it gets to  solve immediately), next I turned off the engine and added the rest of  oil  and  let  engine operate at max level of  oil. I did not have much time so I proceeded to running-in but I did not exceed 1800 revolutions/min. After some 60 Mth hard work began, namely towing of two trailers of 14 tons (total mass of trailer and load-in fact specification determined towing mass as 7.5 Ton). Speaking about my observations firstly  it seemed that there was nothing new but in fact a lot haschanged. Speaking about smoke before and after application these engines did not produce a lot of smoke even if highly loaded, but for sure I noticed:
- noiseless operation
- smooth engine operation
- no oil consumption
- lower temperature of engine, namely 85-90oC
– engine in fourth gear got 2550 rev/min with load (14 tons) and that impressed me much as until now it was 2350 rev/min what I tested before Ceramzier application. When on idle after pressing  acceleration pedal to the limit engine got 2700 rev/min beyond a gauge !!!! (pump was not displaced and there is still a seal)
- No more vibrations !!! (I got my objective)
- oil compression pressure increase from 3.6 till 4.8 (with hot engine compared to 3.2)
- fuel consumption decrease- from 7.5-8 l per Mth to 5 liters (provided 2200 rev/per minute is not exceeded engine takes max around 6 liters)
- easy starting at low temperature
- before application just after starting rattling was evident until engine got hot and at present no more rattling when engine is cold.

No negative results!
Only advantages
What a pity that I did not test compression pressure before application of Ceramizer.
Best greetings Dominik Żak

I poured gearbox additive into my VOLVO S 830 combine-harvester and a gearbox does not get hot and smooth operation followed.
Stanisław Stysiał

Refrigerating compressor
In my opinion Ceramizer is a very efficient product that operates according to description in folders and technical guides. I applied this product in some cars and as a result noiseless operation of gearboxes, engines and drive shafts followed and no more leakage from steering system.
Besides engine operation temperature got decreased. I recommended this product to all my friends and they are satisfied. I poured this additive into my large refrigerating piston compressor and as a result smooth and noiseless operation followed.
Kind greetings Zdzisław Niedziałek

Sewing machine
I applied gearbox ceramizer into my sewing machine and what a result- It has never operated like that. Ceramizer really works.
Andrzej Rudnik

I bought and applied Ceramizers into my tractor that operates in forest (C-330) as I often had problem with jammed gears. Soon after application of this product problem was solved.
Thanks knadgob

After application of Ceramizer in my car I noticed smooth and noiseless engine operation, easier starting and reduced fuel consumption ( I refill  vegetable oil instead of diesel oil). This product really works and soon I will buy next Ceramizers as I have got three other machineries that are in want of repair.
I recommend this product to all people.

I applied Ceramizers twice, firstly due to defect of a gearbox – and grinding is gone after making 200 km and no more problems until now. For the second time I applied Ceramizer into my car and this time I poured engine Ceramizer. As a result the car's noiseless and smooth operation followed but I can not determine if it takes less petrol. I am sure that the additive really works and that is why I applied it for the second time and I will do that next time I will buy another car. I recommend this product to all drivers.

Engine power
Since application of Ceramizer into  engine and  gearbox I made 1500 km on second class roads not exceeding 2500 revolutions during first 250 km. The remaining part of route I made on clearways and motorways at speed of 150 km/h. After making 150 km I noticed significant noise decrease and smooth  engine operation and  gearbox as well.. Before I had some problems with gear changing. Besides the engine got more powerful, dynamic. In my opinion it is really a  good product that regenerates worn engines. Speaking about fuel economy according to my test the car at present takes  14% less fuel than before.
Test was carried out on 01.05-05.05.2006
Stanisław Ambroszko

It was from my friend that I heard about Ceramizer for the first time. Initially I thought this to be the next formula among many other available on the market. Then I possessed Golf and decided to take a risk. As a result of that smooth and noiseless engine operation followed and it was easier to start the engine in winter. Later on I bought Renault Clio I. The engine underwent overhaul but still it was not what I expected. So I bought two other Ceramizers and again a noiseless engine operation followed and it was more dynamic. Unfortunately I did not make any tests as according to me it was a waste of money. I did not need any papers as I observed the difference personally. At present I do possess Matiz and I am going to buy another Ceramizer. Although the engine operates well in this car I will apply this additive just for precaution. I do not know how long I will use this car but I am sure that thanks to Ceramizer its service life will be longer.


In 2005 I planned to go by my car to the south. I knew that it would cost me much so I was looking for some ways to cut it. So I thought about Magnetyzer or Ceramizer and it was the second one that I selected. To be honest it was only some minutes after Cermizer application that I noticed enhanced operation. It was hard to believe. My two liters diesel engine of 150 000 km mileage used to work well. But what a surprise it was to observe even better work. No more vibrations and noiseless operation followed. Let me now provide you with some facts.
So according to my assumption I wanted to economize on fuel and get back my money that I spent on Magnetizer. In fact I made around 4 000 km within 3 weeks (3.07-22.07 2005) with 4 persons on board and a full boot. According to my records after application of Magnetizer my car used to take around 6 liters of diesel oil per 100 km. After application of Ceramizer it was 5.9 l diesel oil per 100 km. Was it worth? To be truthful riding in mountains at temperature of 33-40 degrees (Croatia) with full load and consumption below 6 l is quite a result. I know that without Ceramizer my car would use around 6.5-6.7 so according to simple calculation: without CERAMIZER 6,7*4*40=1072 PLN and with CERAMIZER 5,9*4*40=944 PLN which gives  a difference of 128 PLN at Ceramizer cost of only 50 PLN. It was really worth as durability of a ceramic coat is 70 000 km. On grounds of difference of 0.3 l I saved some 664 PLN until now. This is quite a sum considering rising fuel prices.
1 PLN= ~0,45 USD , ~0,3 Euro


I am working as a professional driver and I do possess all driving licences for all vehicles. Initially I was skeptical about Ceramizer ...but I like to experience and find out something new. I possess 11 year old diesel car and on 1 and 2 cylinder there was much difference in compression pressure compared to 3 and 4 cylinder what resulted in swinging of the car at low revolutions and difficult starting up at temperature below 0. After Ceramizer application resulted in noiseless engine operation and swinging was eliminated, but still I had some problems with starting at temperature below minus, but maybe without this product my car would not start at all (and it is the first winter for this car in my hands).And to be honest my car let me down only once when it was minus 26 degrees outside. To sum up I am very satisfied with Ceramizer operation and I am going to apply it again as soon  oil change follows. I hope that the next dosage will enhance parameters even more. Let me add that I recommended this additive to some people and they are all satisfied.
I wish you much success in the field of this formula improvement and send best regards.
Robert Pachocki from Łódź (Poland)

To be honest I was very skeptical about additives based on ceramizers until I applied them. As I really care what I buy and use I was very curious about results regarding fuel ceramizers. To my surprise quite different engine operation followed- namely it was more dynamic, powerful and economic and starting got easier. So only advantages and I decided to buy other additives and apply them in my car. I really recommend all these products.
Marek Niemiec

In my opinion Ceramizer is a very efficient product that operates according to description in folders and technical guides. I applied this product in some cars and as a result noiseless operation of gearboxes, engines and drive shafts followed and no more leakage from steering system.
Besides engine operation temperature got decreased. I recommended this product to all my friends and they are satisfied. I poured this additive into my large refrigerating piston compressor and as a result smooth and noiseless operation followed.
Zdzisław Niedziałek

Oil consumption
I applied this additive around half a year ago and until now everything operates well. Before I had had to refill around 1 liter of oil every month. Now this problem is gone and fuel consumption  decreased by 1 liter. Besides I noticed that my car got more dynamic. This product met my expectations.
Get it and try it.
Dawid Polatowski


Welcome and I am very glad to hear that you want to find out about opinion in respect of Ceramizer efficiency. Before application of your product I had heard about many products but there had been so much  contradictory opinions about them that I had not been convinced to apply it. In my opinion there had been to much talking and advertisement. To be truthful it was ceramization method and provided tests that made  me  buy this product. Besides costs of Ceramizer are very low compared to costs of an engine overhaul so it was worth trying. Actually quality and quick results were beyond what I had expected, so although I do not want to persuade others to buy it I know that if you do not try it You will loose. Let me add that besides engine additive I applied fuel additive.
Lately I found out about power steering  additive and I am going to buyit also. I heard about gearbox and axle Ceramizer but I do not know if I can use them for an axle with a hipoidal gearbox. Many thanks for these products. I always recommend them.
Sincerely yours
Sebastian Czernicki

Since application of Ceramizer I made around 5 000 km. This product really works the same as action described in advertisement folders. I possess a diesel engine that had some problems with thehead gasket. As a result of that water gets into cylinders and compression pressure got decreased what in turn resulted in problems with starting up. After Ceramizer application parameters got enhanced and we will see for how long.

Usually I am very skeptical about these kind of formulas, and in this case I as even more skeptical after  seeing thie publicity  with  Ceramizer. To be honest I had many doubts regarding its efficiency. Yet after making 800 km I noticed better starting of my engine (at temperature below 0). Before application the engine was slow in spite of pressing down of  accelerator pedal. At present it is very energetic and operates smoothly at 2 000 rev/min. I made  my friend buy it. His engine was totally worn (it took up to 2 liters of an oil per 1000 km). After Ceramizer application  oil consumption got decreased by 0.8 l and parameters are improving all the time. Besides the car got more dynamic.
Ceramizers are a  saving compared to  engine overhaul.
Marek Telega

After application of Ceramizer an engine power and  oil consumption  decreased. After application of Ceramizer I made 10 000 km and there are no negative results. My positive opinion is based on application of this additive into my two cars. In both cases enhanced engine operation followed and its service life got lengthened.
Damazy Orłowicz

According to my experience application of Ceramizers result in surprising and positive results.
Below there are some my observations in respect of Ceramizers application:
In total 3 engines and 2 gearboxes – 3 engines as it was impossible to start engine before a head gasket blowing and overheating of an engine. The engine – got totally worn after some days- mixture of an oil and steam blown into a bottom engine chamber – winter operation (a car operated in winter and powered with gas) due to sealing of an engine. After 3 days since application I noticed smooth operation on idle and no more “spark getting out”. Besides noise got reduced. After making 3 000 km an oil remains in exhaust pipe got disappeared. Speaking about fuel economy it is difficult to draw any conclusion as precise tests is required for a car of 850 kg mass and 100 KM power.
In a gearbox rattling got reduced after making 250 km and it disappeared after 2 weeks – this problem when changing gears maintained around 50 000 km despite an oil change. Since Ceramizer application no more problems and rattling and knocking when gears changing. Drive axle joint- after application and making around 1000 km knocking of a joint on turns got decreased significantly- unfortunately total repair was impossible due to size of defects. IT IS MUCG BETTER TO PREVENT THAN TO CURE
Robert Machelak


Firstly I applied Ceramizer into my engine and I was surprised to notice very soon its noiseless and smooth operation. Next day the car got started smoothly and without any problem (it was winter and I used to have problems with starting up). After making some hundred kilometers engine smooth and noiseless operation followed and it was more dynamic.
Before application of this additive I measured compression pressure and it was from 13 to 14 bar. Later on it was more balanced as it ranged from 14.1 to 14.5 bar. Speaking about fuel economy it was insignificant, still when on extra urban driving I noticed some difference. Later on I purchased the gearbox additive as I had problems with shifting in 2 and there was wailing on 5 gear. After application of this additive and making around 1000 km no more problems with shifting and wailing got decreased.
I made these observations in March 2005 (considering  engine) and in August 2005 (considering  gearbox).
Robert Korytkowski

I work as a mechanic and I found out about Ceramizers from my friend who considered buying them. To be honest I was very skeptical about his kind of products so I advised him against that. After some they he sent me link to ceramizer page and it was there that I read opinions of many users who applied Ceramizers. Under impression of these positive opinions and due to oil change in my car I decided to take a risk and I purchased Set No. 1. With many doubts I addedd this additive into a fresh oil and another one into fuel during refueling. What a surprise it was to find out that after making 200 km on low revolutions (according to instructions of manufacturer) rattling of lashlocks got reduced. Another surprise was to find out about fuel economy. Up till now I made 100-120 km when on urban driving on 12l, and after Ceramizer application fuel indicator got highlighted after making 150 km, although I liked to press the pedal to the medal!! Besides smoke got reduced and the engine smooth operation followed, and what is more it was more dynamic on low revolutions. If had not tried it I would have never believed that.
I recommend it to all engines.

Engine overhaul?
Welcome! I am very glad to present my opinion regarding Ceramizer effects. Firstly let me say that I did not made any measurements and tests and my opinion was based on my observations. Although there are many opinions about these formulas, I am satisfied with effects. I applied it according to manufacturer instructions and the engine's noiseless operation followed. Besides  oil burning got decreased by 50% and I operate a  gas powered car. What is more  car got more dynamic and fuel consumption got decreased by 10%. I persuaded my brother-in law to apply it although he had made some arrangements with a mechanic in respect of an engine overhaul. A mechanic carried out measurement regarding compression pressure before and after application of Ceramizer and he was shocked to find out the improvement, what he recorded on  the outlines. My brother-in law operates his car until now without any overhaul.

It was 35 days after application of Ceramizer, that I tested compression pressure on cylinders that before application of this additive was 9 atm. on each and at present after 35 days and 4 000 km made it is almost 11 atm. Besides starting of the engine is now easier and earlier on vibrations of overheated engine resulted in vibrations of lever and at present it is almost unnoticeable.
Wąsowski Arkadiusz

I bought engine Ceramizer and according to my observations due to application of it smooth engine operation followed what was evident in:
1. Noiseless engine operation
2. Enhanced dynamics
3. Reduced gas consumption by 15 %. To sum up it is the product worth recommendation and should be applied in old cars.
Thank you for considering my opinion and I wish you much success.


Unfortunately I did not make any tests after Ceramizer application but I can share with you my observations as I applied Ceramizer in two different cars. Firstly smooth and noiseless engine operation followed, at the same it got more dynamic. Generally I am very satisfied and I am going to apply it again but this time the  gearbox additive. To be honest it was a test showed on TVN channel that made me  buy this product. I f I remember well during this test Polonez track made 400 km without  oil.
Best regards and much success.

Welcome. Please find below my opinion regarding this product: since the oil change I added no more oil and  engine got noiseless and I had no more problems with starting up in winter. Speaking about fuel consumption I did not make any records as my wife uses this car also. Compression pressure was not tested either, still I can feel an improvement. I am satisfied with this product.

I did not make any tests regarding compression pressure but enhanced parameters of dynamics and engine operation were evident. I can hear and feel the improvement as I have been operating this car for 7 years.

I applied two packs of engine Ceramizer and one pack of gearbox Ceramizer and I noticed noiseless and smooth engine operation and noiseless operation of a gearbox. Speaking about fuel economy I can not say much as I applied this additive in winter so my opinion would not reliable due to short distances and low temperatures. Still in my opinion I can say that this additive really works. Janusz Bartczak