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Opel Ascona
My love affair with your product began quite a time ago and it resulted in giving publicity by me regarding application of ceramizers. Even I considered wider publicity of this brilliant product. As I work in the field of marketing and I have an engineering background this idea got out of date.
Let me quote some of the facts:
I came across your products when the shop did not operate and there was only online shopping available. I was looking around for any formula with reference to regeneration of my worn out Ascona with a 1.6D engine and mileage of 360 000 km. Everybody knows that this mileage is an upper limit for this engine, but I needed an engine in good working order. My engine started only after warming up of spark plugs for two or three times and it took quite an effort as it started only with one cylinder. While operating a starter for another 10-15 seconds the second cylinder got launched. After 30 seconds the court was filled with much smoke similar to that produced by Syrena- a Polish communist make, and three cylinders of the engine operated, and after a minute the car was ready to ride it. It performed quite well as on the fourth gear it accelerated up to 80 km/h. Continuous accelerating resulted always in a cloud of smoke so I did press down more. How performance changed after application of the product? Absolutely nothing until I made around 300 km. Every day I made around 75 km and I noticed reduced rattling of the engine. Speaking about starting it, nothing changed until I made above 1000 km. I was happy to experience positive results, namely the engine without any problem accelerated up to 120 km/h, and did not produced smoke even when going up the hill. So I namely did nothing regarding an oil and after making recommended mileage I was so surprised to experience the following. Every day its performance got better and better regarding starting, as two cylinders got actuated and the forth after maximum 10 seconds. I transferred this car to my mate from Warsaw who made another 30 000 km and was satisfied with its operation.
After this I followed up and I bought two cars with engines in want of an overhaul. It was Nissan Sentra 1.6 and Toyota Camry 2.0 16V. The first one made 560 000 km, started without problem but only with one cylinder, and it operated only on the first gear and on the second got stalled. It produced a lot of smoke what might result in collection of a registration document. The second car posed a quite another challenge. But let me firstly refer to the first car. So I enthusiastically got to preparations and bought new filters, spark plugs, fluids, cables and my Nissan just before the test started with three plugs, accelerated to 60km/h and got heated up and suddenly stooped. But the engine temperature was adequate to apply ceramizers. It was impossible to ride a car so the engine got operated in neutral for 12 hours. After that I took a long route with this car and I noticed that smoking decreased gradually and there was an enhanced engine operation.
After making 1500 km the car was transferred to my mate and he was satisfied with its performance. The engine started at the first time even during crackling cold.
Toyota Camry after heating up and wearing in. Odometer reading at 260 000 mil!!! An oil sump with a crack. I am on the train from Gdańsk to Cracow to take a car. A mechanic mended an oil sump any old how, and I wish I had known about that (ha might have thought that after making some kilometres my car would for sure fail to operate). Anyway I poured in an oil and started the car. Firstly I was terrified to hear such a rattling for 15-20 seconds that I had doubts regarding application of an additive. After a while sellers got off and I was alone to hear that an engine got a bit noiseless. So I heated up the engine and as I ran out of a petrol I got to a petrol station giving off quite a noise for pedestrians. After refilling up I applied ceramizers and started the car. Then I had a time to have a supper. And what a surprise it was to hear that after 20 minutes operation my engine got a bit noiseless. So I got in and set off. On my way I noticed that a speed of 85 km/h allowed for the most noiseless engine operation and I made next 100 km to hear that rattling was on the wane. To be honest when at the speed of 90-100 km/h it was not present at all provided I did not press down an acceleration pedal. I experienced this bliss until I got to Łódź (Poland). What a traffic jam was there and push-pull running. The car got heated up and after a start there was a red light so I pressed down an acceleration pedal, and in a result 200 m after traffic lights the engine got stooped (probably a bearing got stuck) and it started again, but rattling was unbearable. Firstly I wanted to get out of the car and leave it, but it was at a god-forsaken location so I was desperate to get home and decided to go on as long as it would be possible. I managed to get to Gdańsk (Poland) and to visit a mechanic, but he did not find any traces of bearing on the second connecting rod. He could not believe that I managed to ride the car. And I insisted to conduct a test. So we put on a bearing on a square shaped connecting rod and I set off. I made more 2700 km with more than 100 km/h. Having being completely sure about effectiveness of ceramizers I looked for the next cars and I found two other cars. The first one is Nissan Sunny 1.7D and the second is Toyota Camry 2.2 16V. Nissan was used by ma mate and it started even at minus 29 degrees –as the only one diesel in the neighbourhood to the surprise of other car drivers. So there is no more to say about that car. Speaking about the other car namely Toyota it had similar defects as the one above. Bu because of my negligence and perfect action of ceramizer a test ended in a fiasco. Why? Simply because of the car operating in the neutral after burning of the whole fuel and ceramizer application. The whole symptoms were hardly noticeable and owner of Toyota forgot about the test (what he confirmed later on). He got thw whole family into the car and set off. After making 50 km the engine got heated up and the car came back on a platform trailer. What was interesting there was not burning on a connection rod as it was the usual case . What was found was only an effect of filling in. So again the test confirmed action of ceramizer.
I would like to test another car by at present I do not possess financial means to do that, although I purchased a car.
Many greetings for all the team of ceramizer. I wish you every success that you definitely deserve. Piotr K.

Opel Astra
I applied an engine additive and a gearbox additive in my Opel Astra 1.6i with mileage of 164 000 km.
I noticed the following:
- decrease in an engine oil consumption
- decrease in an engine operation
- noiseless engine operation
- enhanced engine operation

Results regarding a gearbox:
- smooth gearbox operation
Period when ceramizers were applied: April 2005 Krzysztof Bogdan

Opel Astra (1993)
I applied Ceramizer in two types of engines: namely Opel Astra year 93 1.7D and BMW 316i year 91. In both cases I noticed a smooth engine operation and no more rattling and drone (valves, gears). In both cases I had made tests that testified to compression pressure of recommended parameters, and significant decrease in an oil consumption I case of 1.7D (I poured into 100ml per 1000 km, before application of an additive I used to add almost 400 ml).
I am very satisfied with this product and I recommend it to every driver that has got problems with an old engine. Product worth its money.
Yours sincerely Kamil Piłka

Opel Astra
Below there are my observations in respect of application of ceramizers. It is not easy at the beginning so firstly I decided to find out about opinions of other users of ceramizers. There were quite varied opinions from many praises to rather moderate but I did not find any critical ones.
So I bought an engine Cermaizer and changed an oil and added this additive. It must be said that I have got Astra estate 1.7D with an engine of 250 000 km mileage, and the engine had a toothed belt broken. Besides I had problems with starting, it produced much smoke and noise. I did not measured compression pressure but I was sure that it was below recommended limits. So as I had said before I applied ceramizer to the engine and set off. What I remember best was this very slowly ride according to instructions, but it really paid off. I noticed that after some km my engine got operated better, no more vibrations and a smoke got reduced. Speaking about starting I did not noticed any change so I bought a new battery and had a starter regenerated. At present everything is ok and my Astra goes like a new one. Greeting , Robert

Opel Astra 1.4 (60KM) 1993 175 000 km
I am the owner of Opel for two years and since that time I have driven about 30 000 km. For some time I noticed a significant drop in power of my car, deterioration of flexibility. I decided to apply Ceramizer to the engine, gearbox and fuel system. Unfortunately, before application I didn't checked compression on individual cylinders however I didn't have to wait too long for an effects. After driving about 400 km I noticed a significant improvement in the operation of the engine. Improved flexibility especially on higher gears. Driving to work I have to overcome steep hill, which previously I traveled on 2nd gear, because on 3rd car had no power to enter. Currently I reach the top on 3rd gear with no problems. Also on the road accelerating on 5 significantly improved. I have measured the fuel consumption as well, which declined the average from 7.2 to 6.5 l/100 km (50-50 the rout in the city) -it's a big desrease.

CERAMIZER TO GEARBOX: a gearbox in my Opel worked very well before using ceramizer but only when the engine was hot. In the case of cold engine I had problems with gears changing (despite the exchange of oil and maintain the required level). After Ceramizers application and driving about 30 km noticeable improvement has occurred. Today, even at night minus temperatures, gearbox works lightly when the engine is cold. Here is my biggest surprise. In relation to fuel refiner, it is difficult to say because I have applied it recently but this decline after Ceramizer to the engine is already a pleasant surprise for me, because saying honesty I didn't count for any reduction in fuel consumption.
Adam Gromadzki

Opel Astra (1991)
Personally I have a very good opinion about ceramizer. I am an Opel fan club member. My observations were presented in an forum of Opel Club Poland as of 25 September 2005. Please find link to my post: http://motonews.pl/forum/?op=fvt&t=111454&f=18 , hecz is my nickname.
Below I quote what I had written there:
“I made more than 1500 km since I applied an oil ceramizer. Firstly I did not believe that it works, but at present I can honestly say that I made a good choice. But let me tell you some facts. I have got Opel Astra year 1991 with mileage of 177 000 km, and capacity of 1.6 l. Thanks to application of an additive dynamics of my car got improved, it got higher revolutions faster, an engine operation got noiseless, and the car started without problems. Besides I noticed minimum reduction of gas consumption. I had not compression pressure measured so I can not say if it got enhanced.“
To sum up I strongly RECOMMMEND this additive. At present my odometer reads almost 186 000 km, an engine operates very good, and I noticed no side effects regarding ceramizer application. Furthermore I received positive opinions of some other users of this formula.
Best regards , Tomasz Czech

Opel Astra (1995)
Firstly I would like to thank you for ceramizers. WHAT AN AMAZING PRODUCT it is. When for the first time I read about action of this additive and results regarding its application I did not believe that. But as I am keenly interested in the automotive industry and I like DIY, so I decided to take a risk. Since application of this additive into an engine, a gearbox and fuel I made around 1 000 km, but I noticed the first positive results right after making 100 km (a smooth and noiseless gearbox operation). Speaking about the engine its operation got noiseless, fluctuations of revolutions on neutral was reduced, it got more flexible and more dynamic. So honestly speaking no risk. I wish I had applied Ceramizers earlier on.
I wish you many successes and thank you for this amazing product. Best greetings
I applied ceramizers in Opel Astra 1.6, a petrol engine, year 1995.

Opel Astra (1992)
I bought an engine Ceramizer and applied it to my Astra F 1.6i, year 1992 with odometer reading of 188 420 km. The engine was worn out (very noisy operation) and there was knocking during starting of an cold engine (worn out pushers). Before ceramizer application I had an oil filter replaced and I changed an oil for Lotos City. Next I warmed up the engine at idle up to 90 degrees C. Then I turned it off, poured ceramizer into an oil and again started an engine. Next I made more 100 km not exceeding 2500 revolutions. After that I began to ride like I always did. I used to be very sceptical about these kind of formulas but please find below my observations:
- a noiseless engine operation, now I have to keep my ears close to find out if it works
- a smooth engine operation
- it starts at first time
But what a surprise it was to find out results regarding fuel economy. I keep notes in respect of number of made km and amount of used fuel. My car used to consume around 9.5-10,3 l/100 km, so I was very surprised to find out that fuel consumption fell to 7.2 l/100km. I made these observations after making 2 000 km.
I am very satisfied with this additive. Many greetings

Opel Astra (1998)
I poured Ceramizer into a gearbox of my Opel Astra, year 1998 and with mileage of 270 000 km. I work as a mechanic and I have got a 10 year experience but I have never ever seen anything like this. This really works!!! The engine drone died away completely only after making 600 km. TRY IT OUT , liwin1.

Opel Astra

Opel Astra
I made more than 1500km. I have got Opel Astra, year 1991 with an odometer reading of 177 00 km. After adding this formula I noticed that my car was more dynamic, faster got onto higher revolutions, and no more problems with starting. What is more I noticed a noiseless engine operation. I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!

Opel Astra
CERAMIZER is a superb product. I made 700 km since application of this product and my car got more dynamic and more powerful! Besides I noticed smooth and noiseless engine operation. After application into my Astra 2.0 (mileage of 200 000 km) it produced amazing results. REALLY WORTH BUYING.
And prompt delivery. Seba_Lukow

Opel Astra
I recommend this additive although firstly when I came across this product I had many doubts about it. Nevertheless it proved to be an amazing product as for my Opel Astra manufactured in 1992 year with mileage of 300 000 km. Now I have got quite other car- a powerful, fast and no more oil burning. Thanks and I will apply it additive soon as I am going to buy another car.

Opel Astra GSI
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS ADDITIVE!!! I poured it into Opel GSI 2.0 and an oil consumption got decreased by above 1L !!!!and an engine operation got enhanced . Besides now gas consumption got decreased by 1 L- it is not any magic- simply friction got reduced – It is not in my interest to write any rubbish.
Very professional service.

Opel Astra TD
Mileage of 193 000 km. I made already 1100 KM with this ceramizer. An engine operation got enhanced and noiseless. I did not notice any more power. No problems with delivery and payment.
Just try it out!!!!! Engine 1.7 TD

Opel Corsa
I applied a petrol engine ceramizer at once after buying it, and I did so according to guidelines. My rather old engine made around 150 000 km and to quote my mechanic it now operates like a brand new one. But let me tell you all of that. Unfortunately I did not measure compression pressure on cylinders, but I noticed a noiseless and smooth operation, and it started at second gear, exactly the same like at first gear. Besides all my neighbours and onlookers got under much surprise to see my 15 year old Corsa to start without any problems regardless of winter, summer, night and day. I have no more problems with a poor engine operation after a longer stay. In my opinion it is the best product for old cars. What a product. Before application of this product my engine discharged much oil and always was wet. At present if I look at under a bonnet I can see much less leakage.

Opel Corsa (1991)
Let me describe my experience with ceramizers. I began to apply a gearbox additive two years ago. I did not risk a lot as my Opel Corsa with a petrol engine 1.0 from 1991 made 205 000 km, and its gearbox operated not well and there was howling. I applied a one container of ceramizer and as a result I noticed a smooth and noiseless operation of a gearbox, and the engine had more power. As I wanted better results I applied a half of other container, and in fact any noises were eliminated.
Although I made only 30 000 km since application, nevertheless I did not experience any negative results. Any residue of containers I used to lubricate varied mechanisms (I mixed them with a lubricate and oil), and I always experienced positive effects.
After these positive results I decided to pour ceremizers into an engine. I knew that it wanted a costly overhaul. So I applied two tubes of an additive, and it resulted in a smooth engine operation. Speaking about performance I noticed that it got enhanced quite a lot. The only negative that I followed regarding the additive application was bigger an oil leakage, but it might have been caused by a changed oil. Now I ride on Castrol for old engines and my car operates very well, so in my opinion the mentioned leakage was caused by a poor oil, as well as an engine leak stopper – namely it was a cork stopper. Still I wished a better engine operation, and I applied another Ceramizer. And this time the it resulted in smooth engine operation and got more dynamic, even when at low revolutions. Speaking about fuel consumption I never cared about this –but once when I borrowed a car to ride 170km, it consumed 4.6 L/100km at speed of 70km/h. Around 10 000 km ago I had a gas installation mounted, and my car still operates very well. I think that it is because of ceramizers. And as my family grows all the time Opel Corsa got too small for us and I am looking for a larger car. I am sure that I will start operation of this car with application of ceramizers, as according to my experience it really pays off. Recently I applied a gearbox ceramizer into my sewing machine- and what a result- It have never operated like now. Ceramizer-what a product it is.
Andrzej Rudnik

Opel Corsa
Please find below my opinion regarding tests of the following cars:
Opel Corsa 1.4 year 1997, Opel Corsa 1.4 year 1994, Opel Vectra 1.6 year 1991, BMW-3 1.8 16V year 1991.
Honestly speaking I was amazed to experience ceramizer action on tested engines. Results followed after ceramizers application: a noiseless engine operation (at least twice as much), enhanced starting, noticeable increase of engine torque and acceleration at every gear, a reduced oil consumption from 60% to 100% depending engine wear and applied ceramizer dosage (only one dosage was applied in all engines of mileage of 80 000 km, 147 000km, 265 000km). And what a surprise it was to notice a total noiseless operation of pushers. Really amazing. What was more comparable blow-by of gear after turning off of an oil stopper followed what in fact meant no more of a white deposit, sludge also called a butter that is omnipresent in case of older engines and a gearbox venting pipes and on a cover of valves. I tested varied additives, formulas and product since 1988 year, but I came across ceramizer last year, and I was under impression to see the results. It really works and provides for regeneration of engines. I would like to congratulate the manufacturer of this additive, as after all this year I am very satisfied with effects regarding Ceramizer application.
Wow it really regenerates engines.

Opel Kadet (1991)
Opinions and comments regarding CERAMIZER applied into diesel engine (OPEL KADETT 1.7 D, year 1991, with mileage of 250 000km). How did I come into purchase and application of this additive. Namely it was February 2005 that I got to a repair shop in Dyrdy Woźniki to find out about regeneration of my engine and to test it. Earlier on I had noticed poor engine operation, and I had problems with starting, in spite of a new battery. I remember that on some occasions I could not start the car in winter. An abnormal engine operation resulted in very unsteady work of the engine, and its vibrations. To minimize this it was necessary to press down an accelerator. At my presence I had compression pressure tested on all cylinders and they inspected injectors ends. Findings confirmed poor compression pressure on all cylinders, in relation to required 26 kg/m3.I do not remember all findings but on one it was 14,5 kg/m3 , and 19 kg/m3 on others.
Speaking about injectors ends the were replaced as all of them were damaged. But mechanics told me that the engine wants an overhaul , and they estimated its cost at 1400 PLN (about 400 Euro). So I told them that I needed to sleep on it and I would call on them. While on my way back I noticed the the engine was more flexible. The following day I notice quite a positive change regarding starting a cold engine, although vibrations were still evident, and to reduce them I had to press down an accelerator. After some days during looking for gadgets for my Opel Kadett I came across an article entitled “500 km without an oil burning-Is it possible ”. After reading it I knew that it was something I was looking for. I found out much information on ceramizers on internet. Besides I got acquainted with opinions of Allegro users that bought this additive. I found out a lot of positive opinions and at once I clicked “Buy now” and I purchased this product. After receiving a delivery I read carefully instructions. Still I needed to buy an oil and an oil filter to apply Ceramizer. To do so I decided to go and visit my brother that lives in Zwoleń (Poland) at Easter. After I had replaced an engine oil and a filter I set off to Katowice (Poland). It was Easter Monday 28.03.2005. The route was around 285 km. After making 25 km just before Radom (Poland) I applied Ceramizer through an oil inlet and waited for a while. The engine operated on slow revolutions, and next I continued my journey not exceeding 60 km/h. I stooped in Jędrzejów (Poland) and got on. Yet before Katowice (Poland) I noticed a noiseless and more flexible engine work. I remember very well that the engine started without any problem the nest day, and I took for granted the smooth engine work. In winter 2005/2006 while there was freezing of minus 25 C mu Kadett started after I had twice heated up glow plugs. This winter I did not used my car only a couple of times because of much snowfall. Until now my engine starts without any problems. To be honest there is no difference in respect of the performance of my car 8 years ago , and at present. Still now I notice corrosion of wheel housing. I do not know if it is thanks to CERAMIZER, but last year I measured fuel consumption while coming back from my brother last year. I remember very well that after making 200 km I filled up totally the car at Miechów (Poland)- and it was 8 litres, so my car took 4 litres per 100km. Since the last year I made other 20 000km. I am very satisfied with Ceramizer and this technology as I avoided costs with an engine overhaul. Unfortunately I do not possess any documents regarding compression pressure test. I did not do this test again so I can hardly say anything about it. Yours sincerely.
Jerzy Szewczyk

Opel Kadett
I was very sceptical about purchase of an engine Ceramizer regarding its application in my OPEL KADETT. But I was very surprised to observe its results as the engine work got noiseless, smooth and an oil consumption got decreased. What was more the engine temperature decreased also. But to experience all of this you have to observe instructions and not exceed recommended speed or 2500 revolutions ,as it is all required to generate a coat into an engine, and it was an ordeal. But later on the engine works like a new one and is very dynamic. CONGRATULATIONS !!!
Really very good product.

Opel Kadett (1990)
I applied Ceramizer purposed for regeneration of four stroke engines into my Opel Kadett 1.6 year 1990. Until now I made almost 500 km since Ceramizer application. The first results that followed were namely easy starting up. Not it really starts at first time. The main reason why I applied Ceramizer was wear and tear of my engine, and the fact that I had to add 1 Litre of oil per 1 000 km. At present after making 500 km an oil level is the same like before Ceramizer application. There is only one conclusion –IT REALLY WORKS. Besides noiseless work of the engine followed.
As for now I am very satisfied with this product.
Observations made by: MARIUSZ JANY
Dated: 30.04.06
Date of Ceramizer application: 10.04.06
Mileage: 480 km.

Opel Kadett
Opel Kadett 1.3N Sedan, an odometer reading of 500 000 km, a lot of problems with starting. I poured into 3 dosages of ceramizer and after ceramization the car starts like a new one….less vibrations inside, and compression pressure around 7, earlier on it was 2x4.5 and 2x3.5 (8.4 in case of a new car). I RECOMMEND THIS ADDITIVE.

Opel Kadett 1.2 (1986)
The car Opel Kadett 1.2 1986. Compression befor ceramizer: 7-7-8-8. After adding ceramizer and driving about 2000km ( route Lodz – Zakopane and Slovakia, so quite hard conditions for car) 10.5-11-10-11. Measurements were made in MARSERWIS in Lodz.
Many greetings.

Opel Omega
It was more than a year ago when I came across ceramizers by chance on internet, when checking Allegro auctions. I got very interested in it as I found proofs regarding its performance and many recommendations. Firstly I applied Ceramizer in the half of April 2005. I did not expect any wonder and of course they did not follow. What I noticed was more dynamic and noiseless engine. An oil consumption did not decrease as the engine before did not burn an oil. Still what I observed was very interesting and upbuilding. At the late autumn I noticed that the engine was quite noisy while starting. As it was a deadline for an oil change I decided to buy Ceramizer and apply it. And yet after 2 days my engine got noiseless. Again Ceramizer did not let me down.
Speaking about measurement unfortunately I do not have any compression pressure charts. Whereas a test regarding ceramizers efficiency was performed on 25.01.2006 during inspecting a car at engine test house Eko-Car in Jastrzębie Zdrój (Poland).
Measurements were made by Andrzej Cebula with share of staff from MAHA LPS3000 engine test house. As of day of testing my 11 years old car had mileage of 133 000km. These results impressed me a lot. I expected the car to be in good working order (as I care about my car) but I did not expect so optimal results. Characteristics of engine operation was in accordance with factory parameters! It means that that my car operated during leaving factory the same as on 25.01.2006 so 11 years later on. The engine has never been dismantled nether any overhaul has been performed (excluding replacement of a camshaft) nor any gaskets have been replaced. What was more good engine parameters enabled further enhancing of gas injection- what resulted in additional 7KM (total 218 with LPG and 211 with PB). I possess diagrams taken during refuelling PB and LPG.
To sum up I am very satisfied with ceramizer action, and up till now I recommended this additive to all my friends, and some of them applied this formula. All of them confirmed positive performance of this additive. Tomasz Urbański
About my car:
Opel Omega MV6 year 1995
Capacity 3.0V6 211KM
Oil Mobil1 5W50

Opel Omega
I'm the owner of Opel Omega 2.0. 16V. I applied ceramizer and drove about 2000 km. THE EFFECT was REVELATION. I applied ceramizer according with the instruction and I saw possitive effects almoust immediately. My Opel consumed about 4 litres of oil on 10000km before application of ceramizer, I had to pour oil and checked it's level all the time, my car also left a huge cloud of blue smoke after the heating of engine. Ceramizer got used up a medal, there was no blue smoke after I made 100km, by the next 1000km I didn't notice any oil consumption. When I drove 2000km I could say that engine works quielty, equally and elasticity, driving is a pleasure now. I recommend this super product. Everything what I have written is honest, unfortunately I don't have any measurements and this opinion is bases on my feelings (I would like to mention that I drive a lot of and I know my car like my own pocket).
Daniel Nawara, 12.10.2007

[Opel Omega, engine, gearbox]
Opel Omega
I have been driving for 28 years, and I made around 1 500 000- 1 700 000 km with various cars. I am very sceptical about any new miraculous formulas as I possess much experience. Earlier on around 10 years ago I used regenerate old cars with auto-doctors, slicks, etc. But I obtained poor results mainly piston rings got stuck and the engine got stuck. Nevertheless I decided to take other chance. I have got old Opel Omega A estate car, year 1993 with petrol engine 2.0L and mileage above 300 000km. I used to ride it according to guidelines but I pressed down accelerator a lot. I used drive where possible even at 150-160 km per hour, overtaking other cars with use of 80-90% power. Sometimes I towed heavy trailers. It was evident that all mechanisms were completely worn out. Any overhaul or repairs were beyond my financial standing, namely around 2-4 thousand PLN (about 600-1200 Euro).
Main characteristics :
1. Wailing pomp of aided steering system; the sound of pomp increased at maximum wheel turn; poor steering wheel performance, and slight jerking of steering wheel at large turn, in particular during manoeuvres.
2. Noiseless gearbox operation; synchronisers whirring; grinding gears; poor performance parameters- as in case of insufficient oil- in spite of max oil level.
3. Wailing of a differential gear, familiar with “Nysa”,” Żuk” and other old –off road cars namely “Gaz”, “Uaz”.
4. Rattling injectors and engine smoking if cold engine or at low revolutions
5. Engine vibrations at low revolutions , noiseless operation, bearings and valve and knocking of valve sleeves .
6. Poor power in particular during overtaking and towing a trailer. Problems with starting a hot engine, high internal friction- characteristics of worn out bearings and cylinder bearing surfaces. Pressure on cylinders measured without adding an oil into cylinders (what distorts results):I-9.7, II-9.2, III-10.0, IV-9.8
7. Poor engine flexibility, high sensitivity to poor petrol, that You can get at many petrol stations.

I decided to take a risk, knowing that I will not lose much, namely value of 1 full petrol tank. So I bought ceramizer kit No.4 and additionally No.1 purposed for an engine.
What I experienced surpassed my expectations:
1. Firstly I got to aided steering system, as I was afraid that a pump would soon fall apart , as I heard of such cases. I replaced an oil, removed ferrous old deposits from a tank, washed the system out and applied an original American “Dextron”, next I heated up the system and applied ceramizer to steering system, and began to use excessively a steering wheel driving from right to left on an asphalt covered with sand. What I noticed was the fact that with every turn the steering system operated better and noiseless. While making other 2 000 kilometres I sometimes turned the steering wheel to the limit. At present after making 2000 km a pomp and servo-motors got noiseless, the steering wheel operates smoother and all vibrations are gone when turned to the limit.
2. At the same time I applied ceramizer to gearbox and a differential gear (of course after heating up an oil). I operated a gearbox excessively for 40 minutes, and made 1 km on reverse gear. Firstly I did not notice any effect, but results were evident after making around 700-1000 km. Namely a gearbox and a differential gear operation got noiseless which could be seen in perfect operation of synchronisers and gearbox. Besides I was frilled to find out that an ahead movement of my car got enhanced around 30-40% in particular at low speed on town (while at high speed it is balanced with air resistance). At present I accelerate up to 60-80 km/h and till stop (traffic lights, crossroads) I move along for around 500 700 meters. Due to that fuel economy got enhanced by 20%. Power transmission system resistance test performed at an engine test house did not change and is now around the same parameters. Still it is must be said that it was measured without load.
3. A differential gear got noiseless significantly, and now it is difficult to notice its operation.
4. I applied ceramizer to an empty tank and refilled it with 50L of petrol. After making around 500km an engine operation got significantly noiseless, in my opinion by 3 dB. Besides stinking exhaust got decreased even at a cold catalyst. Injectors do not rattle no more, although before its work was like those of a cold diesel engine.
5. Until now I applied 1 container of engine ceramizer (4,5 L of an oil) to a fresh, heated up oil and made a long distance driving without load. All effect were evident after 1000 km.
- At low revolutions my car consumed 1.4-1.5L/h according to computer at revolution speed around 600-650. At present it is 1.1-1.3 L/h and low revolutions fell to around 400 at heated engine and the engine operates smoothly, without vibrations. It did not have such little internal resistance even when it was a new one!
- After starting a cold engine- earlier on consumption was around 3.2-2.8 L/h. At present it is 2.2-1.9 L/h.
- Noise level decreased by 3 dB and less vibrations.
- An oil pressure in valve clearance compensators got increased much faster, and valves rattling died away after some 20 seconds, earlier on it took around 1 minute.
- The engine starts better in case of a heated engine- but it is not a great change.
- Cars power is difficult to test, even at engine test house results are not reliable as there is difference of some % and results depend on temperature of mechanisms, fuel quality and an air filter resistance, humidity , etc.
I can say for sure that flexibility and dynamic of my car got enhanced. Now on town I can overtake in III gear (I change from II into IV). In V gear my car goes without jerking from 60 km/h , and it accelerates from 65 km/h. Earlier on I was happy to make 50 km/h in IV gear, and I changed into V gear at 70-80 km/h. While on route now I can make 200-300 km without touching a gearbox and a clutch, and I slow down when approaching speed-radars to 55-60 km/h (I know that the are set to detect speed of 70-75km/h). Compression pressure measured on heated up engine without adding an oil – got increased and was:
on I -10.2, on II-10.5, III-10.5, IV-10.5.
I have no knowledge about the proper parameters, but I suppose that results are good as it is for a low revolutions, not-overworked engine.
6. Nevertheless fuel economy attest the best to internal resistance and general efficiency.
- A route between Poznań (Poland) and Zduńska Wola (Poland) -in total 480 km -covered at least twice a month. Computer reading (deleted when leaving garage): An average speed in good road conditions was always around86-88km/h, an average fuel consumption 7.5-7.8L/100km. Lately I made this route and the engine consumed 6.7 L/100km.
- A route between Poznań – Brzeziny -Poznań (Poland) -508 km covered 3-5 times a month, fuel consumption decreased by around 1L/100km.
- Driving on town during a day (Poznań in Poland) I used to consume around 11.5-12L/100 km at distances of 200 km. Now fuel consumption is below 10L.

I am going to apply 3ml of Ceramizer into my Opel Omega just before a longer route-in fact this additive does not cost much, but I think it is still some room there for it, as the engine is worn out to a considerable degree, and there is much friction and large areas. 2 remaining ml I shall apply for regeneration of my old 17 years old, 4 stroke mowing machine with splash lubrication that handles around 1000 m2 of lawn and works around 2 hours a week. Its engine is completely worn out, splashes an oil on spark plugs, produces a lot of smoke, very fast got overheated, has got only half power in comparison to the past. I am going to write soon about my observations. It is Mercedes that will be next car to undergo regeneration. It a classic MB1000 with mileage of 500 000 km. I do not drive this car although I am the owner of this vehicle. I will not inform a driver about application of this formula so his observations will be realistic regarding its operation.
Of course my opinion is not based on precise measurements as they are require too much time and are not exact as of the whole of the car. I am sure that it reflect some true regarding observed results. I am very demanding client, and sometimes I am a source of worry of service centers. Many times I went to a Consumer Court and sought opinion of judicial experts.
Packages after used ceramizers promoted the product –as I distributed them among my friends who have got cars in similar technical condition (This condition is characteristic for around 80% Polish cars).

Further part of opinion received on 27.06.2006
To remind: Opel Omega A, estate car, 1993 year-petrol engine, 2.0L with mileage of 348 000 km. The last mail dated October 2006.
What in fact changed after making 40 000 km?
1. I changed an engine oil 3 times, and added 3 ml of Ceramizer during the first an oil change as the engine was worn out a lot. The engine maintained obtained parameters. Earlier on during hot temperatures I had problems with starting an overheated engine, a starter could not start because of resistance (Worn out bearings, or cylinder bearing surfaces). At present it decreased a lot. While standing in traffic jam with temperature of liquid coolant at outlet from a radiator (what a strange location) of 9500C a starter only a half of the firs rotation performs with increased resistance, and later on rotates properly during 2 rotations of a shaft, and the engine starts normally when dosing fuel during the first 5 seconds at the level of 1.5-1.7/h, and after 5 seconds it is established at 1.4-1.3/h. Earlier on it was around 2.7-3.5 L during the first 5 seconds, and 1.5-1.6/h was established after 30 seconds or even 1 minute. THAT ALL CONFIRM DECREASE OF INNER ENGINE RESISTANCE WITH HOT STARTING. ALSO AN OIL PRESSURE INCREASES MUCH FASTER, WHAT CAN BE HEARD AFTER VALVE CLEARANCE COMPENSATORS. BESIDES I NOTICED THAT DURING HEATWAVE THE ENGINE DOES NOT GET OVERHEATED SO MUCH , BUT IT IS DIFFICULT TO MEASURE.
2. Steering wheel aided system performs noiselessly, even at extreme locations, where a pump usually wailed a lot , also in case of a new car, and there were vibrations of a driving wheel.
3. A gearbox got noiseless, even at braking with an engine, and a gear level stooped to vibrate at low revolutions. I also notice an odd thing: After a longer stop a gearbox somehow got packed inside and the first movement of a lever must be made with more power. I think that it is because of adhesion of perfectly smooth surfaces.
4. Differential gear is now almost noiseless even with folded back seats (thanks to that a place with a differential gear is uncovered). As I remember it was always very noisy, in particular during braking with an engine, and when on reverse it wailed like a tram engine.
As I said I applied ceramizer to my old moving machine that this spring turned 18 years (really grown-up). Four stroke Tekumseh engine, capacity around 45 cm, with splash lubrication. The engine operation may be described with the following:
- difficult to start
- splashing of oil on spark plugs
- much smoke like on suction
- an oil burning
- overheating and poor power
- large fuel consumption

I replaced an oil, and removed metallic deposits from bottom of an oil sump with a rag through discharge stopper, and I cleaned a spark plug. I started the engine with much trouble, heated it up during 5 minutes and added 1 ml of ceramizer into an oil.
I left the moving machine with a full tank at slow revolutions and it operated for around 3 hours.
After around 20 hours of work I added to an oil 1ml of Ceramizer again. As of today the moving machine operated around 25-30 hours.
Obtained results:
I do not have to turn off and clean a spark plug. It is dry and of light brown colour without a carbon deposit.
At present my 13 years old son starts it without any problems. Yet in autumn it had been impossible. Now it starts at 1/3 of pulling string. Besides exhaust colour and odour changed. Previously it was a black stinking cloud that reminded operation on suction.
Now it has got more power and the engine does not stop even when moving wet grass. Earlier on I had to be very careful while doing this. At present noiseless and smooth engine operation evident during removal of grass from a basket, and reduced vibrations are evident (not its work resemble a fine four stroke motorcycle, but before it worked like Trabant).
An oil consumption got reduced and I do not have to add 100ml every refueling, but I need to take measurements. Besides fuel consumption got reduced. I always begin mowing with a full tank. Now I can make the whole garden with a one tank, while before I had to refuel it. It is difficult to estimate it in numbers, as there is always other grass (dried, wet, short, tall) but in my opinion it is around 10-15%.
I suppose that now a chassis will break down –plastic wheels, and just as in case of Opel sheet got completely corroded but propelling system still will be operating.
Yours sincerely Maciej Gera

Opel Omega (1994)
I noticed the following results after application of Ceramizer in my Opel Omega, year 1994 ,engine 2.5td:
- smooth engine work
- more power during overtaking (I am sure compression parameters got enhanced although I did not check this). In my opinion this purchase was successful and inexpensive investment.
Konrad Chinowski

Opel Omega
I have always been skeptical about such new products but this one really works!!! My Omega C 2.0 with a petrol engine got noiseless and according to computer reading extra urban fuel consumption decreased on average from 8.5l to 7.8l (and I made above 2500 km since purchase). wojt79

Opel Omega (1996)
I am the owner of Opel Omega, estate car 2.0i 8V, year 1996. I bought it in 2004 with mileage of 185 000km. Immediately after purchase I had a new gas installation installed. According to my measurements urban fuel consumption was around 11l of petrol and 14-15 l of gas per 100 km. After purchase and application of Ceramizer odometer reading was 217 000 km. An oil burning was huge at this mileage (1l per 1000 km), yet after making the first 200km an engine got noiseless and smooth engine operation followed at idle gear, and after another 1300 km an oil consumption got decreased to 1 l per total 1500 km! Of course at present it is around 1 l per 2000km (mileage of 231 000km). It is difficult to determine fuel consumption, as it depends of style of driving , but I suppose that it got decreased too. Speaking about maximum speed I can not say much as I had only once a chance to ride at 205 km/h on LPG. But I can say something about torque. As it is widely known Omega weighs a lot (1550kg-excluding gas installation and audio equipment: tube, amplifier...) so much power is needed to move it. Before application of Ceramizer on many times I got irritated while starting at traffic lights , or during overtaking, but it changed after use of ceramizer. Now it achieves high revolutions much faster and does not produce much noise. While driving at 120-140 km/h you do not feel any vibrations nor noise. Also no more vibrations of engine operation at idle gear. It shall be said about reduced overheating of engine operation with a load, and temperature of a coolant liquid rarely achieves maximum range, so a fan does not have to work a lot. Naturally I recommended this product to all my friends. I did not apply this additive for a real axle, a gearbox and aided steering system so I may not tell much about it, but I suppose it works too. With hope that my opinion will be helpful.
Your client Wojtek

Opel Omega (1992)
In August 2005 I bought ceramizers for Opel Omega 2.0, year 1992. As its mileage was around 300 000 km I apply two dosages into an engine according to manufacturer guidelines. Earlier on I had replaced an oil. I always use mineral Mobil one. After application I observed all instructions.
First it was difficult to notice any difference, but when my daughter-driver got into it she told me that the engine got noiseless, and that it had more power. I drive on petrol and gas, but as I like energetic driving I can not provide you with any reliable results regarding fuel economy. Nevertheless the true is that my daughter achieves really good results that I can hardly achieve. In general I must admit that starting in winter was easier due to this additive, and in spite of 300 000 km mileage I sometimes surprised to see its power, smooth engine operation , no vibrations , jerking and really noiseless operation at minimum revolutions.
Greetings ADAM SMUŚ

Opel Omega
I applied ceramizer to my Opel Omega 2.0-8V estate car. Why? Mainly because a slight noise of working compensators, although other did not notice that, for me it was a nuisance. After application of this additive and making 70 km I was surprised to find out this wonderful quiet – I even stopped to pick up my ears and there was nothing, any noise! In July I had gas installation installed and at this time my car consumed in urban driving 12 liters per 100 km, later on I added ceramizer and winter came. We all remember this winter 2005/2006. But fuel consumption did not change (after ceramization) and was stable at 12 liters, although it was -14 or even -20 degrees C. I used to refuel gas at the same station. At present (March-April) I make 435 km on one tank, within 250 km on highway to Wrocław at speed 140 km/h, and the rest on town so calculation is very easy. The engine operation got really noiseless and I even say that it works as if it was in slippers.

Opel Omega (1996)
My name is Michał Duszyński and bought ceramizer on internet auction. I applied this additive to my Opel Omega 2.0 16V petrol engine, year 1996. I am very proud of my car as fuel consumption got reduced and acceleration got increased (although not much still in noticeable degree). But the moist important is the fact that the engine operation got smooth and no more oil burning, as it had been before ceramizer application.
Yours sincerely Michał Duszyński from Toruń (Poland)

Opel Omega (1997)
Car: Opel Omega
Engine: 3 000cm, V6
Gearbox: automatic
Power: around 215 KM
Mileage: 230 000 km

Some months ago I applied this additive as I yield to persuasion of my friend. After application the car operated “on idle” around 8 hours. As of today I can say that my car after making some thousands km acceleration got enhanced and the car goes faster. I did not make any tests regarding cylinders compression pressure as I do not have got any possibility. Andrzej Popiołek

Opel Omega
Prompt delivery and professional service. Speaking about an additive after making 1400 km flexibility of engine enhanced and I noticed noiseless engine operation (OPEL OMEGA 2.0, mileage over 220 00 km, gas installation). I strongly recommend this product!!!

Opel Vectra
I bought Ceramizer and applied in Opel Vectra 2.2 TDI with mileage of 140 000km according to instructions. Positive effects were evident yet after making 200 km –half of day ride. The engine got noiseless and I might notice enhanced dynamics of my car – it was very vigorous and light (how nice is to drive such a car). I am very practical and I brake with an engine often – at present it is more difficult without gear reduction. Having buying Ceramizer I thought of an oil consumption reduction in my car. Earlier on I had to add 2 liters per 10 000 km, and at present I add less than 1 liter. And speaking about reason why I applied Ceramizer- I read review about test without an oil consumption. My friend shares the same opinion about this additive. He applied it to his ROVER 220D with mileage 160 000 km. I recommend this to all regardless type, mileage and make of car.

Opel Vectra (1992)
I would like to share my opinion regarding effects after Ceramizer application. I used it into my Opel Vectra A GT , year 1992, with mileage of 198 000 km. I have it for 5 years so I am aware of its technical condition. It goes quite well but for some time I had to deal with increased oil consumption. Some weeks ago I bought and applied Ceramizer according to manufacturer instructions. I would like to mention that I am skeptical about all such formulas and other additives that regenerate engines, so my opinion is not a subjective feeling, or a way to justify incurred costs. At present according to odometer I made 500 km after application, so still there is some km to make to achieve total effectiveness of Ceramizer action, nevertheless some effects were evident already! First of all the car got noiseless – I noticed a smooth engine operation. Starting is easier which means that after starting a cold engine there is no more slight jerking and smooth work. During riding the car is more flexible, evenly achieves high revolutions and smoothly accelerates. What is interesting gears changing got smooth also, although I applied only an engine ceramizer. Speaking about other effects of Ceramizer action, namely reduction of an oil and fuel consumption- what I really care about- I will be able to comment on as soon as my car will make recommended mileage and effects follow. Yet I am satisfied with this even at present and I think that my other expectations will be met. To sum up- Ceramizer works and I can recommend it with a clear conscience to all drives that care about cars, all the more that cost of the additive is not high and achieved results compensate it to the full. Best regards! Wojtek M. Żywiec

Opel Vectra
My name is Krzysztof Czarnecki and I would like to share my observations regarding ceramizer action. Firstly I would like mention that I applied this additive into my car with mileage of 170 000 km (Vectra year 1991) and it was in March 2005. The engine of my car was worn out and I decided to try out Ceramizer although I had some fears about results. My car used to consume 1 liter of an oil per 1000 km.
I applied engine (1 dosage), gearbox (1 dosage) and fuel (1dosage) ceramizer. After adding it into my engine I waited for 15 minutes in idle gear and almost at once I noticed an improvement (noiseless engine operation and reduced knocking)what to be honest shock me, and not only me as the friend besides me could not believe this either. Later on while driving from Opole to Gdańsk I drove slowly according to instructions, but later on when I pressed down an accelerator it was quite other car ( what a change thanks to additives).
Please find below my observations regarding effects of ceramizers after making 1500 km:

1)enhanced dynamics of an engine and its reaction for an accelerator
2) no more an oil consumption
3) fuel consumption decreased from extra urban 6.5 to around 5.8 per
100 km , while urban consumption got decreased from 8 liters to 7.5, what means that after making 2 000 km (at 1 petrol liter per 4 PLN - about 1,2 Euro) a cost of an additive will be paid for.
4) the engine starts without any problems, in the morning a starter rotates faster and no more knocking of a cold engine.
5) easier overtaking
6) enhanced flexibility of an engine at particular gears (sometimes I change into 5 at 60 km/h and upwards).
7) noiseless engine operation during slow driving what is quite amazing in case of 15 year car.
8) even revolutions at idle gear
9) the engine does not got overheated while driving at warm days at traffic jam, so it can be said that friction in an engine got reduced (fan operates less and for shorter time)

1) enhanced change into first gear
2) noiseless gearbox operation (no more bearing and stabilizers whirring what was evident before )
3) changing into second gear without grinding, what was very common before
4) no more unpleasant noise while changing into reverse gear.
And what is more a gear lever operates much better (now you can change gears with only two fingers). As for me quite an AMAZING EFFECTS!!!!

It is very difficult for me to determine action and effects of this additive as I applied it along with other additives- I am sure it did not cause any negative effects, and is free if You buy the whole set.

To sum up in my opinion it was my best investment regarding my car. My car made around 10 000 km since Ceramizer application, but I can still experience positive effects. For a while I thought about changing a car but at present there is no need for that. Furthermore I can see that other younger cars do not operate as well as my car. I honestly recommend this product to everybody who wants to perform maintenance operations regarding the most important systems of his car, all the more to those who are skeptical about this product. IT REALLY WORKS .TRY IT OUT. Today I can hear a pleasant and smooth engine operation, and for me it was quite a turn in field of engine protection and regeneration, in particular if there are available many other formulas and additives which not always are efficient. This kind of protection is especially important for cars that use mineral oils that do not guarantee a complete protection in all conditions (e.g. an oil thickening in winter, or overheating in summer).
At these circumstances it is essential to maintain in an engine an oil film what in case of mineral oils is not always possible. Efforts of experts who designed this product are really commendable. Greetings
Krzysztof Czarnecki

Opel Vectra
Hereby I would like to express my positive opinion regarding Ceramizer that was used by me and applied into my Vectra with c16nz engine. I noticed enhancement after making recommended 500 km. What was more fuel consumption got improved, power increased and noiseless engine operation followed.
I am really satisfied and recommend it to everybody. Andrzej M.

Opel Vectra TD
Really highly competent sales assistant. Prompt delivery. Ceramizer is a perfect product. I applied it for the third time and this time in case of Opel Vectra 1.7 TD. After application of Ceramizer and making 500 km positive results followed, namely smooth engine operation. Monoka1