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Nissan Almera
Having experiencing evidently positive effects following ceramizer application in Cinquecento I decided to apply the second additive to my second car (namely Nissan Almera with 1.4 engine and 124 000 km mileage –before application of ceramizer). I made 200 km while again I observed manufacture guidelines (below 2500 revolutions), and after this mileage I proceeded to drive as usually. Until now I made around 600 km, but there is no doubt that now my engine does not choke at low revolutions, and there is a smooth engine operation at high revolutions. At present that it all that I can say about it, as I made not much km. Definitely I will be watching an engine operation and fuel economy.
Yours sincerely Andrzej B.

Nissan Primera (1994)
I have got Nissan Primera P10, manufactured in 1994 with 1.6 engine 16V, 90HP with mileage of 130 000 km. I am the fifth owner of this car, so really many people used this car. I applied an engine ceramizer a few weeks ago. What a surprise it was to experience results. So let me tell about that. Firstly I poured ceramizer into a heated up engine, so I was able to see effects at once. After an engine starting and 2-3 minutes of an engine operation (heated up) its revolutions increased and a noise got decreased. I noticed these results with my ears while a bonnet was lifted, so I did not make any tests. While making a test ride I noticed an enhanced flexibility of the engine which means that you can ride a car without jerking at lower gears e.g. the car starts in the second gear without any problem, while before it was accompanied by jerking, and it is possible to change into the fifth gear without any problem at 50km/h, while before I experienced jerking at 60-65 km/h. It is worth to mention how old is my car. I decided to apply ceramizers as before I had used Militec. I was satisfied with it although, as a result of its short-term action, you had to apply it every change of an oil followed. Now we will wait and see ceramizer performance, as up till now I have made only 5 000 km.
Greetings Leszek Krzysztofczyk

Nissan Primera W10 2.0 (1998)
I live in Sweden in the polar region. I applied cearmizer in February this year (2008) when I stayed in Poland. I applied it after oil exchanged in the state of meter 252 000 km. [Nissan Primera 2.0] I have made more than 10 000 km since that time. I traveled in the cities: Malmo, Lund, Karlskrona as well as Malmo-Stockholm route (several times). I have traveled recently through the whole Sweden from Malmo to Lulea, where I live, in 17 hours, and that is above 1500 km. The engine works without any questions. I didn't observe any smoke or oil consumption. Car reacts a little bit better on gas, the engine is extremely flexible but it has its mileage so I'm very glad its still brisk and dynamic. I noticed that slightly decreased fuel consumption about 5%. I have to change oil soon and I'm waiting for winter, which follows here very quickly and is very very frosty and I hope that your preparation will pass the examination in these extreme conditions.
I applied your product in Poland in the other cars: Mercedes Vito 2.3D year 1998 and VW Golf II 1.6 D and it also has passed very well. Here, where I am currently I recommended your product my colleague to the Ford Scorpio 2.0 and the effect was surprising. The car stopped fuming on blue, dynamics increased appreciably and fuel consumption decreased. This has a special meaning here because we have a very low winter temperatures so start-up is very difficult. Although all cars have "motorvarmare" what means heating but ceramizer effects the starting easier, especially after night.
Greetings, Edward B.

Nissan Primera (2003)
I possess Nissan Primera, year 2003 2.2 turbo diesel with mileage of 120 000 km. I bought the whole set before Easter. During maintenance operations I added ceramizer into my gearbox oil, an aiding system, a petrol. I did not apply it into an engine at once after an oil change, as according to instructions is should be done after making 1000 km so decided to wait. After making 300 km a gearbox operation improved and I noticed no more problems on 2 and 3 gear, what was very irritating. Speaking about Ceramizer for fuel, after its application a smoke disappeared while pressing down an accelerator, and the engine got more power. I can not say about ceramizer for an aiding system, as I did not notice any change. As a matter fact an aiding system operated properly and I applied ceramizer just to ensure long and correct operation. But WHAT A SURPRISE IT WAS TO OBSERVE RESULTS AFTER MAKING THIS 1 000 KM REGARDING AN ENGINE OPERATION. What a difference. I notice enhanced parameters at once as I was coming back from England. At German highways I experience a significant difference after making this 1 500 km required for ceramization coat to form. To be sure I applied a one more dose into fuel (to get better effects), and I do not know if it was necessary but my engine got regenerated. I torn along at about 150-180 km/h all the way through Germany so around some hours at this speed. Maximum speed of this car is 193 km/h and I achieved 200km/h and I knew that I could make more. But I did not do that as one of my tyres was worn. Besides power the engine got more flexibility, and on 5 gear I may accelerate from 1 000 revolutions upward, so practically from low revolutions. Superb. I will apply ceramizer during the next oil change.
Best regards Rafał Szalka/Gorzyce

Nissan Sunny
After making 1 000 km with my Nissan Sunny 2.0 d a gearbox operation got noiseless and an engine dynamics got enhanced. I recommend this additive. Wiechu19

Nissan Sunny
I bought it again as it REALLY WORKS. After making 200 km with ceramizer an engine operation got noiseless and no more metallic noise. Besides I noticed more power and starting without problems. I have got Nissan Sunny 2.0 TD with mileage of 210 000 km. kolek13