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Mitsubishi Galant
It was while surfing on web that I came across ceramizers for the first time. I bought Mitsubishi Galant 1.8TD that an engine was worn a lot and took 3 l of an oil per 1000 km. I decided to apply ceramizer, measured compression pressure and results broke me down. Nominal parameters should be around 28 atmospheres and in case of my car it was 20 atmospheres on the I cylinder, 21 on II, 22 on III and 21 on IV. I applied two dosages and practically at once the engine operation got noiseless. I made 2 000 km according to guidelines and instead of pouring 3l of an oil per 1 000 km, consumption got decreased till 1 l. I was very satisfied with an additive operation. The next measurement of a compression pressure was 25 atm. on I cylinder, 24 on II, 26 on III and 25 on IV. At that time I used to work at Bus Service and I persuaded the board to apply this additive in engines of all buses, but as somebody else was in charge of that I was not able to observe results of ceramizers action. Nevertheless I was told that a compression pressure increase was recorded. I am very satisfied with application of ceramizers that I bought in your firm. I would never write such a long review about anything if it was not worth of it. I recommend it to everybody who wants to economize on expensive engine or power transmission system overhauls.
Best regards Mirek Starzomski

Mitsubishi Lancer (1991)
21.03.2006 - (odometer reading of 187 950) an oil change in a gearbox and ceramizer was added.
23.03.2006 - (odometer reading of 188 070) until now I have made 120 km since ceramizer application, maybe not much have changed still it is enough to notice:
- no problems with changing into first gear - minimal improvement with changing from 1 into 2 gear (if an engine is cold a synchroniser still crunches when changing into 2 gear although I know what to do not to hear that, possibly it is worn so much that nothing maybe done about it)
- a noiseless gearbox operation
7.04.2006 - (odometer reading of 188 650 km) until now I have made around 700 km after application of ceramizer and I have noticed got enhanced parameters of engine operation as it operates smoother, although a synchroniser of 2 gear may not be repaired (probably because of a failure, nevertheless I will keen an eye on it).
21.04.2006 - (odometer reading of 189 450 km) I have made 1500 km after ceramizer application and now it is much easier to change gears, and I noticed a noiseless gearbox operation. Although I still can hear the 2 synchroniser, it is quite a difference regarding what was before and present operation. Besides other defects were repaired.
I think that purchase of this ceramizer paid off .
You must try it out if you have any problems with a gearbox.

21.04.2006 (odometer reading of 189 460 km) after measurement of compression pressure: 1 cylinder: 10,3 kG/cm2; 2 cylinder:10,0kG/cm2, 3 cylinder: 8,5 kG/cm2; 4 cylinder: 9,8kG/cm2. I heated up the engine in idle gear and poured ceramizer into the engine (according to manufacturer instructions). I would like to add that before application of this additive I changed an engine oil along with all filters.
27.04.2006 (odometer reading of 190 000 km) measurement of compression pressure resulted in the following positive results: 1 cylinder: 11,5 kG/cm2; 2 cylinder:11,3 kG/cm2, 3 cylinder: 10,5 kG/cm2; 4 cylinder: 11,1 kG/cm2 . It is worth to mention that I made only 1/3 of recommended mileage and such an improvement followed. I am curious about next results.
01.05.2006(odometer reading of 191 070 km) the next measurement of compression pressure. I am very satisfied with results (after making recommended mileage): 1 cylinder: 12,5 kG/cm2; 2 cylinder:12,4 kG/cm2, 3 cylinder: 11,8 kG/cm2; 4 cylinder: 12,1 kG/cm2.
It is the next product that I am very satisfied with, and I think that it was worth its money. Besides gas consumption decreased by almost 1,5 l/per 100 km and at the same time mileage got increased. Today I made a lot km and I am very satisfied with operation of my engine considering overtaking other cars and improved fuel economy. Besides that I will save a lot money on fuel, my engine life got extended in result of reduced friction. I recommend this additive to anybody that wants to regenerate his engine. Michał Grudziński

Mitsubishi Pajero
Everything works perfect!!! Since application I made 730 km with my off-road vehicle Mitsubishi PAJERO of 2780 capacity, a petrol engine. A smooth engine operation, reduced vibrations, enhanced engine dynamics (more powerful when up-hill ride).
TRY IT OUT !!!!!! , Amadeusz09

Mitsubishi Space Wagon (1992)
I drive Mitsubishi space Wagon dated 1992 with 1.8 TD engine. I did not notice less noise, but as I drive all the time it is probable. While I noticed a fuel reduction by around 10-15% and reduced an oil consumption, although I still have to add it nevertheless not as much as before. Theoretically my car made 163 000 km and I bought only one ceramizer. In my opinion odometer reading had been manipulated by the previous owner. It seems that two ceramizer would result in much better effects.
In spite of that I can assure of positive results regarding this additive action. Andrzej Majkowski

It really works. Even while making the first 220 km I a smooth engine operation was evident and rise of power was noticeable even without any measurement. After the whole ceramization fuel consumption got decreased by around 1 l per 100 km. I applied this additive in Mitsubishi with 3.0 V6 engine and mileage of 190 000 km.
Buy it and apply it !!! mishono