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Kia Carnival
Production year: 2000
Capacity of engine: 2900 diesel

I used ceramizer preventively, giving in suggestion of my friends. The amazing result I noticed soon after application. The engine started to work very well, it has become very, I emphasize very flexible. After started cold engine I couldn't hear sounds 'dryness' any more. Slightly also decreased fuel consumption. I bought a second dose of ceramizer for use in a track Iveco Eurocargo. I will share my impressions after applying.
Marek Sienkiewicz

Kia Shuma
Please find below my observations regarding application of ceramizers. I bought a second-hand Kia Shuma with odometer reading of 95 000 km. It had an oil unknown to me and consumed 7.5 l per 100 km, and an engine was very noisy at 3500 revolutions. During change of fluids I decided to apply ceramizers bought on Allegro. After adding of ceramizers the engine operation got noiseless at all revelations and fuel consumption got decreased by around 0.5 l/100km. It is quite evident that starting in the morning got easier as before the engine got choked. Unfortunately I did not make any tests. These effects encouraged me to buy an additive purposed for a gearbox that operation was very noisy at some speeds and gears. Although I made recommended number of km after pouring in of effects were visible only after some time later, namely any noises were eliminated. Furthermore earlier on I used to use additives based on a teflon or motor-life. But there is no match for ceramizers. Since application of them I made 15 000 km and the results are still evident.