Iveco - opinions

Year of production: 1999
Engine capacity: 2.8 TDI

I bought this model in May 2008, 375 000 mileages. When I bought this car I knew about it's "few defects", but never mind that, the price was quite attractive. However there was irritating work of the gearbox - the change on four was always connected with the grating sounds and change on backward gear looked like sport's acrobatics. I have read a little bit about ceramizers and the other extra inventions - and I decided to buy a set included 2 x gearbox, 1x fuel, 1x engine which was offered by our polish distributor 4koł
In accordance with the instructions I applied all products and.....I was extremely surprised! After driving a few kilometers only I noticed that it works!
Now, after making nearly 5 000 km, gears work lightly and smoothly, the whole box works really quietly. Engine - I did not measurements before added the ceramizer, but it surely works calmly. I'm not sure if it smoke less - 11l/100.
I liked that so much that I decided to buy one more set of ceramizers for a rear axle - if I notice any changes I will let know.