Instruction for Garden Equipment with 4-stroke engines (CG-4T)

Highest effectiveness in use of Ceramizer® is received complying strictly with recommendations and instruction.

  1. The highest possible efficiency of Ceramizer is acheived when applying the product according to instruction.
  2. Ceramizer® can be mixed with any type of oil and applied to any 4 stroke engine: petrol and Diesel, (common-rail, injection pump, unit injectors) or lpg, turbocharged, with catalyser or oxygen sensors.
  3. If a lowered dosage of Ceramizer is applied the efficiency will not be optimal.
  4. If a higher dosage than recommended (e.g. 2 doses instead of 1) is applied there will be no side effects.
  5. For a heavily exploited (e.g. over 85% of exploitation reached) engine it is recommended to increase the Ceramizer dosage by 50%.
  6. For engines used in extreme conditions it is advised to double the dosaging of Ceramizer.

Regeneracja kosiarkli


DOSAGE  - amount of doses, needed for ceramization of 4-stroke engine:

Capacity of oil in the engine (in litres) Up to 2 l 2-5 l 5-8 l
Mileage: 20-100 mth (1-5 thousand km) 0.5 dis 1 dis 2 dis
Mileage: 100-300 mth (5-15 thousand km) 1 dis 2 dis 3 dis
Mileage: 300-600 mth (15-30 thousand km) 2 dis 3 dis 4 dis
Mileage: > 600 mth (30 thousand km) 3 dis 4 dis 5 dis


  1. One dose of Ceramizer CG-4T with net mass of 4 g.
  2. Instruction of use.


  1. Perform compression pressure test (before and after Ceramizer application) in order to confirm the efficiency of the product.
  2. CG4T can be used at any stage of exploitation , best after oil change for maximum efficiency.
  3. Use preventively in order to secure the engine and prolong the lifespan of the mechanism.
  4. Ceramizer® can be mixed with any oil type.
  5. Do not change oil during the first 30 mth /1500 km .


Oil additive to the garden engines four stroke  

  1. Warm the engine up to working temperature, by starting and letting it run on idle for ten minutes.
  2. Turn the engine off.
  3. Unscrew the cap oil reservoir and pour the content of the syringe into the engine's inlet.
  4. Screw the cap oil reservoir back on.
  5. Turn the engine on and leave it on the idle gear for 15 minutes.
  6. During the first 4 mth use the device smoothly – do not overload the engine. Best to let it run on idle.
  7. After this period use normally. Creation of metal-ceramic layer will last till 30 mth in normal exploitation. Do not change oil during this time!
  8. In case of augmented dosage (e.g. 2 doeses) it is recommended to use the first one according to instruction and the susequent dosages in the same manner but every other 10 mth in order to maximize the efficiency of the product.


  1. If any teflon or molybdenum components had been added to oil before, we recommend to exchange this oil and to clean mechanism before appying Ceramizer® . Otherwise its effectiveness will be reduced and process of the cermet creation will be lengthened.
  2. In case of any mechanical damages of the engine e.g. cracked or scorched piston ring, leaky valve, deep scratches on the cylinder etc., they should be repaired before adding Ceramizer®.
  3. Ceramizer® does not recondition any places where friction of rubber or plastic with metal parts occurs.
  4. If the engine is equipped with a centrifugal oil filter, it should be cleaned before applying Ceramizer®, and it is recommended to turn off the oil circulation while tooling, by using a tube (if possible). In these types of filters molecules tend to settle, therefore the amount that reaches friction surfaces is reduced.
  5. The syringes are also correctly filled even if a small leakage of product under the pusher is noticed.


  1. This product is safe in accordance with the UE (91/155/EEC) norm.
  2. Ceramizer® is neutral to the oil, can be used with any type of oil- does not change physiochemical or rheologic oil properties ( proven by expertise of Polish Institute of Air Force NR 6/55/08).
  3. Store in temp.  below +40 oC; in case temp. rises above this level, the product may sediment. In order to use it, shake it firmly and cool it down to temp. below +40 oC.
  4. Does not contain molybdenum or teflon.
  5. Ceramizer® increases the lifespan of devices thus increasing the safety of exploitation.
  6. Keep away from children.
  7. Does not clogg filters or oil channels.
  8. Ceramizer® does not change the oil parametres and properties. It does not create any soot particles, sulphur ash, phosporus or sulphur and thus it does not influence the DPF filtres.


Efficiency of the product proven by multiple tests and testimonials presented on:


Durability and Effectiveness of the metal-ceramic layer is approximately 1400 mth. It is advised to re-apply Ceramizer after this period. Ceramizers are completely safe to use in case of a normally exploited unit/ mechanism. The do not cause any damage to the engine.