Instruction for 2-stroke engines (CM-2T)

Highest effectiveness in use of Ceramizer® is obtained when complying strictly with recommendations and instruction.

  1. Ceramizer® can be mixed with any oil sort and can be used to any type of 2T engine.
  2. Lowered dose of Ceramizer® will not give expected results.
  3. Increased dose does not cause any side effects, it only lengthens the process of cermet creation.
  4. For  highly exploited  engine, it is recommended to use another Ceramizer® subsequently- by applying it to the wall of the cylinder .

DOSAGING  - amount of doses, needed for ceramization of 2-stroke engine with capacity of 250cm3: 


Per 1l of oil (phase1):

Per 1 cylinder (phase2):
1000-500 km/620-3100 miles (20-100mth) 1 dose -
5000-20000km/3100-12400 miles (100-400mth) 1 dose 1 dose
>20 000km / >12 400 miles (>400mth)

2 doses

1 dose

PACKAGE includes: 

  1. Instruction of use.
  2. One dose of Ceramizer CM-2T with net mass of 4 g.


  1. We recommend to measure the pressure of  compression (before and after treatment) in order to confirm the effectiveness of Ceramizer®
  2. Ceramizer can be used after reaching 1000 km or 20 mth (moto hours).
  3. Use prophylactically, in order to protect the motor against the effects of friction, significantly prolonging its life and uptime.
  4. Ceramizer can be used with any type of oil.
  5. Ceramizer can be used for any machine with 2-stroke engine.
  6. It can be used in engines with NIKASIL.


Phase 1.

  1. Mix Ceramizer® with 1l of two-stroke engine oil and then pour the mixture into the fuel tank.
  2. Shake the mixture several times.
  3. Use the vehicle for 700 km / 430 miles.
  4. Drive steadily, try not to overload the engine.
  5. After using 1l of oil check the oil filter and if necessary, change it.

Phase 2. 

  1. Warm the engine up to 80-90°C
  2. Turn off the engine
  3. Unscrew the spark plug
  4. Place the piston in the top position
  5. Pour 1/2 Ceramizer® dose through the plug slot
  6. Turn the crankshaft clockwise and hold for several seconds.
  7. Repeat steps 2-4
  8. Screw the spark plug back in
  9. Start the engine an put it on neutral gear for approx. 15 min

We recommend performing both application stages in one cycle.


  1. In case of heavy engine damage (e.g. broken piston ring, deep cracks on cylinders)- it is advised to fix the defects before applying Ceramizer®.
  2. Ceramizer® does not regenerate surfaces where rubber to  metal friction or  plastic to metal friction occurs.
  3. The syringes are considered as  correctly filled and product fully usable even if a small leakage of product under the pusher is noticed.


  1. Ceramizer® is produced according to UE norm (91/155/EEC).
  2. Ceramizer® is neutral to the oil, can be used with any type of oil- does not change physiochemical or rheologic oil properties ( proven by expertise of Polish Institute of Air Force NR 6/55/08)
  3. Store in temp.  below +40 oC; in case temp. rises above this level, the product may sediment. In order to use it, shake it firmly and cool it down to temp. below +40 oC.
  4. Does not contain Teflon or molybdenum.
  5. Ceramizer® increases uptime providing increased safety of travel..
  6. Keep away from children.


Effectiveness confirmed by tests.


Ceramizer® provides protection against wear and tear for minimum of 15 000 km (300 mth). Ceramizer® can be used again after this mileage.