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Hyundai Coupe (1997)
I am the owner of Hyundai Coupe FX 2.0 from 1997 and used since May 1998, with 140 horse power. The engine is rather flexible and along with not much mass of the car gives a lot of satisfaction out of driving. The engine operated for 130 000 km and consumes between 8.5 l and 13 l per 100 km, and I used to press down an accelerator pedal a lot to have 5 000 revolutions. My main problem was an oil consumption around 1l per 1000 km and Hyundai technicians said that it is taken for granted at high revolutions. So I changed maintenance routine operations namely I applied and refill the tank with only Ultimate or V-Power petrol. Consequently I obtained the following:
- a higher engine flexibility
- a better engine operation, reduced noise
- enhanced dynamics
- an enhanced engine operation in winter
- reduced fuel consumption by 1-2 l depending on type of driving-urban/extra urban
- reduced a consumption by 0,3 l per 1000 km
To sum up it was worth its money and car performance parameters got enhanced- speed, better comfort (a noiseless engine operation). At present is for me like other maintenance fluids, namely petrol or an oil.
I recommend it to other car owners. Jarosław Rosłoniec

WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR? PRODUCT REALLY WORTH RECOMMENDATION!! Firstly I was sceptical about but my Hyundai 1.5 1991 with odometer reading of 210 000 km regained dynamics, and at present it consumes 0,5 l less at extra urban driving (6/100) and at urban driving it takes 7/100. DO NOT SPEND MONEY TRYING OTHER PRODUCTS. THIS OPNE REALLY WORKS.