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Ford Fiesta (1996)
I poured Ceramizer into my engine. I have got Ford Fiesta 1.3 EFi from 1996 with mileage of 140 000 km so the car made quite a distance. To be honest I was sceptic about Ceramizer at the beginning as on the marker there are many products available that are to renew engine, enhance its power and make any other wonders. Yet my friend whom I know since my childhood (how long ago it was) applied Ceramizer into his car and was very satisfied with it. And it was just the time for oil change, so having being told to try it I bought Ceramizer and applied it. Since that time I made 5 000 km and you can believe ma that it really worked. I did nor perform any tests and measurement, but without that I noticed smooth operation of the engine. The car is more dynamic and the engine got noiseless. So since this time on every time I came across my friend I listen to his words “ So I was right –did not I”. ;)
Best greetings

Ford Fiesta
I must admit that I was very sceptic about your product and its action, as I classified it with other similar products that I testes earlier on in my cars. I knew that application of your product would not harm my engine but it may only enhance its performance so it was worth trying. I applied Ceramizer into ford Fiesta 1.1 –the car of my wife with carburettor after a mechanic had told me to get prepared for a complete overhaul of the engine or to replace it. I poured in the oil so often that I did not have to change it. The firs visible results after Ceramizer application followed very soon as after some minutes I noticed higher revolutions on idle gear what attested to less friction of mechanic parts of the engine. So I did not have wait a lot to see any effects. Besides later on smooth engine operation followed and I had not any problems with starting it up even in freezing. Besides I noticed that exhausts is more clear and oil intake reduced by 50%. What an additive. Now I will apply it into my engine although it works quite well, but I am sure that it can only help. I will try out your other products. A cost of Ceramizer is incomparably low in relation to its merits. I will recommend it to everybody. I wish that your product conquered the market as it really deserves it. And thanks for faster homecoming of my wife form work. :-)
Best greetings Darek

Ford Fiesta (1991)
Unfortunately I do have not got documents attesting to Ceramizer effects into my engine, nevertheless after a short time I noticed a significant enhancement in the engine performance, namely smooth and noiseless operation, and fuel consumption decrease around 0,7L in urban driving. Speaking about the power, it increased by 3-4%. As for gears change I noticed no change. I applied Cerazmier into Ford Fiesta from 1991 w ith 1.1 engine.
Yours sincerely, Kwiatkowski Mateusz

Ford Fiesta
I applied one dosage of Ceramizer into my Ford Fiesta 1.1 with mileage of over 300 000 km and LPG installation. Unfortunately it still takes an oil, but I can not say if exactly the same as previously, for sure I should have applied double dosage instead one, but I wanted to try it out with one dosage. Nevertheless I noticed a positive effect, namely on fifth gear at minimum speed of 20km/h it accelerates smoothly without choking. Before Ceramizer application usually it backfired, jerked and stooped. I am going to apply two Ceramizer dosages during the next oil change.
Greetings Piotr

Ford Fiesta (1996)
Prompt delivery. I waited quite a time to write about this product as I wanted to base my opinion on reality. I applied Ceramizer into Ford Fiesta 1.1 from 1996 and LPG gas powered. It not easy to make this 200 km after Cerazmier application, but after that the engine got really dynamic. I RECOMMEND THIS ADDITIVE.

Ford Escort
I have got 14 year old Ford Escort with LPG installation. It was some months ago that my problems began. The engine started after longer operating of starter, and its performance got uneven, was slow and gave out smoke. My mechanic proposed an engine overhaul or to replace it. To be honest I did not have that much money so I put that off and by chance I came across Ceramizer on the internet. I did not trust all information about it being aware of publicity tricks. But I thought to myself that in fact I would lose not much and I bought this additive, and have filters and oils replaced, and applied one dosage of Ceramizer into my engine. Having being pessimistic about that I did not make any tests. Yet after making around 300 km to my surprise the engine stopped to smoke, was noiselesser and started without any problems. From this time on I made around 1200 km. The engine performance got truly enhanced, as it got more dynamic and works no smoothly. Gs consumption at present reduced by 1l per 100km and I think that my car will be of use for next some years. Speaking about maintenance I will apply one more dosage into my gearbox-still it works not bad. Now I know that Ceramizer really works.

Ford Escort (1991)
I have got Ford Escort 1.4, manufactured in 1991. I applied Ceramizer some months ago and after making around 2 000 km I noticed quite a difference regarding an engine operation- it started faster and was more dynamic and its operation was noiselesser. At present after making 6500 km since Ceramzier application I observed that my car performance improved and now it works really well after making 180 000 km-at the same time I successively replace worn parts and 15W40 oil. Speaking about fuel consumption I may not tell much as I really do not care about it- for me the most important is that the car moves ahead without problems. Finally I can say that this additive is really efficient and for sure I will apply it into my Mazda 626 that made 244 000 km and sometimes I experience some failures. I am sure Ceramizer will not harm my engine.

Ford Escort
I was so impressed to see efficiency of the Ceramizers. Since application of the additive I noticed a continuous increase of power. It is difficult to estimate a fuel economy as I added an additive in the winter and little consumption may be the result of less friction due to a temperature change. The engine of my Ford Escort 1600 EFI operates smoothly in particular in medium and high revolutions with a whizz of a fast motorbike. At present it is more dynamic and I overtake other cars with more powerful engines without problem. And what is more now I accelerate to 100km/h within 10 seconds without any problem in spite of the 15 years old car.

Ford Escort (1991)
Dear Sirs, I applied Ceramizer in Ford Escort 1.4 XLS from 1991 with a gas installation. Up till now I have made around 1000 km. I did not measured compression pressure of cylinders before application of an additive and I do not have any other test results. It is now the second time that I refilled my car and I take measurements regarding fuel consumption (up till now it was around 10l/100 km in winter). As soon as I have more information I will let you know about that.
Please find below what I have found:
- smooth engine operation
- noiseless operation
- no more jerkin during pressing down the gas pedal
- more engine output (as I mentioned- I do not have any evidence)
- starting up at the first time (in 90%)- before it was no so easy
To sum up only benefits
I am very satisfied and I am sure that during the next oil change I will apply Ceramizer.
Many greetings Paweł Kuczewski

Ford Escort (1991)
Some time ago I bought Ceramizer for engines. I applied it into one of my cars, namely in Ford Escort from 1991 with 1.9 Diesel engine. Before application of Ceramizer my engine gave out a lot of smoke and I had problems with starting up (also in summer). After Ceramizer application the smoke was reduced and it starts without problems. Benefits with reference to Ceramizer application encouraged me to promote and sell Ceramizers, and my car will be decorated with advertising posters. Besr greetings

Ford Escort (1989)
With mileage of 5300 km. I had no problems during the first 2 000 km but later on it was clear that the engine wants overhaul. Generally I was very satisfied with Ceramizer and it was worth money. Ford Escort 1.8D 1989 with 300 000 km mileage. Konsul26

Ford Escort (1992)
Prompt delivery. I applied the product and it really worked as my car used 1,5l of gas less per 100 km. I did not measured compression pressure but I noticed that my engine had more power. Escort 92.1300. Sylwek_cz.

Ford Ka
At the beginning of 2007 I have written to you for help. The reason was a sudden wearing-out glasses and cams on the distribution shaft in the engine Endure 1.3 (Ford Ka, the mileage of 136 000 Km). I have bought ceramizer for engines and in accordance with the instruction I added 1 dose, as Mr Dariusz Kosiorek adviced me. Since then I have traveled about 700 km and I declare that process of wearing this elements in engine has stopped. I am really impressed at the effective operation of the product. I mention before application the clearance at the valve has expanded rapidly after crossing 150 km by 0.5 mm and valve was knocking aloud. Adjustment gave nothing. Now the engine is working quietly, nothing makes a knocking noise, it's hard to believe! You should get the Nobel Prize for such an invention!

Ford Mondeo (1996)
Really super product. Mostly I drive in the night when roads are empty and You can drive with a constant speed without speeding up and slowing down, so I recognized a difference at once. Usually if I pressed down the gas pedal I reached 120 km/h, but now I reach 160 km/h almost at once. The engine operation is smooth and noiseless, it has got more power and accelerates almost at once- I do not know how it is possible but results are clear and visible almost at once as I make one way 25 km and other 25 km back way at even revolutions. So I bought a second set for my delivery van and my brother bought it for his Astra, and we are very satisfied with it.
I drive my Ford Mondeo 1.8 16V petrol/gas from 1996 with 190 000 km mileage. I strongly recommend this product.
Greetings STIIG

Ford Mondeo (1994)
I was very sceptic about this kind of additives and ceramizer that I bought had laid on shelf in a garage for some time before I applied it. I decided to do so as a result of manufacturer’s assurance and opinions of others users regarding its impact on engine operation. So I applied it into my Ford Mondeo 1.8 1994 from 15.10.2005 with mileage of 229 374 km. An oil change is to be made at mileage of 235 000 km and before application of the additive the engine had the following compression pressure:
around 12
around 12,5
around 12,5
around 12
After application of the additive there were no special effects and the engine operation was smooth and no changes –but after making around 250 km I noticed a slight improvement in engine operation, in particular in the morning during starting (at exterior temp. of 3-50C) what proved to be an evidence of a change for the better. After making 650 km I noticed that the car was more dynamic during speeding up and was more noiseless what astonished me even more. At odometer reading of 231 783 dated 29.11.2005 I decided to perform the next compression pressure of cylinders and I obtained the following:
around 12,5
around 13,2
around 13,2
around 12,4

You can believe or not but these results confirmed enhanced compression pressure and smooth and noiseless engine operation. Jacek Dołęga

Ford Mondeo
I would like to share results that I obtained regarding my Ford Mondeo 1.8 16 V powered with petrol, with mileage of 151 440 km (I am not sure as to the precise mileage of my car). After making recommended 1500 km at mileage of 153 030 we obtained the following results:
Mileage before using ceramizer 151440 km
Cyl. I: 11 bar / Cyl. II: 7 bar / Cyl. III: 10 bar / Cyl. IV: 11,5 bar

Mileage after using ceramizer 153030 km
Cyl. I: 14,1 bar / Cyl. II: 15,3 bar / Cyl. III: 14,6 bar / Cyl. IV: 14,5 bar

What a wonderful product is this ceramizer. Not only did it enhanced compression pressure at all cylinders, but it rose compression on the second cylinder more than 100%. My mechanic could not believe this. It seems that nominal engines have that compression pressure. The below picture shows results obtained after making 1590 km since application of an additive: Greetings, Mirosław Andrzejak
Opinion dated 04.05.2005
Continuation of opinion: After an additive application I noticed noiseless operation of an engine. After making 130 km my engine operation reminded operation of a ventilator. I thought then that the additive really worked and I waited for the final results after making 1500 km. Later on it seemed that my car was more dynamic. But I am the most glad about levelled compression pressure on the second cylinder.
Greetings Mirosław Andrzejak

Ford Mondeo
Firstly I’d like to describe the car, for which I applied Ceramizer. It was Ford Mondeo combi from 1998 with Zetec 2.0 engine and mileage of 25 650 km and powered with LPG. I poured in Ceramizer and I installed magnetizers purposed for an air and fuel. Until now I made over 2500 km and I noticed the following:
- I make more km after each filling in of LPG/before application of Ceramizer I made on average 310 km and now I make around 340 km-it is worth to mention that I refill my tank at the same petrol station and usually I tow a trailer with a tarpaulin cover.
- unfortunately I can not say anything about petrol use /I mainly refill LPG.
- No doubt better and noiseless an engine operation. - The same dynamics of the engine powered with petrol
- Enhanced dynamics of the engine powered with LPG. Before application of an additive it was dynamics of the engine depended on amount of gas in tank, but now it does not have an impact on the engine operation.
- Unfortunately I can not say anything about the final compression moment as I did not make any tests.
Greetings Krzysztof Morawski

Ford Mondeo (1994)
I decided to apply Ceramizer to an engine oil in my 12 year old Ford Mondeo. After making 3 000 km I noticed that the engine operation was more noiseless , in particular on idle gear, and fuel economy got improved by 0,5l per 100 km. Now I going to apply Ceramizer purposed for a gear box, as I expect the same positive results. Many thanks for this efficient product.
Yours sincerely, Jarosław Mudry

Ford Scorpio
I bought Ceramizer for engines some months ago. I have got Ford Scorpio with 2.0 ohc efi engine and I apply Elf Sporti 15/40 oil. Firstly I was very sceptic about this additive, but as one acquaintance recommended it to me I decided to pour it in. After application I noticed that my engine was more noiseless (we all know that these models of engines operate quite loudly). The significant was fact that in winter in particular during freezing my engine rotated very smoothly. It is of utmost importance for me as in winter engines with mineral oils rotate heavily. As for now I have made 6 000 km and the engine operates normally. I did not test compression pressure, but In my case this additive proved to be sensational. Thanks and try it out.

Ford Sierra
Ceramizer is a very efficient product. After making 1 500 km since its application compression pressure in my Ford Sierra got its origin parameters as if I had not done these 140 000 km. Really amazing. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT !!!

Ford Sierra (1988)
I would like to share my observations regarding ceramizer additive for a four-stroke engine. I decided to apply it mainly because of a poor final compression pressure (quoting words of a mechanic) in Ford Sierra 2.0 OFI OHC from 1988 powered with petrol. Typical signs: power decrease, oil burning (1l/600-700km)and consequently contents of fumes beyond limits (approved standards) that were beyond adjustment. Besides the engine operated noisily. I came across Ceramizers on Allegro, but I decided to order it via ceramizer website. Compression pressure on one cylinder (the fourth) was lower by around 1 bar than on others: -9,5-9,3-9,3-8,2. I purchased ceramizer for engines, changed an oil and poured in a new one till max level (to extend action of the additive). I applied the additive according to manufacture guidelines and made around 500 km with revolutions below 2700 rev/min. Later on I used the engine normally. My first observation was that I noticed power increase (after around 3000 km) what confirmed my wife too (she could compare performance before and after making 3000 km). Besides the engine performed noiseless. After making 5 000 km I have test made regarding exhaust fumes and results confirmed that emission was within limits. Measurement of compression pressure gave the following results: 10,3-10,2-10,2-10. Due to the additive it was possible to even compression pressure in the last cylinder and enhance pressure on others by 0,5 bar.
I wish I had these results but unfortunately I somehow lost them, as measurements was made a long time ago. To sum up I am very satisfied with Ceramizer and I will insist on my father to apply it in his Fiat 125p dated 1983 as he has got problems with compression pressure and a high blow-by to an oil sump what results in discharge of the oil into an air filter. So concluding the additive performs well in particular in worn engines and what more could you ask for!!!! All in all a great product.
Regards and good luck with sales.
Mikołaj Murat

Ford Taurus (1997)
Hi. I am the owner of Ford Taurus 3.0 12V6 of 150 horse power and torque of 315 from 1977, fitted with a gas installation so it is no longer a young car but still it has got much potential, and the engine does not take any oil. I applied the additive at mileage of 125 000 km and currently an odometer reading shows 147 000 km so I made a lot of kilometres. My first observation was a decrease of revolutions after switching gear (an automatic transmission)-usually it was from 890 till 930 rev/min and currently it is exactly 850 rev/min, and consequently other gears can be switched into from lower revolutions – in my opinion max torque is achieved at lower revolutions and consequently fuel economy is enhanced – I know that it is a tautology, but after making 1500 km I use I less fuel less per 100 km but in case of petrol it is 1,5 till 2 litres so QUIETE A DIFFERENCE!!! The engine even at high revolutions (I will not mention about this speed) maintains temperature- what was quite different before (fluctuations of a temperature sensor indicator), the engine operates noiselessly and now I can hear as it draws in an air through a cone filter – I am to be honest in a frenzy of a joy in particular at mentioned “high revolutions”, no doubt it is worth the money- every spared litre of fuel add to my joy.
Greetings Artur Jasion

Ford Transit
I applied Ceramizers many times. I pour them into my every new car along with the first fluids change. Until now it was Ford Transit and Opel Astra and at present it is Fiat Ducato. I do not have any documentation confirming compression pressure parameters in case of Ford Transit as only in case of this car I had test made, but I can share my observations that provide grounds for future application. Firstly and in case of Ford Transit very essential was easier starting of the engine during severe freezing, and the “engine” much better rotated and sounded better what attested to less friction ratio. Secondly it was fuel economy namely decrease around 0,5l/100 km, enhanced dynamics of the engine as I went up the hills without changing into lower gears, and additionally no burning of an oil. It really worked. I applied it once into my gearbox just for prevention and to reduce friction as I had no problems witch gears changing. I applied it once for cleaning of injection system and again parameters got enhanced. Earlier I had replaced a fuel filter but to little effect, and only after application problems got solved. To sum up I am satisfied and I think that action of these additives makes for friction factor reduction what results in longer operation of the engine. Greetings

Ford Transit (1997)
It was Ford Transit 2.5D from 1997 and with mileage of 450 000 km that I applied this additive. Before application of this additive the engine operated loudly, took even 1 l of an oil per 1 000 km and since application of the additive the engine is more powerful and operates noiseless. Besides oil consumption got decreased by 50%. If you are thinking of buying it JUST DO IT!!!!
Grzesiek Wieliczka

Ford Transit
Over 700 km made by Ford Transit 2.0 petrol. Noticeable an oil consumption. Before application of an additive the engine took 1,5 l/1000 km and at present after making 700 km no more refilling with an oil and the engine took only 100ml. This product really works.