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Fiat 126p
Prompt delivery- only 2 days, and I got my Ceramizer for 8 years old car and after making only some kilometres I noticed quite an improvement as the gearbox started to operate more smoothly. elvisek-pm

Fiat 126p
Test of Fiat 126p confirmed reduced oil use of more than half and I did not notice other changes during 1 000 km. For sure a prompt delivery and easy contact.

Fiat 126p
I bought Ceramizer for gearbox of my 9 years old car on 9th November 2006. After application of Ceramizer I noticed an improvement at once as my gearbox began to operate smoothly. From this moment on I made 10 000 km and I can confirm that Ceramizer saved my gearbox that operated so noisily that it was difficult to bear. Now it operates like a new one. If it is not Ceramizer I would have to overhaul my gearbox. In my opinion it is very efficient product and worth application.

Fiat Bravo (1996)
I applied Ceramizer in my Fiat Bravo 1.8 from 1996 with main objective to make its operating noiseless. What I obtained is quite satisfying as it is running smoothly and a noise decreased. Now the engine get on high revolutions easily and is more dynamic compared to the situation before. REALLY GOOD PRODUCT – I recommend it.

Fiat Cinquecento 0.9i ( 1996 year)
I had problem with lost of power caused probably by seizured engine in my cinquecento. The failure of the ventilator in radiator caused that I had boiled the cooling liquid what influenced also negatively on the combustion chamber. I was thinking about general repair but when I was looking through the internet I found some news about ceramizers products. I was very sceptic at the beggining. “ How application some kind of preparation can replace repair?” - I asked myself. I have read many opinions about ceramizer and I decided to test it (general renovation costs much more than ceramizer). Opinions other clients who applied ceramizer before helped me to make a decision so I decided also documented my experiences with ceramizer for the others.
I measured the compression before application of ceramize and it was on individual cylinders:
I - 7 bar; II- 9,5 bar; III- 7,7 bar; IV- 8,8 bar.
I applied ceramizer immediately after measurements 19 April 2008, with 123627km mileage. Drove with lower speed wasn't so problematic, I drive mostly on short distances in the city so making this 200km in slower rate wasn't particularly difficult.
First observations concerned the quieter and more balanced operation of the engine, the car was driven much pleasantly than before. I didn't notice improvement of the power at the beginning, but it's probably because it increased gradually as far as ceramizer started working. When I decided to check the maximum speed at my route, I was very surprised. The car barely exceed speed of 120km/h before application of ceramizer. After about 1000km when I applied preparation I could drive about 135km/h. Perhaps it is only 15km/h but it's very perceptible difference in a such small car.
The final test with measurement of compression I made 22 May 2008, with 125349km mileage, which is 1722km after added ceramizer. The results confirmed what I have already could feel -ceramizer really works!. The pressure in individual cylinders was as follows:
I-10 bar; II- 10,5 bar; III- 10 bar; IV- 9,8 bar.
The pressure increased at least 1 bar (10%!) on each cylinder and has been leveled what, as I wrote before, was felt in a better operation and performance of the engine. The further advantage which I observed was reduction of fuel consumption. Car burns average 0.5 liters of gas per 100 km less than before, what means that the cost of buying gas will return after driving 5000 km, that is after 3 months. I don't obviously count that I did not have to spend big money on general renovation.

Ciśnienie sprężania Fiat Cinquecento, przed i 1722 km po dodaniu ceramizera, pierwszy cylinder

Ciśnienie sprężania Fiat Cinquecento, przed i 1722 km po dodaniu ceramizera, drugi cylinder

Ciśnienie sprężania Fiat Cinquecento, przed i 1722 km po dodaniu ceramizera, trzeci cylinder

Ciśnienie sprężania Fiat Cinquecento, przed i 1722 km po dodaniu ceramizera, czwarty cylinder

In conclusion I encourage everyone who has a similar problem with his car to apply ceramizer, I'm sure they wan't regret. It's allowed to get profits only!!!

Fiat Cinquecento
I would like to share with you my observations regarding effects of Ceramizer in my car. The first application I bought the first two containers purposed for engine and I began from pouring it into my Cinquecento of 704 capacity (with mileage of 110 000 km). I was very surprised to find out in instructions that I should not exceed revolution speed of 2500 (during the first 200 km), so I thought –now everybody will honk at me. Yet I was determined and complied with these instructions, and after these 200 km I pressed the accelerator pedal more and more to exceed 2500 and I even stepped on it. At present I made around 800 km and I did not notice anything special about fuel economy (I suppose it is too early to observe anything) but for sure I can say that now it is operating smoothly, is noiseless and there are less vibrations of my two cylinders engine. There is no doubt that power of the engine increased (I did not have any tests made) but according to my observations earlier on I could make up to 120-130 km/h and after application of Ceramizer I can get 130 and I still have got some power. Test regarding speed I carried out at the road in comparable road conditions. Yours sincerely Andrew B.

Fiat Cinquecento (1992)
Some months ago I bought Ceramizer for engines and the following is what I observed. This Cinquecento 700 from 1992 and with 125 000 km mileage is used by my wife:
- compression pressure before application 10.2 on I cylinder after application and mileage of 10 000 - 10.8
9.8 on II cylinder after application and mileage of 10 000 - 10.2
- reduced oil consumption between oil changes (oil consumption)
- reduced noise level or whizzing is beyond any
measurement in car of this class Observations from period: 11.2005.-04.2006 Tom Kobylas.

Fiat Cinquecento
After making around 400km I noticed quite an improvement in engine operation (CC 700). No more knocking of valves and pushers. Besides I noticed smooth operation and power of the engine. Excellent and professional service. I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT ! alaco

Fiat Cinuecento
After reading opinions of so called “auto experts” I would like to sum up my experiences regarding application of ceramizer additives.
You can not tell about efficiency of product that you did not apply it.
Such speculations without any proofs and not confirmed with evidence shall not be taken seriously, in particular with reference to this product.
Let me provide some evidences that may convince those that have doubts about it:
1) My CC704 made 160 000 km and the engine and gearbox operate smoothly and what was not uncommon (two dosages after of additive after making 70 000 and 140 000 km, and one treatment of gearbox with two dosages after making 80 000 km) I did only changed an oil without any filling in, compression pressure was standard, and the car passed all tests regarding exhaust emission without any dismantling and an expensive overhaul.
2) Fiat 126p from 1984! Before treatment compression pressure on I cylinder was -0,1 MPa, and on II cylinder -0,07 MPa, and an oil burning around 1l/1000 km (a large consumption). After application of one ceramizer dosage, compression pressure on both cylinders increased till 0,11MPa, and oil consumption decreased till 0,6l/1000 km what was within limits. I think that due to centrifugal oil filter a dosage shall be doubled to obtain a better results.
3) Ford Escort 1.4 from 1991 with 250 000 mileage or more. Before treatment compression pressure was:
I cylinder – 0,09 MPa
II cylinder- 0,07 MPa
III cylinder- 0,08 MPa
IV cylinder- 0,1 MPa

I had problems with starting, a visible smoke and oil burning. After application of two dosages of ceramizer and making 3 000 km evident results were visible:
- increased power
- easier starting
- reduction of smoke
- reduction of an oil burning
- smooth engine operation (reduced noise)
- increased compression pressure up to 0,12 MPa on every cylinder.

To sum up I strongly recommend this product as it is not one of this easy-get-rich products. ADAMUS

Fiat Cinquecento
I bought 2 sets for 2 different cars. The first one is FIAT CINQUECENTO 900 with 92 000 km mileage, and Skoda Felicia 1300 with mileage 26 000 km. In both cases measured compression pressure on 4 cylinders was almost the same and within measurement scale of barograph, so the next measurement made after 3 500 km did not revealed anything besides even compression pressure, but this might have been a result of measurement error of the first measurement, as changes are not big on account of good results of the first measurement that were within the final scale of the meter. It is shall be noticed that both engines were more noiseless , and in winter a starter performed better (with the same battery !). An average fuel consumption decreased increasingly: in case of Skoda from 5,8 to 5,3 l/100km ( the best results at speed of 100km/h), in case of Fiat from 4,9 to 4,47 l/100 km (the best result at speed of 100 km/h). Consequently a smooth gearbox operation followed (the most evident in winter)in particular with Skoda. I think that it really paid off to buy this product. Compression pressure measurement was made in the garage at Armii Krajowej street in Szczecinek, and I made by myself observations. M.A. Eng. Mechanic Marek Stojak

Fiat Cinquecento
The additive proved to be efficient in case of my Cinquecento 900. I made 300 km and I must say that I noticed its action, as my engine worked smoothly, started without problem and it seemed that it is noiselesser. Really worth its money!!!!

Fiat Cinquecento (1993/1994)
Capacity of engine: 704
After applying ceramizer to the engine and driving about 1200 km the noises in the engine clearly have stopped. The reason of that noise was one of hydraulics pushers, according with mechanics opinion dismantling the engine and exchange the pushers was necessary but ceramizer saved me from expensive repair. If we are talking about the growth of power I made test for 1 / 4 mile. I tested my car with 130 000 km of mileage with ceramizer product versus other fiat 700 cc which had 70 000 km of mileage and didn't apply ceramizer. The result was that I have approached almost 3 seconds faster:) I honestly recommend, I have already talked into three colleagues to use this product, I'm curious what it will give them.
Krzysztof Stołowski

Fiat Palio
I bought Fiat Palio Weekend 1.2 from 1990 year. After a month or two I noticed that it took an oil. Speaking about fuel economy in the urban it took 12 l/100km, and extra urban 8l/100km. From an exhaust pipe (car with a catalyst) came out puffs of a grey smoke. The engine was very noisy, and a friend of mine who works as a mechanic said that the engine wanted a complete overhaul, and that it would cost me around 3 500 PLN. I did not know much about cars (I worked as a IT specialist) and I decided to visit an authorised garage (not a friend) and they told me that repair would cost me around 5 000 PLN. So I said that I need to go home and sleep on it, but prophesized that it would be a miracle if I get home at all.
And it was the same day that I came across on Allegro Ceramizer. I bought this product purposed for a fuel, engine and gearbox. After three days I received these products and to be honest I had a small problem as I did not know where to apply it. So I asked my friend and he poured it into my engine with a smile on his face saying that I wasted 100 PLN and that for that money I would have a half of oil. To be honest a considerable improvement did not followed at once. I noticed the first results after two weeks. After two months my engine worked as a new one, got noiselesser and no more oil intake, smoke, grinding noise from gearbox. Now my car starts at once, a fuel consumption decreased and in extra urban driving my engine takes around 5 l/100km.
Best greetings Marcin Pietrzak

Fiat Seicento
It was fiat Seicento 0.9 with catalyst and mileage of 100 000 km that I applied Ceramizer. After application of this additive I noticed a decreased fuel consumption at around 0,7 l, the engine worked smoothly and was noiseless, it started better in the winter, and it got more power. Into my car I applied Cermizer purposed for engines. A person that made these observations.
Waldemar Grzegorz

Fiat Siena
It gives me great pleasure to give my opinion on Cermizers offered by You. It was the last year that I decided to buy Ceramizers, and to be honest I was very sceptic about its efficiency, but I thought that if that would not harm, it might be worth trying it out. I applied this additives in my 5 year old Fiat Siena 1.2 with mileage of 110 000 km. To my surprise the more km I made the more my engine and gearbox performed better, namely the engine got noiseless, fuel consumption decreased to around 5 l/100km, it reved better and vibrations decreased. In the winter during minus 20 temperature my engine started without any problems.
I am very pleased with you product as I know that it really works, and when changing the oil in future I will apply it again. I have been convinced that it really worked and during this year I told about efficiency of this product to many people. As I am not a mechanic my opinion is based on my observations regarding performance of my car. Andrzej Żarnecki.

Fiat Tipo (1991)
I applied Ceramizer for engines into my Fiat TIPO 1.9 TDI from 1991, with mileage of 390 000 km as usually I had problems with starting this car even in warm days. After application of two dosages of this product I solved my problem and the engine started even at minus 20 temperature, a smoke was reduced and there was smooth operation. Now my engine does not want an overhaul. Speaking about an additive to gearbox I applied this additive to a reaper-thresher VOLVO S830 and now there is not any overheating and grinding of my gearbox and gears switch easily.
Stanisław Stysiał

Fiat Tipo
Hi. I do not possess any documentation regarding action of this product , but after buying it I decided to make some tests and measurements with reference to its usefulness as for other cars belonging to my family members. It is possible to advertise anything, but the truth is that very few put trust in advertised products and they all prefer to ask somebody they know personally about the product and its action. One of cars that I possess is FIAT TIPO 2.0 16V. I had problems with this car since I imported it from Germany. Firstly it gave off a metalic sounds, and secondly after making 50 km it got overheated up to 1200C and turning on of a ventilator did not solve the problem-so stopping the car was necessary to let the engine cool. Thirdly at low revolutions (below 2000) an oil indicator got flashed. So I bought ceramizer and before application I had compression pressure on cylinders measured (by the mechanic) and it was 16, 16, 16, 13. It was clear that compression pressure on one cylinder was not enough but to be honest it did not bother me. I made around 1500 km and noticed the following: an engine temperature does not exceed 85 degrees (it was my goal to reduce that); the engine indicator flashes below 1500 rev/min (maybe it will improve in the future), the engine operation got smooth, fuel consumption got reduced by 1 litre per 100 km (but it takes a lot of petrol – but on the other hand it has 150 horse power). I visited the same mechanic (Jurek Szubert) and test confirmed that all cylinders have the same compression pressure of 16 atm. Both before application of Ceramizer and the second test was made several times to provide precise results. It was evident this product really worked. By the way I hardly understand why it is not possible to buy your product in Wałbrzych. Athough Xeramic is available but it costs more and its consistency is similar to Militec-1. I do not know how Xeramic works, but your product is better than Militec-1 that I used in other car and I observed little change. Soon I will buy other set for the other car (to prevent large an oil leakage). My father and brother are going to buy it too. Greetings Mariusz Świątkowski.

Fiat Uno
Really PRODUCT WORTH ITS MONEY. Prompt delivery. Speaking about the product: it provides for noiseless engine operation and flexibility of the engine that revs up faster. Fiat Uno 1.0- mileage of 110 000 km.

Fiat Uno 1,7 diesel (1987 year)
I have bought ceramizer in shop in Tomaszow Mazowiecki. The reason was laud work of engine and smoke from the exhaust pipe. Before I applied ceramizer the engine had 96000 mileage. I have exchanged gaskin under the knuckle, piston rings and I regulated injection mouldings before ceramizer application. Nothing changed after assembling this all, car started up heavily and smoked from exhaust pipe strongly, so I decided to use ceramizer. I have exchanged oil and oil filter. I warmed up the engine to the suitable temperature about 90 degrees, turned the engine off, poured ceramizer to oil and started the engine. After ten minutes of work on slow turnover engine worked better, it began to work more evenly and it's regularity improved with every minute, it less and less smoked and finaly after half an hour it didn't give even a small cloud from the exhaust pipe. I drive this car till this days, I made over 100 000 km ( if someone is interested I can sand this mileage) even if in instruction is written 50 000 km. Now my car smokes only when I turn the engine on but when it gets higher temperature works evenly. Now I should change timing gear belt and regulate valves becouse since the time I have added ceramizer I did nothing with car. I have checked how injection mouldings work. First and forth are good, second are third seem like they have smaller efficiency but I think that is the fault of the timing gear and valves. I did not write about the pressure of oil yet, I had the pressure 2,5 before adding the ceramizera and now it raised to 4,7. Till this day when turns of engine are a bit more than nominal during driving it show pressure 4,3. I think that without this preparation I had to do various repairs like ( cylinders cut, pistons and rings exchange, the exchange of pans and the main cylinder crank, the repair of the pump of oil, etc. ) long time ago. I recommend this products to everyone and people should not be afraid that ceramizers will damage their engine or something like that.
At this moment I don't have photos or scan of measurements becouse I don't have camera. My car is old but I used it every day and it never let me down. It doesn't look pretty, it needs renovation becouse of its age but it still drives thanks to ceramizer.
Andrzej Madaliński