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Daewoo Lanos
Hi, I bought a set of your products, namely one purposed for an engine and one for gearbox to apply them in Daewoo Lanos with 95 000 mileage. Why did I buy it- simply because of publicity (I do not remember where I heard about that), positive opinions of other users on Lanos web forum, and knocking of my gearbox at 60-65 km/h speed (probably as a result of one bearing or differential gear malfunction). By the way besides Ceramizer for gearbox I ordered one for the engine in terms of its maintenance. I poured it into my engine in March 2006 and from this time on I made around 3 000 km. I did not notice any negative effects but quite the opposite a noise from gearbox ceased and I suppose nothing else as I had no other problems with gears changing. Speaking about the engine there is not so much noise at low revolutions, and while starting a cold engine (I applied this additive in freezing winter) there is not any grinding and wheezing (an experienced drivers know what I mean- this seconds after starter turning on), and the engine at once got on revolutions and is running smoothly.
Kind regards Jaroslaw Ginal

Daewoo Matiz
After making around 6 000 km I can sum up that my engine is not as noisy as it was compared to other cars of the same model and make. Besides my car use up less fuel on the highway although I did not make any tests, and in the city it consumes a lot, but it is due to the Korean technology. Besides now the engine is more energetic at higher gears and I do not have change gears so often, and the engine temperature decreased (in winter as I made 7 km on the way to work it was not until I got off that I felt warm air from an air nozzle) but in summer it will be quite an advantage thanks to Ceramizer. On the second thought I can say that Ceramzier is worth its money and although there are some vibrations of my vehicle they do not disturb me and do not have impact on the engine. Piter Sadowski

Daewoo Nexia
I used to drive Nexia and would like to present my impressions regarding use of this vehicle. Car’s performance (with mileage of 186 000 km) after application of an additive is described on Your website. I sold this car with odometer reading of 260 000km. At the same time I applied Ceramizer into a gearbox. After that engine did not use up an oil at all. It operated noiselessly and was very dynamic. I did not add up other formulas. The car was from the second hand and operated on a semi-synthetic oil and I changed the oil every 8-9 000 km. Tests confirmed that the engine compression after 230 000 km was the same as after 190 000 km. Unfortunately I do not have any print outs (the test was made at garage of my friend during working hours). A new owner of the car had no problems with it. He refills LPG gas only and makes around 4000-5000 km a month. During a day the car was used sometimes 2-5 hours without a brake for the engine. After Ceramizer application I observed all instructions more than required and simply I did not exceed 2800 revolution during the first 1000-1200 km. Maybe this resulted in better results.

Speaking about the gearbox-I had problems with sliding into 2 and 3 gear. After Ceramizer application (2 dosages) and observing instructions- it was very easy to slide and change gears after making 200-300 km, and after 1000-2000 km it worked perfectly. Before Ceramizer application I replaced an oil in gearbox and add no additives. I must admit that when odometer reading was around 230 000 km I replaced the clutch but besides the more flexible clutch pedal I did not notice any improvement. So the conclusion is very simple that it is all thanks to Ceramizer. The oil from gearbox was clean. As I found later the previous owner regularly replaced it. I applied Ceramizer into my gearbox at odometer reading of 195 000 km.

At present I have got Kia Sportage and I applied two dosages of Ceramizer purposed for engines. After 500 km a better engine operation was evident. Although I made only around 3000 km after applying Ceramzier into the oil, and I will be still watching carefully for any changes. Speaking about the gearbox I have problems with sliding into 2 and 3 gear. I replaced oil a lot of times and I am going to add ceramizer.
Kind regards , Mariusz

Daewoo Nexia (1997)
1.5 petrol engine + gas, 1997; mileage: 240 000km (a car of my friend)
Applied Ceramizer: purposed for petrol
Reason: On account of usage of gas powered car, little refilling and choking during driving (on petrol). After refilling with pb95 and application of Ceramizer I noticed no changes. And it was after I made around 300 km that the problem ceased to happen.
Mariusz G.

Daewoo Nubira
I am the user of Nubira from 1999 with 120 000 km of mileage. It is a gas and petrol powered car. I noticed an increased oil and petrol consumption and a noise of engine at high revolution that was described by a mechanic as a torn bearing. After application of Ceramizer I observed smooth engine operation so I had my car tested by a mechanic who told me that I would be able to made other 60 000 km without any problem. The mechanic knew nothing of previous problems so it was clear that due to Ceramizer action a smooth running of engine and a considerable reduction of oil consumption followed. The engine consumes the same amount of gas, as it is difficult to determine the true measurement of distributors. I am very satisfied with Ceramizer action and an improved engine operation.
Wiesław Betlej from Raciborz