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Citroen BX 1.9 (1993)
I do possess Citroen BX 1.9 from 1993. I take care of my car and do what I can to maintain it roadworthy. To be honest I was rather sceptical about enhancement of technical parameters as a result of application of such formulas. Furthermore mechanics told me that I would spent my money and get satisfaction more from doing anything than from getting better technical parameters. In spite of that I decided to purchase a set of additives, all the more that my engine and other units might fail any time because of its age, but definitely not as a result of any applied additives. I thought that what I did would only improve engine operation. On the day of 29th July 2005 I applied additives (purposed for fuel, gearbox and engine). From this time on I could observe if any change follow. Unfortunately I do not have any data confirmed by garage service that would testify to my subjective findings. So below is what followed:
Engine- noiseless –although it has never been noisy but after adding of Ceramizer the sound of engine got more pleasant. I even noticed that it was more dynamic (no exaggeration, but acceleration got improved- it is a Diesel without turbo).
An oil consumption-Before application of Ceramizer I used Elf Turbo Diesel Oil 14W40 (5 litres). I made 10 000 km and poured in 1 litre (which makes 0,6l/1000 km). On 29th July 2005 I changed for TOTAL Quartz 15W40 mineral oil and poured into ceramizer additives. I made 17 000 km and added 3 litres of oil (which gives 0,4l/1 000km). I must admit that much of this I made in the long and severe winter, during which I used my car every day (my car do not stay in a garage). A fuel economy: before Ceramizer application from September 2004 till August 2005 may car consumed 6,4 l/100 km on mix driving and after Ceramizer application from September 2005-May 2006 fuel consumption was about 6,40l /fuel economy-100km, within driving in more difficult and longer winter than before. Calculation does not include the summer season till August where engine consumes considerably less fuel (additionally in my city there are roads repairs and development so you are any time in a traffic jam which means that you are moving very slowly on 1 or 2 gear what additionally increases fuel consumption).
Gearbox: Now it is easier to change gears and there is much less noise. All this information is based on records in respect of mileage, filling up, repairs and wear and tear of materials. I think that these records testify to merits and action of Ceramizer.
Greetings Bartosz Korabiewski

Citroen BX 14 RE
Production year: 1981
Capacity of engine: 1398

I poured Ceramizer according to the instruction, I have traveled above 20kkm kilometres and engine worked correctly. I did not notice the difference in fuel consumption, because something died in an ager and car began to smoke 14l of gas. The funny effect was by oil exchange, I pour always 1 l of oil after 7,5 kkm from exchange, just from the habit. During the next oil exchange I did not find out quickly enough to draw my mobile phone and snap a picture. The oil was hardly yellow, the color of the honey, I was in shock. The man in service concluded that I was some kind of freak and I exchange oil after each 2kkm. But the biggest difference was during starting engine. The summer or winter, “lemon” started immediately. No other car in the neighbourhood started so well, especially car of my colleague from the building beside, such a new and super BMW and he envied me every mornings. Now my “lemon” rusts on the scrap-iron because the engine block cracked at the chest and the repair was unprofitable but I bought Scudo 1,9 TD and I'm adding whole set of ceramizers this week.

My father has Sierra from 1987, 2,3 D. We added ceramizer about 40kkm ago. The engine works super, I take Opels 1,6 \"motor torpedo boats \ on lights. When is cold during the day recenlty, we have to warm up spark-plugs, but that's probably winters fault, however we will also add ceramizer after oil exchange.

We flooded company Ducato 2,5 TD from 1991, 15kkm ago. We start to -2 degrees without spark-plug flame. The newly purchased car had problems in the winter, we lent mother several times to start. And now it starts like all our cars, without weary, maximim one turn of the shaft.

Cars burn:
Died “lemon” (before damage evaporator) 10.2 (town) to 6.8 (route)
Sierra 8.7 to 5.4
Ducato 9.8 to 7.2

I do not have time to drive on the dynamometer test whether compression, cars earn for themselves all the time. And spending 200 pln for ceramizers helped me to preserved engines for a long time. And fuel consumption is ever lower so the cost is slowly returned.
Paweł Adamowicz

Citroen CX TD
This is Citroen CX with 2.5 TD engine that I have got. After I had poured in this additive the engine was running smoothly, and faster got to higher revolution, while fuel consumption decreased by 0.5 litre. Really worth buying. 419

Citroen XM
I have graduated mechanic engineering and I must admit that I am very sceptic and do not trust any formulas for regeneration of automotive mechanisms. Every day I listen to opinions of clients that applied some kind of additives and it turned out that cars still smoke and there is knocking of gearboxes. It seemed that customers very often had a very bad opinion about formulas advertised on tv. Commercials showed that engines operated even without an oil but reality turned out to be quite another. It was my mate that encouraged me to try Ceramizer out. He applied this additive in his old Polonez. So I thought why not, after all it is not much money. My car made around 220 000 km and I applied Ceramizer as an additive to new oil in the 2100 TD engine of my Citroen XM in the last November. The following is what I found out: It is widely known that starting of an old diesel engine is not that easy. After application of Ceramizer I felt as if a brake was off and it rotated very fast. Step by step strong vibrations that usually occur in case of a torn engine ceased to follow. I noticed no noise and I even was concerned about that (fortunately there was no reason to worry). Now I am happy to find out that my engine does not burn any oil.
Furthermore I noticed reduced fuel consumption what is essential at rocketing prices of fuels. My engine stopped to smoke what was common previously. I did not make any compression test and there are my observations only. Up till now I have made 1500 km and I must admit that my engine is running smoothly as a result of Ceramizer action.
Waldemar Borowski.

Citroen XM
Welcome. I applied Ceramizer into my Citroen XM 2.0 with 280 000 km. The main deficiency is its noise at 3 000 rev/min. After Ceramizer application an engine operation got noiseless and efficiency improved.
Many greetings Jack Swiech

Citroen Xsara
Prompt delivery and product operates according to instructions. As a result my car consumes less fuel and is more dynamic (Xsara Picasso 1.8 from 2002). I RECOMMEND THIS ADDITIVE. Manioka1

Citroen ZX 1.6i (1991)
I have not trusted it the first time I have tried out Ceramizer purposed for a combustion engine. After all I decide to take a chance. I bought it and applied into my Citroen ZX.1.6i from 1991. Why did I choose Ceramizer ?
My engine made 105 000 km and consumed much oil. I went to a garage and replaced valve gaskets and I was sure that it was going to help, but after refilling an oil and making some thousands kilometres my car still consumed a lot of oil. After making 110 000 km I replaced the oil and applied your product. Before I made compression test regarding all cylinders (with gauge made on my own but I am sure that findings corresponds to real test). Test confirmed that pressure in 2 cylinder is very low and on others is not high as well. So I observed instructions regarding Ceramzier and I made 200 km with revolutions below 2700. Firstly I noticed nothing but after making 1 000 km I observed smooth running of engine in particular at low revolution speed. Besides I noticed more flexibility in particular on 3 gear when driving up the hill and car is more dynamic. Although I expected more from economy but unfortunately I did not noticed any serious difference, nevertheless results were quite good with reference to Ceramizer. After making 2 000 km I again made a compression test and results were extraordinary. Simply I could not believe my eyes. What a surprise it was to see that compression increased on 2 cylinder what was improbable for me. And the most important was that oil consumption decreased. Although my engine still burns some oil but I do not have to buy 1l of oil every month. Now I must admit that I did not trust it, but Ceramizer proofed to be efficient and I am very satisfied with this product. Consequently I applied this additive the second time and made my father to buy it. Somebody may say that it is impossible but with a clean conscience I can say that: it is a very good product and congratulations for its manufactures. Best greetings! Compression before application: 1 cyl.=0,85 ; 2 cyl.=0,4 ; 3 cyl.=0,85 ; 4 cyl.=0,9
Compression after application: 1 cyl.=0,95 ; 2 cyl.=0,85 ; 3 cyl.=1 ; 4 cyl.=1
Yours sincerely , Bartlomiej Piet