Ceramizer® for upgrading and improvement of fuel quality (CP)


  1. Ensures the proper and steady work of the engine.
  2. Keeps the engine clean (removes sludge from the combustion chamber).
  3. Facilitates starting engine, especially at low temperatures.
  4. Decreases exhaust emissions of toxic gases, CO by up to 50%.
  5. Results in power increase of 1 to 3 %.
  6. Prevents the formation of sludge and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber (also on the valves and spray tips).
  7. Supports unlocking injectors and piston rings.
  8. Reduces the effects of the use of inferior quality fuel.
  9. Enhances the accurate (catalytic) combustion of fuel.
  10. Ensures the proper and steady work of the engine.
  11. Protects the natural environment.
  12. It is not harmful to the operation and stability of catalytic converters.
  13. Suitable for all types of gasoline and diesel.
  14. Ceramizer® can be used for any machines and factory units after consulting the manufactrurer.

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