Ceramizer® for hydraulic power steering system (CK)

power steering system additive,  power steering system oil additive

Benefits of using Ceramizer® - hydraulic power steering system fluid additive:

  1. Regenerates power steering system.
  2. Facilitates driving by reduction of resistances of wheel.
  3. Ensures fluent and silent work of power steering system in any copnditions.
  4. Maintains new as well as used devices in best possible shape.
  5. Protects against corrosion.
  6. Ceramizer power steering system fluid additive - replaces most of the repairs, reducing repair costs by half in comparison with the traditional methods.
  7. Stops and prevents pitting.
  8. Reduces the coefficient of friction (up to 0,02 - 10times lower than   "steel-steel" friction), decreases the  heat transfer between rubbing metal parts.
  9. Helps increase the reliability and efficiency of the mechanism.
  10. Microhardness 4000-4500 MPa (400 450 kg/mm2) (in comparison microhardness of steel is 60 kG/mm2).
  11. Protects natural environment.
  12. Ceramizer® can be used for any machine and factory unit after consulting the Producer.
  13. Ceramizer regenerates and protects the power steering system significantly increasing the reliability of the mechanism.

Process of regeneration as well as creation of ceramic surface occurs during exploitation, without the need to dismantle the mechanism.

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