Ceramizer® for gearboxes, rear axles, reducers (CB)

Gearbox oil additive, transmission oil additive

Ceramizer® – gearbox oil additive - product for regeneration of friction surfaces of gearbox and prevention against wear and tear.

Regeneration is performed without dismantling, during normal operation, simply add Ceramizer® to oil in the gearbox or rear axle. A metal-ceramic layer is constituted in all areas where metal rub against metal, and in particular in areas which are used (worn).

This layer levels and covers micro-defects, cracks and deformations of the surface subject to friction. The newly created layer lasts for about 1500 km of driving.

Main benefits of using Ceramizer transmission oil additive®:

  1. Decreases or eliminates grinding during gear shift .Improves the fluency of gear shifting.
  2. Silences noises and "howling" of the gearbox.
  3. Extends the operating life of the friction pairs up to five–times.
  4. Protects gearbox against wear and tear for 100 000 km
  5. In many cases allows you to avoid expensive repairs.

The process of regeneration as well as the creation of a ceramic surface occurs during use, without the need to dismantle the mechanism.

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