Ceramizer® for Garden Equipement with 2-stroke engines (CG-2T)

Regenerates 2-stroke engine surfaces which are subjected to friction (dismantling unnecessary)
Protects mechanisms against corrosion in chainsaws, mowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers and other devices equiped with 2-stroke engines


  1. Regenerates friction surfaces, decreases fuel consumption by 3 to 15 %.
  2. Reduces noise levels and stabilizes work of engine.
  3. Restores nominal power and efficiency of engine.
  4. Allows in many cases to avoid expensive repairs, reducing  the cost compared to traditional repair by up to half.Protects friction surfaces for at least 400 hours of work.
  5. Shields friction surfaces of engine against corrosion (especially in winter).
  6. Effective in  combustion mowers, saws and brushcutters  and other devices for garden equipped with two-stroke engines.

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