CERAMIZER® for 4-stroke motorsport and extreme engines (CSX)

Benefits of using Ceramizer® - engine oil additive:

  1. Ceramizer engine additive shields engine against wear and tear processess.
  2. The metal-ceramic layer creation process takes only 100 km (compared to standard Ceramizer - 1500 km).
  3. It protects the engine against wear on a minimum of 10,000 km of sports driving.
  4. Reduced friction factor to values of up to  less than 0,02 – ten times lower then normal steel–steel friction.
  5. Hardens and increases the wear and tear resistance of rubbing surfaces, even  up to 10 times. Microhardness- 4000-4500 MPa (400 - 450 kG/mm 2 ) (for comparison microhardness of steel is 60 kG/mm 2 ).
  6. Decreases fuel consumption by 3 to 15 %.
  7. Decreases oil consumption.
  8. Decreases noise level and stabilizes the work of engine, improves dynamics of car.
  9. Equalizes compression pressure in cylinders.
  10. Regenerates friction surfaces.
  11. Faciliates start of engine, especially in low temperatures.
  12. Regenerates friction surfaces during exploitation, without the need to dismantle them. Restored surfaces are  durable and protected for 15 000 km (9 300 miles).Extends the operational life of friction pairs in the mechanism for up to 5 times.
  13. Ceramizer engine oil additive substitutessome repairs, reducing repair costs by a  half in comparison with the traditional methods
  14. Longer operating period between oil changes (min 50% increase).
  15. In the event of oil leakage and loss, guaranteed continuous and safe use of vehicle (engine for up to 500 km/ 300 miles).
  16. Protection against corrosion and aggressive chemicals especially when lower quality fuel and lubricants are used.
  17. Decreased exhaust emission of toxic gases.
  18. Protection against piston ring seizure.
  19. Protection of natural environment.
  20. Ceramizer® may be used for any kind  of machine or  factory unit after consulting the Producer.

Process of regeneration as well as creation of ceramic surface occurs during exploitation, without the need to dismantle the mechanism.

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