Ceramic lube to regenerate motorcycle chains - CMC

Motorcycle chain lube grease

Benefits of using Ceramic lube - Ceramizer CMC:

  1. Provides continuous protection of chain surfaces prone to friction and stops its degeneration. Links are becoming stronger and more resistant to sudden overloads.
  2. Efficient and comfortable lubrication; one application enables driving a distance of up to 1000 km even with heavy loads.
  3. Syringe application allows for a precise and clean application.
  4. On account of higher vicosity, lube splashing is minimized.
  5. Applicator is small and light which makes the product easily transportable.
  6. Active nanocomponents smoothen microdefects and immediately minimize the friction coefficient between chain and racks.
  7. Ceramizer CMC lowers the noise of chain and racks.
  8. Ceramizer CMC protects the chain and racks against corrosion and wear and tear.

Process of regeneration as well as creation of ceramic surface occurs during exploitation, without the need to dismantle the mechanism.


How it works?

The lube creates a metal-ceramic layer of chain and racks’  friction surfaces regenerating them and prolonging their lifespan whilst counteracting chain stretching.


Destined for chains:

  • road and offroad motorcycles
  • O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring type
  • taking heavy loads


1. We guarantee that Ceramizer CMC will not damage the chain or racks.
2. CMC has been tested in terms of lowering the friction coefficient between the chain and racks.
3. CMC does not contain PTFE, lead, molybdenum or other substances that might be harmful to the chain and/ or racks.

How to use it:

1. Clean the chain from lube residue and dirt.
2. Apply the lube evenly on the inner surface of the chain (links)depleting one syringe on the whole chain.
3. On second lubrication, if the chain is not in dirt or mud, use ½ syringe.
4. Subsequent lubrications should be performed after a thorough cleaning of the chain.

One syringe is enough to lubricate the whole, cleaned beforehand,  chain. If the chain had been lubrified with CMC before, you can add CMC where it is necessary.
Apply evenly on the whole chain surface. The lube consistency allows it to reach under chain sealings which enables to lubrify and treat all working surfaces of chain and racks.
It is not recommended to apply the lube in excess.


Package contains:
4 syringes a 4 g and detailed information about the product with user manual.

Net weight : 16 g


PRICE - 32 EUR / 29 GBP / 37 USD

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