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BMW 316i (1991)
Hi, I used Ceramizer for two engines: Opel Astra 1.7D from 1993 and BMW 316i from 1991, and in both cases smooth running of engine was evident, and the drone and rapping was gone (valves and gears). I had it checked by service staff and in both cases values were equivalent to catalogue ones, and oil consumption got decreased considerably in the first 1.7D car (I add maybe 100 ml for 1000 km, but before I had to add almost 400 ml). I am very satisfied with this product and I recommend it to every driver that has got some problems with an older engine. For sure it works and is worth of money!!
Kamil Piłka

BMW 530D
In my car BMW 530D No AA-VM 746 I decided to use Ceramizer - I applied it to fuel. There was a problem in engine with one injector, the cost of replacement it was about 500 euros. After filling half of the fuel tank with the fuel additive (ceramizer product), all irregularities of working injectors disappeared.
Before using Ceramizer to engines I have checked my car with mileage of 270 000 km on the engine test bench. I was given the results of power and torque, etc. After applied the ceramizer and driving 4 000 kilometers (exactly 3782 km) car has been re-checked on the engine test bench. Increased power and torque was affirmed.
I personally noticed reduction of fuel consumption, average about 1litre at 100km and quieter engines work, more flexibility.
Andrzej Hoffman
Warsaw 14.10.2008

The comment to results on the engine test bench.
After application of 2 doses of ceramizer to the engine and after driving 3782 km - engine has got on the bench following results:

Increase of a maximum power about 4,66%, that is about 7,7 KM (5,7 kW).
Increase of a maximum torque about 3,2%, that is about 13 Nm
Increase of flexibility and dynamics of the engine - this is a result of displacement the moment of the characteristic to the left (with less rotations the bigger torque).

The increase of power and the torque has been obtained in the whole range of measure the engines rotations and with 2800 rotations per minute has been obtained the biggest increase of power - 9KM and the biggest increase of torque – 24Nm.
Results from the test bench confirm the cars owner opinions and they prove the effectiveness of ceramizers.

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BMW E30 WAGON (1993)
The following is what I actually think of Ceramizer: I am the owner of BMW E30 Wagon dated the end of 1993 and with mileage of 220 000 km. I usually purchase Ceramizers on Allegro and my nickname is: Cenkier. I applied Ceramzier (in the autumn 2005) in my gearbox and after making some hundreds km I noticed the first improvement, namely noiseless bearings and gearbox operation, no problems with changing gears. And finally after 1000 km I did not have any problems with the second gear. I was going to replace the gearbox, but thanks to this additive I did not have to do it!!! This way I saved a lot of money. After some time I decided to apply Engine Ceramizer and here are my findings (as of the spring 2006):
- no problems with starting
- smooth running of engine
- higher engine output
- reduced overheating
- more dynamic engine
Short period of application of Ceramizers into engine and gearbox brought only benefits. It is a very good product for everybody who takes care of his car and that is all. Michael Cenker

BMW 525
Good choice. I tested carefully results after making 2 500 km. The oil consumption did not change, while fuel consumption in my BMW 425 24v decreased from 12.5 L to 9.5L

It is the third Ceramizer that I bought. In my opinion it is the perfect product. Before I applied it into my BMW 325 TDS the engine had consumed a lot of oil, but at present I practically do not have to refill this fluid. It should be an extra item for every sold litre of oil. Kasper10

BMW 528i (1996)
Welcome. I bought two containers for my BMW 528i from 1996 (petrol engine) with mileage of 150 000 km, but a as matter of fact I was sure that the car practically must have made more kilometres. Compression on respective valves was about 12-13 bar and, after making 200 km it was evident that the car was more dynamic, in particular at low revolution range. The engine ran smoothly and it did not burnt any oil. After making around 600 km I notice also to my surprise that during overtaking there was no more any trail of smoke. Speaking about economy I set up a new record as on the way from Lublin to Warsaw my engine consumed around 6.2L/100 km while moving in a line of cars!!!!!! This data came from computer and measurement was made at the distance of 30 km. Maybe it seemed improbable for some considering 200 horse power engine o 2.8 L capacity but in fact it was really so. I would like to add that before Ceramizer application I never used less than 7L/100km. Having being delighted with Ceramizer effects I bought the next one to pour into the other car with 280 000 mileage and as I do not use it every day I can only say that a better engine operation is evident. Kind greetings , Martin Poplonski

BMW 740
I applied Ceramizer into gearbox of BMW 740 with 270 000 km mileage and in April I applied it into Aided Steering System according to manufacture instructions of ceramizer. Before application I did not made any tests. Up till now after making around 1 500 km I noticed the following (at odometer reading of 286 000 km):
- noiseless and smooth engine operation, reduced oil consumption and any noticeable changes in respect of fuel consumption
- any changes regarding gearbox operation
- smooth operation of steering system, but a steering play was not reduced (it relates mainly to hydraulic unit)
It seems that the additive really works but results are comparable with other known formulas- it does not make any harm and make driver feel better: -) (I used some of them as Xeramic, Liqui Moly –molybdenum disulfide, teflon Swedol, Militec-Motor Life). As a matter of fact it is difficult to say anything regarding durability of units with applied Ceramizer.
Yours sincerely , Alojzy Szymanski

Easy contact . PROMPT DELIVERY !!!!!!!!! BEST PRODUCT !!!!!Before I poured Ceramizer into my BMW, the rapping noise from back axle made it impossible to listen to the radio. No I can really enjoy it . It really WORKS. GET IT. wmarek65