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Dodge Caravan (1995)
I applied purposed for the four stroke engines renovation in my Dodge Caravan dated 1995- and as a result I noticed: smooth running of the engine reduced fuel consumption- in my case by around 10%. I was surprised to notice an improvement, although it did not follow until making 1000 mils that is around 1 600 km after filling in Ceramizer. As a matter of fact at present I make 30 mils more in the city than before. The only hurdle I came across were instructions to make 200 km at speed of up to 60 km/h (I did not have got revolution counter). My opinion is based on what I have experienced. I did not have any tests and measurement made.
Good choice.
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Krzysztof Kwapisz

Chrysler Grand Voyager (2000)
I applied although I had some objections regarding its results (What I read seemed quite impossible) but I decided to take a chance. To my surprise delivery was very prompt. Later on I purchased purposed for a gearbox but during reading User’s Manual I found that I could not apply it as I had got an automatic transmission. So I poured this additive into my engine of Chrysler Grand Voyager 2000 3.8 l with mileage of 192 000 km. I had bought this car two months before adding this formula. It was visiting my mother–in law at Easter that was the first 500 km drive that I made after application of Ceramizer. Before going there I had made 1100 km and an average consumption rate regarding driving on leave had been 11,9 and on my way back I had not cancelled my computer and an average rate had been 10,7l so fuel consumption had been around 10 l or less per 1 000 km. Besides before application of there was some engine rapping regarding one valve but later on I observed smooth running of the engine and I think It is going to improve far more. I told one friend about this additive and bought it for him and the other friend bought it too, and as for now I do not know their opinion as still they did not made required number of km. Personally I am very satisfied. Thanks

Chrysler PT Cruiser
I applied in my PT Cruiser 2.4. To be honest I did not noticed any improved fuel economy, while the engine operation got improved, and it is running smoothly and evenly. It was really worth buying.
Many thanks.
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Pontiac Trans Sport
I applied 1 dose of (2.3L) and after making 1 000 km I noticed quite a difference, namely: a noiseless engine operation reduced fuel consumption from 10-11L to 8L THIS ADDITIVE SAVED ME AS I DID NOT HAVE TO OVERHAUL MY ENGINE (COST OF 6 000 PLN (about 1600 USD ).