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CERAMIZERS® - oil additives for the repair, reconditioning and protection of all metal-metal friction parts, including:

  1. Petrol, gas and Diesel engines;
  2. Manual gearboxes;
  3. Differentials (front and rear axles);
  4. Reducers;
  5. Transmissions, joints, gears and chains;
  6. Power stearing boxes;
  7. Hydraulic operating mechanisms;
  8. All type of steel bearing;
  9. Compressors;
  10. High pressure fuel pumps.

Oil additives, engine additives, gearbox additives

Whether you want to experience a nice quiet smooth ride or you want to protect your new investment, Ceramizer is the best way to go. No need for dismantling or disengaging and without draining your wallet. Ceramizer is 100% safe and its advanced new technology is designed to resurface your mechanical parts where friction and heat occur. Tried and tested ceramizer is a truly unique and affective way of addressing unavoidable engine wear and tear from daily driving as well harsh environments. It does not void your warranty and most of all its guaranteed to work for up to 70,000km. Find out what Europe and America already know about Ceramizer, the new auto revolution.


1. Save on gas 3%-15%;
2. Able to run your car more than 500 km without any oil;
3. Increase and equalize piston compression;
4. Reduced emissions;
5. Reduces the gap between piston and cylinder;
6. Does not void warranty;
7. Prevents blow-by resulting in longer lasting exhaust system;
8. Longer lasting oxygen sensors and sparkplugs;
9. Less engine resistance 10x less friction;
10. Protects against cold winter start ups;
11. Cooler engine operating temperature;
12. Rust protection (ceramic does not rust);
13. Restores the geometry of engine parts;
14. Prevent steel to steel contact;
15. Longer operating time between oil changes by 50%;
16. Increase in power and performance;
17. Lower vibration and engine noise;
18. Less oil consumption (preventing oil leaks);
19. Protection from acids and detergents from low grade petrol;
20. 5x more reliable engine parts;
21. Restored surfaces guaranteed up to 70 000km;

22. Environmentally friendly;